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Sunday, May 30

Social Sunday: Sex in the City 2 Event A+, Movie C

Last week on Wednesday night...Fashiona squeezed in a size 4 black and white dress...from White House Black Market to attend Atlanta's first showing of Sex in the City 2... 

Photo Credit: Sal Photography

Another Garner Circle event...everything about the screening Carrie on with Moët was high end and sexy...the movie inspired cocktails...the attendees...fashions on display and even the popcorn!
From the Red Carpet

Moët and Chandon introduced "Sex and the City 2" inspired champagne cocktails:
The Fashionista, The Socialite, The Player, and The Bombshell.

Fashiona indulged in  The Fashionista...

Fashiona ran into the ever fashionable Shane again...this time she was wearing these amazing platforms.

Fashiona was busy interviewing  and snapping  pictures so she didn't get actually eat the popcorn.

These gems were encased in glass in the VIP reception room...definitely "champagne shoes"...can't even cross your legs with these on without injury!

Fashiona's favorite gown of the night was Cythnia Bailey's.  She was amazingly styled by Kithe Brewser.

Photo Credit: Rick Diamond/WireImages

And Cynthia's gown was the highlight of  Fashiona's evening because the much anticipated sequel left much to be desired....if you haven't seen the movie...stop reading now... just  kindly revisit  when you have seen it.

Recap  Fashiona's Style:

After Liza Minneli's umm...version of Beyoncé's Single Ladies, the foursome learn via Samantha that they are going on a first class all expenses paid trip to the Middle East.  The plot could have really gone many places with that amazing set up but sadly commercialism and stereotypes filled most of the frames.  The residents of the Middle East were depicted in broad strokes as conservatively Muslim and frankly backward.  All the women were covered except for the stars who made a barely passing attempt of respecting the local modest culture. 

What drew Fashiona to the groundbreaking series on HBO was the deep and honest bond of the four friends, their sophistication and their budget-less wardrobe.  The sequel was true to the unshakable friendship but the fashion in  Sex in the City 2 was so over the top it was disappointing.  Wearing designer heels and couture to ride camels was just ridiculous and frankly insensitive to the plight of people struggling to survive this sluggish economy.  Fashiona expected more relevance from the supposedly sophisticated ladies of New York.

Menopause fighting  Samantha was in Fashiona's opinion the strongest performance in the movie.  The Carrie/Big/Aiden triangle was more like a blip rather than a flushed out story line.   Carrie's whining confession on the phone to Big was very "unCarrie" like but ended with Big giving her an enormous black diamond as punishment...Fashiona would dearly love to be punished in such an ostentatious fashion.

So does Fashiona hope there is a Sex in the City 3...only if the plot is less airy and the cast is more diverse and the fashion while aspirational... fits the sign of the times.

Monday, May 24

No Dirty Gold spotlights National Gold Month

May is indeed a busy month.  It is Mother's Day, the unofficial beginning of Summer and graduation for many high schools and universities.  It is also National Gold Month... true story.

Remember a few years ago when the diamond industry had to clean up their mining process?  The blockbuster movie Blood Diamond released in 2006 brought the illegal mining practices to the world's attention. 

Now the gold industry is under scrutiny with No Dirty Gold leading the way.  According to No Dirty Gold an organization founded in 2004:

"Gold mining is one of the dirtiest industries in the world -- it contaminates drinking water, destroys traditional livelihoods, and displaces indigenous communities."

But if you are a gold lover and want to stay "green"...Fashiona is both...before you buy you can check the list of jewelry retailers to see if they have signed the Golden Rules pledge to participate in responsible mining practices.

With a little research you can bling responsibly...
Photo Credit: Tiffany's

yes Tiffany's  is on the list.

Friday, May 21

Eva Longoria-Parker's orange Reem Acra dress heats up the 2nd Obama State Dinner

India was the guest nation for last years' drama filled first Obama White House State dinner.  First Lady Michelle Obama looked stunning in a strapless gold gown by Naeem Khan.

Wednesday May 19, 2010, the Obama White House welcomed Mexico.  Michelle wore an one shoulder blue pleated gown with an embellished waist  by Chicago designer Peter Soronen.

Photo Credit: Huffington Post
Michelle wore one shoulder blue gown by Chicago designer Peter Soronen
Fashiona's verdict....she loved the bold color...Michelle does indeed wear bright colors very well. However Fashiona is not a fan of the neckline...not  her best look.  Fashiona votes that for State Dinner number 3, Michelle goes back to a classic strapless silhouette. 

Now Mexican American Eva Longoria-Parker's orange Reem Acra dress matches her fiery personality and wins Fashiona's best dressed award of the night.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari/Huffington Post

Mexican American Eva Longoria-Parker wears Reem Acra.

Monday, May 17

Arab-American Rima Fakih wins Miss USA 2010

Last night Lebanese-American Rima Fakih wins Miss USA 2010 and she is the first known Arab woman to win a national beauty title.   The beautiful brunette moved to the United States as an infant and was raised in New York City, and then moved to the heavily Arab populated Deaborn Michigan in 2003. Educated in Catholic schools, she and her family  celebrates both  the Muslim and Christian faith.

The official platform for the Miss USA pageant is  breast and ovarian cancer awareness, but Rima is also passionate about equal health insurance coverage and stated during the interview portion:

"I believe that birth control is just like every other medication even though it's a controlled substance."

Miss Fakih was crowned the winner of the pageant wearing a beautiful "wedding white" strapless  gown with a long train that gave her a bit of trouble on the runway.

Photo Credit: Steve Marcus, Reuters

Photo Credit: AP

Fashiona just loves history in the world of fashion and beauty and hopes that Miss Fakih's historic victory will continue to bridge the gap of two diverse cultures...

Thursday, May 13

Tipster Thursday: Trés Sleek shapewear for curvy gals

Fashiona has been sharing the virtues of  shapewear for years...anything that "lifts and separates" she is all for... 

This past Monday when she went to the opening of Plush, Atlanta's newest plus size boutique, she was introduced to Trés Sleek...shapewear for plus size gals. Wendy Brown, the owner of Plush, a plus sized woman herself takes care to outfit the curvy woman from head to toe. That includes having plus size mannequins, larger sized jewelry, jeans, shoes and Trés Sleek.

Photo Credit: Sal Photography

From left to right: Wendy and her husband; Tami from Talking with Tami

Photo Credit: TrésSleek.com

Deux Arm Shaper Sleeve

 Trés Sleek's  Arm Shaper Sleeve does the following:
  • Attaches to Bra Strap
  • Backless
  • Nylon/Spandex/Microfiber Blend
  • Lightweight & Seamless under clothing
  • Reduces Biceps/Triceps by ½ to 3 inches on average

Check out Trés Sleek and the other fabulous plus size fashions at Plush.  Plush is located in Atlanta's historic Castleberry district...home to The Glam Bar and others.

*Courtsey of the Garner Circle*

Tuesday, May 11

Fashiona gets her first Beauty Fix

In one of Fashiona's tweets...she shared about six weeks ago how much she was looking forward to getting her package from BeautyFix.com.  Now she must confess, she received the box in late March and now it is May...

So without further delay...first  product review:
 the IQ Derma Clear Remedy

Verdict...she likes it...it is soothing (not something typically attributed to an acne treatment), actually diminishes the severity of  blemishes, fades dark marks (the bane of Fashiona's existence) and BEST of all doesn't discolor her sheets like products with benzoyl peroxide do.

Now...here is a disclaimer: with ANY new acne regimen your skin tends to get worse BEFORE it gets better so it is best to try a new product over a long weekend and give it a good 4-6 weeks before you can expect to see the full results.

About BeautyFix.com in general...the site lives up to its name.

  • One of the first steps is to put your beauty profile with everything from skin color to the beauty issues you want to address. 

  • Then  Beautyfix.com actually recommends products for you based on your profile....hence the name Beautyfix.com...so helpful Fashiona loves it.
As she tries her other products...she will indeed share her findings.

Care to try? Then use the discount code BFIX4  for  $30 off the $49.99 price for the Beautyfix Spring 2010 season. That means you get to  test the products out for only $19.99+FREE SHIPPING.

Monday, May 10

Lena Horne: Black, Beautiful and Bold

Well before last year's Princess and The Frog landmark movie,  Lena Horne was immortalized as Glenda the Good  in The Wiz and that was Fashiona's first time  ever seeing her.

She has since then seen  many movies starring the beautiful actress.  Her absolute favorite: her role as Sweet Georgia Brown in Cabin in the Sky.

Lena certainly played the devious scheming Sweet Georgia Brown very well in the all black 1940's ahead of its time Cabin in the Sky to the hilt but in reality she was anything but.

Lena Horne was born Lena Mary Calhoun Horne in Brooklyn to a very mixed race family and by default she was born into what W.E Dubois called "The Talented Tenth."  She was raised in New York, Pittsburgh and Atlanta but left high school to follow her mother into show business.

Lena started her musical career in New York City night clubs and after an early failed first marriage she sought her fortune in Hollywood.  Her light color  and fine features were sought after in the movie business but it was also those same characteristics that caused her disenchantment with Hollywood and got her blacklisted due to her history of activism.

Whether it was during World War II,  when she refused to perform in front of a segregated audience or years later when she was at the March on Washington...Lena Horne used her fame to bring her passion for civil rights to the forefront.

And Fashiona does indeed think that New York native Alicia Keys will do the late star justice in the upcoming Oprah Winfrey produced movie...

RIP Lena Horne (1917-2010)

Sunday, May 9

Social Sunday: Reaching your goals Mother's Day 2010

Fashiona just came back from a long awaited weekend with the family.  She, Col. Dad and Sis came armed with presents, cards and of course themselves...but Mom really gave herself a great Mother's Day gift (besides the super cute strappy heels she bought). She officially became Dr. Mom, earning her PhD in Education.

Mom's passion for education was instilled at an early age and she passed the love of learning to her children and her countless students. She was always goal oriented and feels most pleased when the boxes are checked off...that is where Fashiona gets her drive from.

Very few people accomplish their goals without obstacles or delays.  In Mom's case...Mom put raising Fashiona and Sis above her finishing her PhD.  So it was only fitting that as they got older they helped her with research, editing and clearing up technological glitches. 

Fashiona and Sis learned from Mom first hand that anything worth having requires patience and diligence. 

Something Fashiona reminds herself of as she is building her fashion empire...

Look for her fashion commentary on Indakno.com.

Read Fashiona's Mother's Day greeting in 2009.

Tuesday, May 4

Ivanka Trump shines at the Met Costume Institute Gala 2010

Ivanka Trump is one of Fashiona's favorite people to follow on Twitter.  One day she will share her frustration about the neverending lines at DMV, another day she will tweet lovely pictures from Dubai and yet another day she will live tweet while Celebrity Apprentice is on but she never spoils the ending for her west coast friends...how sweet of her!

Last night Ivanka tweeted as she was getting ready for the Met Costume Institute Gala 2010 that she was  wearing Versace and jewelry from her own line.

And  she indeed wore the purple slinky gown well...

 Photo Credit: HuffingtonPost.com

Monday, May 3

2010 Kentucky Derby Hat Round Up

Fashiona didn't watch the Kentucky Derby this year...she was working but she is happy for career jockey Calvin Borel who has won the Derby two years in a row.  This year he rode Super Saver and last year...longshot Mine That Bird.

This year, the weather was less than ideal but the hats were on display and the theme was "Bigger is Better."
Ruben Studdard and wife Surata

Victoria Secret Model Marisa Miller donning a lovely pink hat for the Derby

Ageless Diane Lane striking a pose in black and white

Longtime couple Nick Lachey and Vanessa Milano wearing complimentary pink

Fashiona's favorite look of the day:
Young couple Ashlee Simpson Weinz and Pete Weinz channeling the 1940's and looking quite dapper.

All Photos: Getty Images/

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