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Monday, November 9

Fashiona on Tiffany's Celebration Rings ®

Remember the big marketing push for right hand rings?  It was circa 2003 and Debeers came up with the term.

The fact is that men still typically buy the rings that we wear on the left ring finger: the hopefully pricey engagement ring and the even more elusive wedding ring.  

The right hand ring was marketed as a gift that women got for themselves to symbolize a major milestone.  Fashiona was actually ahead of this trend, she bought her first right hand ring in college and wore it until she bought herself another one for her 30th birthday.

The new trend now: Celebration Rings®  According to Tiffany  who has trademarked the term, celebration rings  are to celebrate an epic occasion or Fashiona's personal favorite reason: just because!!

Visit Tiffany.com to create your own unique stack of rings.  Here is Fashiona's Celebration Ring stack...if she had a fanasty budget or if she was expecting  Prince Charming on his noble steed.

...here is to hoping and her ring size is 6 1/2.

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