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Wednesday, March 31

Fashiona's spies great shoes at Why Did I Get Married Too?

Fashiona is teased by Atlanta photographers (especially Jae from www.thethirdsystem.com) for two main reasons:
One is for carrying an "alligator" notebook at all times..not exactly alligator but thanks for noticing! 

and the second for her never-ending fascination with shoes über high heels and as such she always asks that they take pictures of ladies shoes.

Fashiona sparred with Jae again at last week's premiere of Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? It was warm that night before the rain started so ladies were only to happy to show off their pedicures and their shoe game. 

Fashiona's favorite shoes of the night...

Like the blue suede peep toes shoes as much as Fashiona, visit her Examiner page to find out which Real Atlanta Housewife  they belong to.

Thanks Jae...till next time.

Monday, March 29

Fashiona declared "Preppy" by ShabbyApple.com

Fashiona is back...between starting her new job last week and  Topaz coming in town for the weekend, her time was otherwise occupied.  But she is back with new things to share.

Over the weekend, Fashiona received a press release from ShabbyApple.com...yes the name caught got her eye too.  It is a cute site that has everything from Style Advice (just send in an e-mail with your question) to tips for best flattering your shape to various clothing collections with names like "Black" to "Maternity" to everything in between.

Fashiona's favorite feature is the What's your style widget?

Now Fashiona took the quiz twice and was told she was PREPPY...really...what do you think?

Wednesday, March 24

Shoes, Shoes and more shoes

Fashiona's latest subject of "closet envy" is Beyoncé's shoe closet...or wing..or private island...or wherever she keeps her growing collection.

Apparently PeopleStyleWatch has a love affair with Beyoncé's taste in shoes as well. Check the mag's April 2010 issue, page 153. Fashiona's favorite pic from this spread...B wearing some amazing Louis Vuitton brown shoes with gems encased in silver.

In other news...this is Beyonce's "casual" look...easily 4 1/2" on these.

Photo Credit:
Demis Maryannakis/Sipa/PeopleStyleWatch.com

Beyoncé has no budget restrictions but for the rest of us with "champagne dreams and ginger ale budgets"...shopping around is the key to acquiring great looks for less. 

One of Fashiona's recommendations is DNAFootwear.com.  Here are two of the top selling shoes for the week ending March 18.  

    Destiny  High Heel Shoe
•4" heel

•Wrapped heel

•Bow decoration wraps the vamp for a lively finish

•Heart-shaped cushion at footbed for added comfort
Formosa High Heel Pump
•5" heel

•1" platform

•Leather sole
Now what Fashiona's readers have been waiting for...the discount code: SHOEDIVA...handpicked by Fashiona herself.  But before you get all shoebuying happy, please read the not so fine print.
  • The code SHOEDIVA  will save you  10% on any purchase over $50. 
  • Not valid on sale items, gift certificates, store credit or any UGG items.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • $49.99 pre-tax minimum purchase required.
  • No expiration date...yes ladies...true story!!
Go forth and shop!  To see DNA's full collection or if any of these catch your eye go to www.dnafootwear.com and enter SHOEDIVA when you are ready to checkout. 

Sunday, March 21

Fashiona's First Swapnista Event

As Fashiona gets to know people in Atlanta, she is invited to different places.  This past week, she went to Bam Art Space, 1540 Monroe Dr. NE, Atlanta, a beautiful spot that can cater to special events from weddings to fashion events such as the Swapnista event on Thursday night.

Keren Charles of FashionENVY, Marlissa Crawdford of Nikki Darling and  Co. and Valaira Smith of Vue Entertainment were the hosts of the evening.

Here were the rules:

1) Bring three (3) of your once-loved, new or gently-used fashion items to trade in for items in our fashionSWAP Closet. This includes clothing, shoes and accessories. (Fashiona brought a whole bag but she neglected to put them on hangers...oops next time. That was her black and red dress in the above picture and she hopes the new owner loves it as much as she did).

(2) Clothing should be on hangers. Brand Name, Department Store, Boutique or Mall Brands ONLY! For example: ABS, Aldo, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, BEBE, BCBG, Cache, Coach, Express, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Nine West, INC, Polo, Steve Madden, The Limited, Vera Wang, Zara and more.

(3) Check in your items and pay participation fee: $10 w/RSVP or $15 at the door.

(4) When swap begins, the first 5 ladies will enter fashionSWAP closet and choose 3 items. Then the second 5 and so on. (Fashiona was in the second round and got a slinky black top, maroon skirt and a tuxedo white blouse).

(5) When everyone has a turn, the fashionSWAP room will be open for everyone. Take as much as you can to fill your shopping bag. Items left over will be donated to a local charity. (Fashiona missed the freeforall and hopes the ladies behaved...unlike the divas at a high end sample sale in NYC).
In addition to the swap part of the event...there were clothes and jewelry for sale as well. Fashiona was drafted for a mini makeover by J.MONT...she did a great job but Fashiona was a bit camera shy that evening.
This week's events include:
  • The premiere of Why did I Get Married II
  • The 2nd Annual Chozen Awards
and Topaz coming in town....yay good times!!

Tuesday, March 16

Fashiona's Retail Venture Act II

Fashiona has been a busy bee in the last few weeks and today is her first day off in almost three weeks.  She is steadily working on her recession relief plan and is starting yet another job in less than two weeks. 

When she ventured into retail 6 months ago...she wasn't sure how she would do.  Yes the work is labor intensive...lots of built in cardio and dealing with lovely and evil not so pleasant clients but where else can you chat all day (without getting scolded), get amazing clothing discounts, golden material for blogging purposes and get paid for your efforts!!

The new store she is going to is BOTH dressier and higher end and adds a commission component which appeals to Fashiona's competitive nature as well as her bottom line.

Into all this work...Fashiona is (as Col Dad often reminds her)carving out some time for play.  Her bestie Topaz is coming for a visit next week...they haven't seen each other since August and have so much chat about...one topic on the table will be the 2nd date she is going on tonight...

Friday, March 12

The Conversation Part 2

Writing (and reading for that matter) is pretty much  a solitary sport. For a chatterbox like Fashiona, her love of writing can leave her feeling a bit isolated, which is why she looks forward to her monthly appearance on BlogTalkRadio. The last two months, the panel has been discussing Hill Harper's The Conversation, exploring the demise of relationships in the African American Community.

Here is part two, part Battle of the Sexes, part Mars vs. Venus equals a great discussion.

Tuesday, March 9

Fashiona's Beauty Tips

What is the common thread between A-list women and the rest of women in the world? They all want to look the very best that they can especially for a big event whether that be our debut at the Oscars or that very special evening that they have planned. A-listers have stylists, make-up artists, beauticians, estheticians and the very necessary yappy dog that fits in their it bag.

YOU have coupons, drugstores, magazines and...Fashiona.

Photo Credit: Curt Chauncey Photography

From Saturday's F.A.M.E workshop by The Garner Circle,  candid shot of (L) Ashley Peden - Mc Donald's Mc Cafe campaign & (R) Alicia "aka" Fashiona,  former Designer  for POLO Ralph Lauren and  Nautica and current Style Writer for Examiner.com.

Here are her recession friendly tips for getting ready for that big occasion:

• Fashiona is known for a few things…one of which is her megawatt smile. One word...CrestStrips. While living in NYC…pre-recession she actually sprung for professional bleaching but was dissatisfied with the results. She used CrestStrips to repair the job and has sworn by them ever since.

• Water, water, water. One of easiest and budget friendly things ANYONE, can do for their hair, skin and digestive track well-being. Skip the bottled water and go for a water filter instead. Fashiona has used Brita since her college days.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque…clears up a multitude of sins fast…especially breakouts due to stress or the chocolate cake you attacked last week. Even used the night before, your pores are clearer and your complexion fresher. Fashiona has found the best results if she decreases her daily intake of bacon, she uses the mask overnight and drinks as much water as she can stand.  Follow the link below to get a coupon for $1.00 off your next Queen Helene product. Feel free to pass it on. Enjoy! 

• Whether you have the same rich color of your childhood or you have “enhanced’ it over the years. A 10 minute clear glossing treatment can restore a lustrous shine to your crowning glory.  Fashiona prefers Clairol Nautral Instincts Shine Happy.

• Moisturize…water does cleanses you internally but you still need to keep your skin well moisturized. Fashiona’s skin like her temperament is somewhat temperamental. Skin creams with fragrances and other unpronounceable ingredients do not agree with her at all. What does work are creams that are close to nature as possible like aloe-based Skin MD. If you are interested in trying it for yourself, please use the discount code MUSING at checkout. It is currently good for 20% off purchases at www.skinmdnatural.com.  Note this code is good 30 days from post date of Tuesday March 9, 2010.

Monday, March 8

Zoe Salanda at the 2010 Oscars: The dress that almost could

Fashiona and Sis have just collaborated via cell phone on Zoe Salanda's Haute Couture Givenchy purple Oscar dress. The verdict is...they both love, love, love  the top half and the bottom half not so much at all.  The overall effect is half elegant and half Carmen Miranda.

Photo Credit: The Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

So Zoe my dear, in nod of your Dominican heritage you get the "Casi te amo"...I almost love you(it).

Nicole Richie:Queen Bohemia at the 2010 Oscars

Fashiona has been loving soon to be officially hitched Nicole Richie these days.  Motherhood and steady coupledom seemed to have mellowed her out just enough without robbing her of any of her style.   Last night she rocked Reem Acra in a way that we aren't used to seeing.  Nicole just looked stunning in the striped gown with the skirt and sleeves cut on the bias...what is not to like.  Loved, loved the cat eye eyeliner and the elegant pulled back hair.

Fashiona just has a teeny tiny suggestion for Joel.  We all know you are DJ and all but can't you just wait until you are  BEHIND  the turntables to don the sunglasses?...Just asking!

Sunday, March 7

Social Sunday: Krimson by Kwame

Mr. Ivy who happens to be the brother of Mr. Air, recently chided  Fashiona about not writing enough about Men's Style...

As fate would have it, the following week,  she was personally invited to "Tie One On with Kwame Jackson and The Queen of Hearts Foundation." Yes...Kwame Jackson from The Apprentice. The event was held on Thursday at Atlanta's Hotel Palomar and since her friend Mr. Midwest was in town, he came along too.

While some Apprentice Alumni are extending their 15 minutes of fame well beyond necessity...Omarosa.  Kwame, known for his sharp brain and equally sharp style, started a tie company called Krimson By Kwame.

These are no ordinary ties...these ties are tip top of the line, constructed with the finest of silk in every color and pattern imaginable.  As Corwyn Thomas, CEO of Krimson, shared with Fashiona that they are planning to offer bow-ties, cuff links, ascots, and shirts...delightful visions of well dressed men in hard bottom shoes danced through her head.  

It happens that Mr. Midwest already owned some Krimson ties and he is in good company with Ne-Yo, NBA's Dwade Wade and Mayor Bloomberg...do tell!

The best part of the event for Fashiona was that 25%  proceeds of the ties sales for the evening went the Haiti Relief Fund and The Queen of Hearts Foundation, a grass roots organization that is battling Women's Heart Disease.  It was a true Fashion with a Purpose event.

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