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Thursday, July 29

Atlanta overbooks....a lot

There is always something going on in Atlanta...unfortunately a lot of the events seem to be scheduled on the same night.  Fashiona's rule of thumb is RSVP to the first event that she is interested in and politely decline the rest... 

Last night  after work she rushed downtown to attend the Toast to Atlanta's Media at the lovely Georgian Terrace Hotel. 

Photo Credit: Jae Walker III

(Left) Tami Reed from Talking with Tami (Right) Alicia "aka" Fashiona

 She had to turn down the Georgia Entertainment Association Soiree held at the same time.

Tonight there was the launch  party for Princess Banton's (The Real Housewives of Atlanta Creator), entertainment company Loft 22,  the Seraphin Cognac event at Plush Boutique GA, Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta Premiere and most likely other well attended events...Fashiona was at work so couldn't attend any of them...

but she still  wonders why with all this social media can't the event planners  spread out some of these events a bit more...anyone?

Tuesday, July 27

Eat Pray Dress in Sir Alistair Rai

Are you looking forward to Eat Pray Love the movie with Julia Roberts?  Fashiona certainly is...

She and Sis went to Italy a few years ago as a direct result of them both reading Elizabeth Gilbert's book and yes like the author...they ate their way from Rome to Sicily.

Just as Mad Men has influenced fashion, the upcoming release of Eat Pray Love has put Indian designers in the spotlight.  Stars from Julia Roberts to Selita Ebanks wear Sir Alistair Rai  both on and off the set.

So you might not be able to finance a year off trekking to Italy, India and Indonesia but you can spring for some pizza, a yoga mat and some lovely pieces or at least one piece from Sir Alistair Rai by Kiran Rai.

Still from Eat Pray Love with Javier Bardem and Julia Roberts

Moghul Printed Tube Dress -Yellow

The Paradis Chiffon Caftan

Friday, July 23

Fashiona's Summer Update

Fashiona has had a busy summer so far and realized that she needs to update her readers and send them a big kiss for STILL coming back even she can't update her blog as much...MWAH!

First Fashiona is still balancing two jobs...one she is at all the time...like until 4 am this morning and the other just occasionally. Two very different stores,  and very different customers...two separate checks...good times.

At the nudging of her mentor finally launched her website and has gotten more freelance writing gigs...yay...as her mentor ahem said she would. One that she can share is her new post as the Atlanta Accessories Examiner.

After a few months of writer's angst, Fashiona restarted on her book.  Rather then plodding through a novel, she has decided to write a collection of essays. She had been toying with the idea for a while because as she told Mr. Travels, her pseudo writing partner, she has A LOT to say. After meeting and interviewing young author Helena Andrews a few weeks ago and discussing the pros and cons with Mr.Travels she finally decided on that  approach... at least for her first book.

and yes she and Music Man are still making music...

Saturday, July 17

BChic dazzles Atlanta

Fashiona was out last on the town last Tuesday and her second stop of the night was BChic in Buckhead.  In April, Fashiona and Sis went to the exclusive preview of the shoe boutique but Tuesday was the grand opening of the actual storefront on Piedmont.

Rashidah Ali, the owner, looked absolutely radiant as she gave interviews and mingled with Atlanta's fashionista and fashionisto crowd.  She was wearing a form fitting black dress and a pair of  blinged out Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

The boutique itself  looked part art gallery and  part European shoppe with the plush magenta couches and the shoe illustrations on the walls.  The coveted gift bags were also the same shade of pink.  It was jam packed so Fashiona wasn't able to take shots of the interior.

As much as Fashiona  enjoyed her time at BChic, she had to rush off to her third stop of the night...sadly especially for her male readers she missed Amber Rose's appearance...

Read more about BChic on my Atlanta Examiner.com page.

Wednesday, July 14

Fashiona meets Helena Andrews

Tuesday night Fashiona was all over Atlanta...her first stop was Castleberry's newest store: La Bella Vie (French for The Good Life). It was actually her second time at the boutique, she was there for the grand opening on Saturday July 10, 2010.

Fashiona went back to La Bella Vie on Tuesday night for Atlanta's "Rock Star Book Tour." The featured author was the super chic Helena Andrews and her book Bitch is the New Black.
Photo Credit: Sal Photography

Helena Andrews is wearing a Nicole Miller dress.

Fashiona had a lovely chat with the colorful Ms. Andrews who was in no ways bitchy during their lengthy conversation.  Ms. Andrews told her that she was raised in Los Angeles and Catalina Island by her lesbian mother and survived a kidnapping by her grandmother while she and her mom were in route to Spain. This experience and  several humor infused life altering events are chronicled in her collection of personal essays.

Photo Credit: Alicia "aka" Fashiona

Fashiona's highlights of the evening...sipping the Bitchy Bubbly and posing...

That is Miss "B" to you...

*Courtesy of the Garner Circle*

Tuesday, July 13

Fashiona meets the Dukes of Daville

This weekend Fashiona was invited to Roger Bobb's estate outside of metro Atlanta. Does his name sound familiar...he is a producer with Tyler Perry Studios and Fashiona has interviewed him a few times.

So Sunday Roger graciously lent his house to  Jonell from Jonell PR and her family, friends, associates and media contacts for  her combined birthday and company anniversary...sadly he himself was absent. 

Fashiona mingled with the other guests including Mr. Daniel Dickey and Issac Hayes III, sipped on Grey Goose, got into a heated debate about Lebron's decision and how it went down and watched the "bikini girls" as they pranced around in itsy bitsy black bikinis.

Fashiona wasn't supposed to be working but when she spotted the guy she has dubbed "Litttle Richard's clone"...still wearing his bouffant wig in 100 degree heat...she whipped out her notebook.

It turns out that "Little Richard" is one half of the Dukes of Daville. The rap duo and the "bikini girls" were at the estate shooting their latest video.

"Little Richard" told Fashiona that he was inspired by Elvis, Morris Day from The Time and of course Little Richard... They also go by Ricky Balboa (R) and Jimi Smalls (L).

Ricky's stage name "Ricky Suave"....do tell!

Sunday, July 11

Social Sunday: Lebron's decision

Thursday night I rushed home from the ONE MusicFest press conference to watch what many people were waiting for Lebron's decision for next year's season.  I was not surprised to see that "King James" chose Miami but I was soon appalled by some of his former fans' burning of his jersey.  The pathetic letter that the majority owner Dan Gilbert wrote just had my head spinning.

While I faithfully watch the NBA playoffs, I really don't follow sports often and write about them even less.  I prefer to stay "in my lane" of fashion, style and social commentary.  But both Tiger Woods's tomfoolery and Lebron James' decision fit into my realm of commentary topics.

First of all...I am on Team Lebron.  

 I applaud Lebron's business sense...he has proven to be cool under pressure both on and off the basketball court.  He recognized his worth as a player early on and took the free agent option so he could better control his future in the league.  His decision to go to Miami with two other strong players shows that his main priority is to WIN a championship.

The easiest decision for him would have probably been to remain in his hometown and be the "big fish in a small pond".  Instead he chose to take a pay cut, move across the country and play "real" basketball with other strong players.  Now THAT is a risk...

Lebron  gave Cleveland 7 years....that is a long time and certainly long enough for the Cavs to "build" a team around him....umm which they never did. He improved his already stellar game, he sold out seats and did A LOT of good work around his old stomping grounds of Akron, Ohio. 

I certainly understand the entire state of Ohio would be and should be emotional...Lebron is a force to be reckoned with and he will be missed.  But to even suggest that he is a coward and disoyal is just disgusting.  He is a grown man who had the right to make his own priorities and protect the interest of himself and his family.  The less emotion and the more dignity he shows just increases my respect for him and my disdain for his "former" friends.

Lebron...do you and bring it to the Heat. Thanks for reminding the world that  business is business and has no room for irrational emotions.  You at 25 have learned what takes most people a lifetime to learn...you must be loyal to yourself first. 

We will STILL watch...

Alicia "aka" Fashiona

Monday, July 5

Fashiona's Hair, Skin and Nail Beauty Tips

There is a reason that manufacturers cater to women with products that improve hair, skin and nails. Women are always trying to improve their appearance. Healthy hair, clear youthful skin and shapely nails are much sought after traits....certainly vain Fashiona seeks these as well.

Any health professional will tell you that a well balanced diet will enhance your physical and emotional well being.  They also suggest lots of water, fruits and veggies.  Fashiona's favorite holistic doctor...DocNicole suggests Juice Plus since it is hard to get in 7 servings of fruits and veggies a day.

Fashiona is lucky to have healthy hair regardless of what she does or doesn't do but her more temperamental skin and nails have shown vast improvement...even her bestie Topaz has marveled at the transformation.

Her secret...for the past 6 months she had been taking Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins...tough to swallow but no pain no gain.

For her nails...Fashiona has been using Sally Hansen for years but found a miracle serum that keeps her nails naturally resilient.  Lately she has preferred the natural look...no polish at all.

Friday, July 2

Barbara Campbell's Glam Rock Collection

Remember Barbara Campbell...she is an amazing jewelry designer that Fashiona interviewed in October 2009.

Fashiona caught up with her again just after she launched her Glam Rock Collection comprised of Black Rain and Industrial Revolution.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona:  What was the inspiration behind Black Rain?

Barbara: The Recession... I needed to design long lasting, hard standing, overcoming pieces of jewelry that makes a urban chic statement about fashion life & style.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona: On the Vintage Charm Bracelet, I noticed that there is a key on it.  Can people send you old keys  and old charms to make bracelets out of?

Barbara: Yes...absolutely...call for details...646-391-5356

Alicia "aka" Fashiona:  It looks like you used darker metals for this groups, what are they?

Barbara:  Coated steel and gold filled iron.
Alicia "aka" Fashiona:  When you are working do you work in silence, or have music or the TV playing, just want to set the scene for my readers?

Barbara: I love music...I am Cuban...it is my blood. Most recently I have been enjoying the sounds of Bob Marley. My tastes are varied, from Celia Cruz and Tito Puente to Van Morrison and Bob Dylan and the Beatles to Yo Yo Ma I love them all! They bring out the best moods in me in my studio!!!

Alicia "aka" Fashiona:  Care to give any price ranges?

Barbara: My piece range from $80 to $300.  Please visit my website http://www.barbaracampbellnyc.com/  for details.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona: Your jewelry line is doing very well but I am sure as an artist you are searching for new ways to ways to express your creativity.

Barbara: Of course...the future is wide open and exciting. I feel the sky is the limit. I have just begun to expand my studio and have been exploring different techniques and materials for my next collection. Branding, Branding and Branding I love to get the word out about my Brand- Barbara Campbell Accessories! I also see in the near future design a hair accessories line:)

Alicia "aka" Fashiona: I think hair accessories would be a lovely extension of your brand.

Thursday, July 1

Tipster Thursday: Get Esperanza Spalding's look

Fashiona noticed that she was getting a lot of  searches for  Esperanza Spalding and her necklace.  Esperanza's necklace is a  Native American dream catcher.

The history of dream catchers  can be traced to the Native American Ojibway Chippewa tribe. The Ojibways would tie  sinew string around a frame of bent wood that was in a small round or tear drop shape. The patterns of the dream catcher was very  similar to  their snowshoe webbing.

Originally, dream catchers were made to protect sleeping children from nightmares.  Legend maintains that the dream catcher will catch one's dreams during the night. Bad dreams will get caught in the dream catcher's webbing and disappear with the morning sun.  However, good dreams will find their way to the center of the dream catcher and float down the feather. Fashiona has had one over her bed for 10 years.

Navajo artist Lorenzo Aviso creates some beautiful handmade Dream Catchers and sells them at Tribal Impressions in Texas and on-line. and  These two are pieces are made from sterling silver and turquoise.


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