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Sunday, December 13

Fashionista Barbies...true story

During some down time  at the testerone factory,  Fashiona was reading Town and Country's January Issue.  Editor in chief,  Pamela Fiori's editor letter... umm describing the six, Fashionista Barbies was so witty that Fashiona actually sent her an e-mail. Ms. Fiori promptly responded fondly recalling simpler times and less  "frou frou" dolls.

Barbie, otherwise known as Barbara Millicent Roberts, turned 50 this year  without a wrinkle in sight and has been celebrating in top form all year.  Her latest present to the younger set:  Fashionista Barbies.

As showcase dolls, these are lovely: the detailing, the clothing, make-up and the shoes rival Fashiona's own vast shoe collection.  And yet it is these very same details that would make Fashiona a bit uneasy to give any of these as a gift to a little girl.

According to Mattel, the suggested age for any Barbie (even Sassy with her micro-mini) is 3 and up...seriously??

Fashiona is thinking maybe they just forgot the 1 in front of the 3.  In Fashiona's future family the 3 year old would get a Cabbage Patch Kid.

... Yes thankfully they  still make them!!

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