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Monday, November 22

Fashiona interviews Andrea Kelly, dancer and choreographer

The world of dancing is very much in the spotlight with tv shows like Dancing with the Stars. 
Andrea Danyell Kelly…yes R Kelly’s ex-wife  has experienced dance from elitist world of ballet to the overexposed  “video vixens” and is sharing her journey with the younger set through her school, Andrea Kelly Dance Theater.

Andrea plans to open a dance school in Atlanta in Spring 2011. Between teaching masters’ classes in Atlanta, she weighed in on the state of the dance industry.

Alicia “aka” Fashiona: How has the dance show reality trend helped or hurt the professional dance industry?

Andrea: I don't think that it helped or hurt the professional dance industry. Some of the most talented dancers are the ones without formal training. They should change the name to "So you think you can show me technique". But the reality trend did expose the insular dancing world those who would never dance.  

Alicia “aka” Fashiona: For women who like to dance and want to get in better shape, what type of dance is a better calorie burner?

Andrea: Dance in general is a great calorie burner, because you use every muscle from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. The fact that you are constantly moving keeps your heart rate up therefore burning calories at a constant rate.

Alicia “aka” Fashiona: Dancewear has to be functional and pleasing to the eyes what lines do both well?

Andrea: I love Capezio, the line is classic and many of there pieces are timeless and ageless. As far as shoes I perfer Sansha.

Alicia “aka” Fashiona: Sterotypically young dancers are prone to eating disorders. Is that changing for the better now the "curvier" figures are more accepted by the norm?

Andrea: I think that it is changing for the better, but there is still a lot of work to do because the images that are shown constantly are not real. Models’ flaws have been air brushed and photoshopped so the person appears to be perfect… but we all know that perfection does not exist.

Of course, there are dance teachers that push their students or company members to achieve a dangerously thin body that is not healthy for the dancer and I was one of them. A former instructor told me that I would never be a dancer because my "BUTT" was to big/round. My genetics has nothing to do with my ability to dance nor my love and passion for the art. A passion for dance is neither taught nor does it come in a certain body type, it lives in the heart. As a teacher, I look for the heart of the dancer and that often determines who will make it in this business.

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