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Wednesday, December 16

Fashiona's favorite trends for 2009

In planning out her week, Fashiona had an OMG moment...Christmas is next week and New Years the week after...she is sending out e-cards this weekend...no time for snail mail this year.

It also dawned on her that she only has 2 weeks to round out 2009. 

So first up, Fashiona's favorite fashion trends of the year:
  • Statement necklaces are everywhere AND as long as they make a great (and not tacky) statement, Fashiona loves them.

    Photo Credit: Steve Grantiz/Wire Images
  • Cuff bracelets, Fashiona typically wears bangles but she owns a few cuffs...her favorite is in her blog header. This year's cuffs are fabulous especially this one created by Gara Danielle featured in Halle Berry's perfume ad. 

Jumpsuits: Fashiona really does love them.  She is still searching for one that is flattering to her shape. Now rompers that is other little story,pun intended.
    Photo Credit: George Butler

  • Thigh-high boots, great when worn correctly and absolutely frightening when not.  Monica wears them well.

  • Sequins: Once regulated to costumes, prom and New Year's Eve celebration, this year sequins hit main street in a very tasteful way. Monica wears those well too.  

Photocredit: Arden.com

Of course Fashiona had to add one that she hated, strongly disliked.  Leggings...Fashiona isn't a fan mostly because women seem to think that leggings are pants...umm not so much!!

Photo Credit: People StyleWatch

Jean leggings or jeggings...worst industry term of all time...Fashiona prays that they won't make more appearances next year.


Dori said...

Great picks! I'm really feeling the statement necklaces.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

That is my favorite trend of the year It is both universally wearable and classic.

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