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Monday, May 18

Karl Lagerfield: Flair for drama and nostaglia

Fashiona loves drama in all forms...in except her personal life. But as for as fashion shows go, the more dramatic the better. Karl Lagerfield's resort show last week in Venice... more than fit the bill.

The 2010 resort show was a nod to the late 1920's ~ early 1930's and Coco Chanel; when women bobbed their hair for the first time and rebelled against corsets and
who knows what other unnecessarily restrictive garments. The models of all ethnic backgrounds (take notice "Miranda") peddled their wares along a wooden boardwalk with their hair wildly chic and their walk fierce. The clothes have all the pomp and fluff that you would except from Karl Lagerfield
...after all he does wear a ponytail and sunglasses at all times.

Photograph: Soeren Stache/Corbis

German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld

Here are Fashiona's favorite looks from the much touted show:

Chanel Resort 2010
All Photos by Davide Maestri:

Just one question has anybody seen his eyes...ever?



RE Ausetkmt said...

Fashiona here's a Lagerfeld tip:
did you know that it was Karl Lagerfeld who told Victoria Beckham to always wear dark sunglasses, the bigger the better; to keep the photogs in check.

apparently the darker glasses reflect the lights of flash better making one appear to be even more mysterious. that's apparently why she keeps her mouth closed and her foster grants on.

Dumb Dumb Dumbbb.. oh this was about the fashions right.

why is that girl wearing that longsleeve sweater with a bikini bottom and boots ?

Pure SKANKNESS.. why didn't they just have Lil Kim do the whole show ? Lagerfeld is a notorious manizer.. ask any male model.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

RE...Manizer...I will have to add that to Fashiona's vocab. Funny!!

Hillbilly Willy said...

Willy is a fashion freak also. Willy likes ladies dressed in high fashion.

10-4 Willy

Day said...

Well, I am taking the long sleeve sweater as simple as it simply is. A 'Cover-up' for a woman's bathing suit and making it still look sexy. No need for the boots, I agree. I also like that he staged the show on the beach.

Dina Yassin said...

I loved this show....the one and only Karl!!!

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