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Wednesday, May 13

Fashiona weighs in on the Miss California drama

Fashiona doesn't really watch pageants anymore like she used to as a child...however she just couldn't resist weighing in on the recent Miss California drama.

Recap Fashiona style:

During the finale of the Miss USA pageant, Miss California,
Carrie Prejean, 21 spoke her mind about gay marriage and why she doesn't believe in it.

Photo: AP

Miss California may have lost her shot at becoming Miss USA, but she’s nevertheless emerged as a star.

Shocker...Perez Hilton and other gay activists were taken aback. She lost and Miss North Carolina won the title. A few days later, pictures of an underage Miss Calli appear on-line; she is wearing some (tacky) lacy underwear. Donald Trump, basking in the all the free publicity, allows Miss California to keep her state title and all is well.

Fashiona's comments:

  1. Miss California's answer to the gay marriage question was honest but poorly executed. She could have said essentially the same thing without being so abrasive.
  2. Having said that...she is entitled to her opinion and America still supports freedom of speech. We as Jane Public have the right to listen...or not.
  3. Although the pictures themselves aren't that bad...she was under 18 and when she took them and "forgot" to disclose them. This is where Fashiona has a problem.
Since Carrie is claiming free speech; she also needs to claim responsibility for her actions. Fashiona hasn't seen that. As a beauty queen, Carrie is a role model for the younger set and should be held accountable as such.

Before Fashiona leaves her soapbox for today...she would like to remind the world of the Miss America pageant circa 1984. A very young and beautiful Miss Vanessa Williams was the first black woman to win the crown and then forced to resign over nude photos that she took around age 19.

Photo Credit: Miss America.com

A nine year old Fashiona watched the pageant from start to finish and was very upset when Miss Williams had to resign. Fashiona also remembers how Miss Williams took responsibility for her mistakes and quickly turned her notoriety into fame of the good kind.

Today Ms. Williams is a noted actress, singer and the mother of 4 beautiful girls. She has appeared on Broadway and is now the Que
en of Mean, "Wilhelmina Slater" on ABC's sitcom Ugly Betty.

Photo Credit: Ugly Betty

Fashiona regards Ms. Vanessa Williams as one of her earliest role models.



Poetic Shutterbug said...

Well although I do not agree with Ms. California I do believe she is entitled to her own opinion. As far as the photos, I have not seen them however if she was under 18 when they were taken then I think that is a problem. I did see the news coverage of her with Trump last night and it was basically a media circus. To be honest I really think these pageants are a joke anyway.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Fashiona, you are always on point.
I love Ms Mean, and as far as I can see she used it as the biggest jump off of any beauty queen.

there will always only be one MS. Williams, and the world knows it.

and yes I am also addicted to her on Ugly Betty because she is just so
"Willi-mean-a". Whew and she looks absolutely beautiful doing it.

now I have noticed that andre talley keeps his distance from Vanessa.. and I think it's a good thing. ; )

so do you miss seeing him at all the fashion events ?

at least in ATL you have the southern version - Tyler Perry.
lots more money and class.
plus he's cuter and wears the hell outta them gucci loafers.

Dori said...

I have been thinking of Vanessa Williams too through all of this Miss California drama. I remember watching Vanessa Williams win her crown back in the day and I have always loved her. She has certainly made a great career for herself after all that she went through. She is the main reason that I love watching Ugly Betty. She is so beautiful!

Kelly B said...

Yeah...I agree she has her right to her opinion...I have seen the photos on tv and they had to cover up nippleage....under 18 and exposed nipples = child porn, no? the funniest part is she says the wind was blowing and she didn't know anyone was taking the photos, yet you couldn't get a more posed picture and there is no wind....hair is perfectly in place....

I forget the Vanessa Williams was a pageant winner and the scandal around her pictures...not very many people have the talent that she has to make the world forget about that.


Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

You guys are fab. Thanks as always for reading.

Day said...

I agree that Ms. Cali has the right to voice her opinion when asked. However, for such a public platform like the Miss America pageant she should have known to speak openly but leave her feeling out of the answer. All she needs now is President Obama's PR team for damage control.

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