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Sunday, August 30

Fashiona is an InStyle Trendsetter

Fashiona loves InStyle as you may have guessed from the InStyle widget prominently displayed.  Their September issue is super fab with great Fashion tips for Fall.  Fashiona's fav for Fall is Dark Sparkle:

Photo Credit: Jordan Strauss/WireImage; Paul Morigi/WireImage 

 Freida Pinto (left) went all-over sequins in Jean Paul Gaultier—a touch of color at the neckline played up her warm complexion—while Kerry Washington (right) topped a print sheath with an light-catching lurex bomber from Narciso Rodriguez
And apparently InStyle loves Fashiona too... as she was chosen to participate in a beauty trial.  Normally an Aveeno chick, for the next few weeks, she is using Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Facial Moisturizer SPF 20 and Even Better Skin Tone Corrector.


Friday, August 28

GlamROC-Rocawear, HoneyMag.com and The Glam Bar

Just as fashion designers like Rachel Roy exalt the virtues of pop-up stores, media outlets and beauty outfits follow suit.  New York's  Rocawear celebrated their 10 year anniversary with one of Atlanta's hottest Beauty spots, The Glam Bar.  Now Fashiona met with The Glam Bar owner Sabrina Peterson at her grand opening in June and The Garner Circle did in fact invite  Miss Fashiona to last night's event but she was working her day job so here is what she missed:
Guests in attendance received custom minx nail treatments, custom lash treatments and fully stocked Glam Bar beauty bags.
 Photography Credit: Vinnet Bradshaw (GeniusHatesCompany.com)
From left to right: Sabrina Peterson (owner of glambar), Teyana Taylor, Charles Wade (fashion editor for HoneyMag.com), Jamal Buster (celeb eyelash guru). 

Fashiona does want to know if Mr. Daniel Dickey saved her a gift bag!


Thursday, August 27

Fashiona shops AJWright

Mr. Baller flocks to movie openings, Sis loves trying new spas...Fashiona loves store openings.

Last night Miss Fashiona was given $100 and 3 hours to shop AJWright in Lithonia, GA...a bit more than a hop, skip and a jump from downtown Atlanta but was well worth the trip down I-20. Once there, Fashiona could have blown her $100 on shoes alone because their collection was that great.

But she decided to use the one practical bone she has. Yes she has one...ok maybe two and decided to buy some gifts and some items for her under furnished apartment. 

So what does $100 buy... Fashiona style?:

  1. Queen size sheets...green of course!
  2. A shower curtain liner
  3. A table for her entryway...perfect for setting her keys on
  4. 3 baby gifts.. for a shower she is attending in September
  5. A dress for a lucky little girl
  6. A book that she will gift to someone
  7. Blue strappy stilettos...super cute
  8. Black Platform heels
  9. A Black blouse...Yes Fashiona will be always be a New Yorker with all the necessary black!

Grand total=$98.32 including tax.

Find an AJWright near you.


Tuesday, August 25

Dressing for Comfort or Style?

Fashiona is still combing through the much talked about September glossies and just finished Allure which is more of a beauty magazine and one of her favorites. Toward the back there is an article by Jeffrey Slonim where he chats up celebrities to ask them about the "comfort" of their red carpet attire. It is a cute and fast read and has some interesting quotes... the best one is Kim Kardashian's
When you want to be comfortable, stay home. The shoes always hurt. The waist is usually a bit tight. There is always something.
Well said Kim, well said!!!

Photo Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

TV personality Kim Kardashian arrives at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on February 8, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

But celebrities and vain women everywhere concede that if the compliments are plentiful and the pictures are flattering...it is all worth it.


Sunday, August 23

Fashiona on Susan Boyle's new look

Fashiona and fashionistas everywhere are pouring over the September glossies as they flood their mailboxes. She has so far read Instyle and Harper's Bazaar...Vogue is next on her list.

So we all remember Susan Boyle, the sheltered but über talented Scottish lady, as she both wowed the world with her singing ability and inattention to her appearance. Many including Fashiona were wondering how long it would take before Susan was "transformed". Not surprisingly...her new look emerged rather quickly after she was launched on the world's scene. Images were splashed all over the Internet with Susan's new haircut and newly groomed eyebrows.

Now Harper Baazar's September's issue features Daisy Garnett's very thoughtful interview with the shy singer and beautiful photos by Hugh Stewart.

Photo credit: Hugh Stewart

Susan Boyle
Boyle's got style. Michael Kors dress. 212-452-4685. J. Crew necklace, $125. jcrew.com. Wolford tights. 800-WOLFORD. Giuseppe Zanotti Design pumps. 212-650-0455.

Fashiona is most impressed with the fact despite all the hair newness, exquisite clothing choices and flawless make-up, Susan's innocence and impish smile shines through. Kudos to Daisy Garnett, Hugh Stewart and Fashion Editor Jenny Capitain for a job well done.

Now before newcomers think Miss Fashiona has turned all soft and pink....best believe she dishes out snark where snark is due and this time the ladies over at 39th and Broadway beat her to it concerning JCPenny vs. New York Times Fashion Writer.


Tuesday, August 18

Calvin Klein Underwear Model Search

Fashiona would like to take a moment to thank Calvin Klein for doing their part to...ummm stimulate the global economy's bottom line with their European underwear model search. The contest called "9 countries, 9 men, 1 winner; takes places in England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Russia, The Netherlands, Sweden and Spain.

Photo Credit: Calvin Klein

Current Calvin Klein Underwear model Jamie Dornan

Fashiona also wholeheartedly offers her services to CK's reigning male model Jamie Dornan as a judge for this contest...just to help out.

With alumni like Halle Berry's man Gabriel Aubry...why not??

Photo Credit: justjared.buzznet.com/


Sunday, August 16

Fashiona's Fall Wardrobe Updates via TJ Maxx and Marshalls

If you have been following Fashiona for awhile..then you know that she LOVES to shop but alas is on teeny weeny BUDGET courtesy of the recession and the mandate by Mr. Numbers (her ever nagging accountant). Today she had a reprieve due to her angel Victoria from RocketXL. The lovely Victoria sent shopping deprived Fashiona 2 gift cards a few weeks ago; one for TJ Maxx and one for Marshalls.

Fashiona did herself and Mr. Numbers proud. She found 3 great lovelies and had money left over to donate to TJ Maxx's charity Save the Children.

Photo Credit: Alicia "aka" Fashiona

Wallet and Scarf from TJ Maxx.

Photo Credit: Alicia "aka" Fashiona

Batik Dress by Lapis from Marshalls

Photo Credit: TJ Maxx

.... applause please!!!


Friday, August 14

Panty Fairy: Lingerie in your mailbox


Yes ladies...there is a "panty fairy".

The "Panty Fairy" herself was inspired to start the company after traveling to Paris where women take their lingerie seriously on a daily basis...no bloomers in sight. Her lingerie gifts to her family and friends were so well received, she launched the Panty Fairy. For a small fee, she will send you new lovelies in the mail anywhere in the US or Canada for 6-12 months, depending your subscription length.

Great gift idea for new moms, or college age daughters or THAT friend whose underwear looks like it doubles as her cat's chew toy... come on just help her out!!!! She will love you for it.

All photos by The Panty Fairy. Visit her at www.pantyfairy.com


Tuesday, August 11

Fashiona on Evening Dress Codes

Saturday night, Fashiona attended the Salute to Excellence Gala for the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) She assumed it was a black tie event and packed a gown but decided to bring a cocktail dress... just in case. At the last minute she wore the long gown.

While NPR's Michele Norris opted for a red full length Rose Taft gown to accept the award for NABJ's Journalist of the Year, Fashiona noted that most women opted for cocktail dresses and men choose suits over tuxedos. Which left Fashiona and Topaz (her partner in solving fashion crimes), wondering, what
exactly is the right dress code for "gala".

This was the best answer Fashiona found from her Google search on Yahoo Answers:

Whenever I get an invitation like this, first, look at the invitation. Does it look very expensive? If you can't figure that out, try calling some people you know that may be going to the gala event.Also, when there is a Gala honoring an famous humanitarian, you would have to expect most people to be dressed quite formally.I would suggest wearing a nice dress-but it should be LONG. It doesn't matter if you buy it at Saks or Macy's, you won't stand out as long as you wear long. Good luck!

Umm yeah...looks like Alicia "aka" Fashiona just found her next Style 101 series for her column as the Urban Style Examiner.


Friday, August 7

Valerie Jarrett speaks at NABJ Hall of Fame Lunch

Photo Credit: Huffington Post.com

Valerie Jarrett in her signature white, talking and walking with President Barack Obama

It is Day 2 for Fashiona at the National Association of Black Journalist conference and she was given a ticket to the Hall of Fame Luncheon. She and the other attendees were looking forward to hearing Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Obama administration, who had graciously accepted NABJ's invitation to speak.

Photo Credit: Tom Maday

From left to right: Valerie Jarrett, Desirée Rogers, Linda Johnson Rice; in The Sisterhood from the August 2000 issue of Chicago magazine

Partial to wearing white, Ms. Jarrett looked lovely in diamond earrings, a multi strand pearl necklace, a two piece white top, and an A line skirt with a bow detail on the waist. In her remarks, she revealed while that SHE pays some attention to the fashion world, that President Obama pays no attention to the "Washington Chatter".

Valerie Jarrett (L) and Desirée Rogers (R) BEFORE they took office.


Thursday, August 6

Naomi Sims: Black and Beautiful


August 1973 Cosmopolitan Cover

Before there was Naomi Campbell...there was Naomi Sims. The former trailblazing model lost her battle with cancer on August 1, 2009 at age 61. In her short 5 year modeling career, she was on the cover several magazines including Ladies Home Journal and Cosmopolitan. She, like business minded former models B Smith, Beverly Johnson and Tyra, left the grueling yet fickle modeling world at the top of her game.

Ms. Sims is known to many who grew up in the 1980's (Fashiona included) younger set as the "wig lady" because of her wig collection of the same name. Ms. Sims' multi-million dollar company was started like many other successful brands out of necessity. While modeling, Naomi was constantly disappointed with the lack of beauty products for black women.

Before weaves and no-lye relaxers, Naomi Sims' wigs gave women of color "hair options". A firm believer in "Black is Beautiful"....Ms. Sims also knew that all women need a bit of help to look their best.


Tuesday, August 4

Fashiona on Traditional Media vs. Internet Media

Both New York Magazine and Womens Wear Daily, had very interesting articles in the past week about the rise of Internet media ie. blogs, online newspapers and social networking sites and how they have changed the publishing industry. Both articles declaring that the days of journalism being "one way communication" are over; being replaced by journalists actively engaging their readers via Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Design houses are also following suit with design maven Donna Karan leading the way.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Photo/WWD.com

Donna Karan’s Twitter page bills itself as providing “behind-the-scenes scoop from inside DKNY.”

The late Walter Cronkite, arguably one of the most objective news reporters, was before Fashiona's time but she is well aware of his commitment to fair and balanced reporting, may he rest in peace. His legacy is on her mind as she heads to the National Association for Black Journalists conference this week.

Of course fashion editing, like designing, is very subjective and is looked at through the lenses of the creator and the audience. Since Fashiona began her writing career via the Internet rather than the more traditional
print path, she is actually very comfortable encouraging conversation with her pieces. She likes know what her readers are thinking...and they always tell her in their comments.


Saturday, August 1

High Fashion Retooling

When Fashiona was in business school at Florida A &M forever and a day ago, the concept called Just in Time (JIT) was hammered into her brain as a necessary buzzword. Just in Time's basic premise is to have just enough inventory to meet clients' needs with an agreed upon overflow percentage, reducing unnecessary warehouse and storage costs.

Ahhh but the stormy clouds of the lingering recession have the rest of the CFDA, reconsidering embracing Donna Karan's long time practice of "show now and buy now". Currently, the American Fashion "showing" calendar is more than a year ahead, with Spring lines showing in September and Fall lines showing in February. Customers have been conditioned to buy ahead of the season rather in the moment...so to speak. For Jane and John Public, if this much talked about change happens...more often than not you will be able to BUY the most perfect item, appropriately priced... in the correct season.

* Cashmere sweater in WINTER
* Crisp white blouses in SPRING
* Smoking hot 4 inch nude peep toe platform heels - SPRING, SUMMER , FALL or whenever Fashiona can get her hot little spendthrift hands on them.

Photo Credit: www.footcandyshoes.com

Christian Louboutin- Gabin

For the record, Fashiona has the JIT concept down completely... when it comes to grocery shopping, she buys as needed with little excess... but great shoes are meant to be stockpiled!


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