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Wednesday, December 30

Fashiona on Caress Evenly Gorgeous

If these last two years have taught us anything; it is to  enhance what you already possess and in the words of Tim Gunn from Parsons School of Design and Project Runway fame,

"Make it work"

~Tim Gunn

The night before the biggest going out night of the year, New Years Eve, get your skin in  better  shape.    More than sequins, bling and champagne shoes, skin will be the accessory of choice.  Fashiona wants to know if YOU and your skin is ready for the spotlight. 

Her tip for getting New Years Eve worthy skin: Caress Evenly Gorgeous Bar Soap and Body Wash.

Both the soap and the body wash  smell divine, very much like a product you would find in a posh spa and performs just as well.  The burnt brown sugar  is a gentle exfoliate and the karite butter leaves  your skin clean, balanced and ready for your favorite moisturizer, dress, heels, jewelry...

Fashiona's experience with Caress Evenly Gorgeous reminded her of the old Caress tag line:

Before you dress...Caress.

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