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Wednesday, November 18

Black Tie worthy watches

For Fashiona's 100th post, she decided to write about black tie worthy watches.  One  fashion faux pas that  drives Fashiona into a tizzy (other than people wear  run-over shoes with a great outfit) is wearing an everyday watch to a formal event. Before you start calling Fashiona snobby, you upgrade your dress, hopefully your shoes and the rest of your jewelry so why not your watch?

Fashiona prefers watches with metal bands because they are more dressy, her danity Bulova takes her from the gym to the ballroom. Now her watch connoisseur friend Mr. DC  who collects watches and the original boxes that they come in...swears by leather band watches. To each his own but formal worthy  watches can be found with an either a metal or a leather strap.

Of ...some can cost a small fortune like this lovely Piaget.

Photos By: WWD Staff

A jeweled women's watch by Piaget.

Or this one from Zenith.

*UPDATE* Fashiona saw this beauty while flipping through Vogue the other day.  If she did wear leather band watches...this would be the one.

Photo Credit: Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren Stirrup Watch

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