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Wednesday, May 20

Fashiona on Celebrity Make-Up Artist Toni Acey's Purple Carpet Affair

Miss Fashiona has been in ATL for about 3 weeks, and last night was her first official night out on the town. Mr. Baller, the good sport that he is is, drove downtown and let Fashiona leave her car in Buckhead(the high rent district). So Fashiona and Mr. Baller went to the Street Lounge for celebrity make-up artist Toni Acey's Purple Carpet Affair book launch Makeup FAQ and her jewelry line Purple Flower Jewels.

Here is the umm purple carpet at the

Mr. Baller,
who cleaned up nice, was rewarded for his presence with two lovely ladies wearing makeup, bodypaint and not much else.

Fashiona personally pref
ers bangles and stones in her jewelry but marveled at the handpainted leather earrings and cuffs.

Obviously besides make-up, purple is Toni Acey's passion....
Check out more of Toni on My Black is Beautiful on BET.



jacqueline said...

Hey Fashiona,
Are you living in the ATL now?

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Hey Jacqueline, I sure am.

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