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Tuesday, July 13

Fashiona meets the Dukes of Daville

This weekend Fashiona was invited to Roger Bobb's estate outside of metro Atlanta. Does his name sound familiar...he is a producer with Tyler Perry Studios and Fashiona has interviewed him a few times.

So Sunday Roger graciously lent his house to  Jonell from Jonell PR and her family, friends, associates and media contacts for  her combined birthday and company anniversary...sadly he himself was absent. 

Fashiona mingled with the other guests including Mr. Daniel Dickey and Issac Hayes III, sipped on Grey Goose, got into a heated debate about Lebron's decision and how it went down and watched the "bikini girls" as they pranced around in itsy bitsy black bikinis.

Fashiona wasn't supposed to be working but when she spotted the guy she has dubbed "Litttle Richard's clone"...still wearing his bouffant wig in 100 degree heat...she whipped out her notebook.

It turns out that "Little Richard" is one half of the Dukes of Daville. The rap duo and the "bikini girls" were at the estate shooting their latest video.

"Little Richard" told Fashiona that he was inspired by Elvis, Morris Day from The Time and of course Little Richard... They also go by Ricky Balboa (R) and Jimi Smalls (L).

Ricky's stage name "Ricky Suave"....do tell!

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