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Friday, August 26

Final Fashiona Posting

After about two weeks of soul searching and in anticipation of my upcoming birthday...I have decided to retire Fashiona. She has been a part of my world since 2008 and all good things must come to an end. 

I do thank all my readers and followers both public and private (you know you are) over the last three years and I hope you join me in my new venture. 

I have started a new blog called BougieBohemianChica on Tumblr.  It is easier for me to update while I am on the go. No more third person...it is just me and my camera and my stylish thoughts.
Alicia aka "Fashiona" 

Again my new blog is http://bougiebohemianchica.tumblr.com/

Thursday, August 25

AliciaStyle's FNO

AliciaStyle's FNO

Christian louboutin pumps
$795 - barneys.com

Valentino leather clutch
$2,075 - valentino.com

H M antique ring
£3.99 - hm.com

Movado diamond watch
$1,295 - bloomingdales.com

Friday, August 12

Tables of Brotherhood kicks off in Atlanta

Remember the Million March in 1995...seems ages ago right?

Tables of Brotherhood tour hosted by CNN contributor Roland Martin is designed to encourage an open discussion around relevant topics to Dr. King’s message and legacy. It started in Atlanta appropriately ( Dr. King was a second generation Morehouse man and his church was in the city)  and is traveling around the country. 

Smart, well dressed men, advocating  for good in education, job creation and positive relationships....what's not to like?

Table of Brotherhood Tour from papa razzi on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 9

Fashiona at ArtFusion: Where Fashion meets Art

Last Friday night, Fashiona attended Celebrity Photographer Drexina Nelson's first annual Art Fusion: Where Fashion meets Art.

With Billie Holiday as her muse...she wore a pink flower in her hair and wore black and pink satin shoes.  If they were giving out a Miss Prissy award...she would have won one hands down.

 Alicia "aka" Fashiona with Steve Canal from Miller Coors

From left to right: Arkeedah from ItsArkeedah.com, Janice Lawrence-Clarke from JLC Productions and yours truly on the right.

Fashiona was happy to see her friend Arkeedah sporting her blonde curls and Janice looking ever so radiant in white.

One of  Fashiona's favorite looks from the fashion show.

Lifestyle Specialist Kenny Burns and BMW Executive Catherine Brewton won Style of the Year Awards.

From left to right: Catherine Brewton, Kenny Burns and Drexina Nelson

Read more about her evening at Art Fusion on her column on Examiner.com 

Thursday, August 4

Happy 50th Birthday President Barack Obama

If Fashiona could sing...she would sing Happy Birthday (Stevie Wonder style) to President Obama in honor of his 50th Birthday. 

Alas she cannot sing (well) so she decided to share with her readers (mwah) her favorite Obama pictures over the years.  She fully agrees with Obama when he said last week "Michelle still thinks I am cute"
Sir...a lot of us do too.

 Barack Obama in college...he has been smoking a loonnnnng time.  He is killing the hat though !! Love it! 

 Obama while  attending Columbia in New York

Obama shirtless in Hawaii

Michelle (wearing Jason Wu) and Barack at the Inaugural Ball.  Fashiona loves the love you can see in their eyes....Aww. Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images North America)

 President Barack Obama's Official White House Portrait
44th President of the United States.

Monday, August 1

Move over Kanye...Dwayne Wade is a bonafide fashion icon to be


Whether we ladies admit to being NBA fans or not...most of us can appreciate Dwayne Wade's chocolatey looks and his 12 pack washboard of a stomach.  Fashiona has Mr. Air to thank for this bit of eye candy in the form of his upcoming fashion documentary.

DW: The Making of a Fashion Icon - Teaser from Bob Metelus on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 17

Fashiona's rebuttal to GQ's worst dressed list

A shade darker and after spending 24 blissful hours immersed in one of the most relaxing places on earth...Fashiona is ready to tackle the infamous GQ article:

So Atlanta was named the 17th worst dressed city: 

Atlanta is the Mecca of the promotional T-shirt. Everyone is a CEO or founder of a record label or a clothing line you'd have never heard of if it weren't plastered in size 96 Helvetica font on their chest. The pleats in Atlantan's pants are deeper than the Chocolate Rain kid's voice and their blazers look like hand-me-downs, because they are hand-me-downs. In the A, there is nothing wrong with wearing uncle Ned's seersucker suit to the shindig in October—fit, be damned.—Mark Anthony Green

Mark Anthony Green clearly took the too easy route of the cliche. 
Yes…Atlanta is a little promo T-shirt happy…but what major city isn’t? 

Pleats in Atlanta…not sure where he or GQ’s legion of interns got this misinformation.Between the constant humidity and the tortuous commutes on 75/85/285/20....any pleats you would have left the house with would be long gone before you reached your destination. 

Finally  ill fitting seersucker…this is where Fashiona’s draws the line…

According to men...seersucker is quite appropriate “corporate” dress when the mercury raises higher than 90 degrees.  As for fit as long it fits better the fictional lawyer “Matlock”…then Miss Fashiona is ok.

Atlanta's own Andre 3000 and Big Boi

Now having read this you may feel that Fashiona is defending Atlanta as a well dressed city….not at all…in truth she is poking holes in GQ’s weak satire.

If GQ REALLY wanted to slam Atlanta as a worst dressed city…they should have pointed out the many many "Talking with Tami" documented “ toes on the ground” phenomenon  where women are in denial of their shoe size and wear shoes at least a half size too small. 

Or the misguided thinking that being half-naked is means they are fashionable or by showing every nook and cranny….they somehow even out the playing field of the 1:17 male/female ratio.

What say you...

Thursday, July 7

Soma collects bras for women in need


Fashiona knows that you aren't wearing the same bras from high school but you very well may be wearing the same size...if so it is truly time to get professional fitted at Soma.  If you are in the Atlanta area...see Sharon @ Cumberland Mall. 

Yes  ladies everything has changed since high school your breasts included.  The ladies at Soma will break out their measuring tapes and years of expertise and get you in the best bras for your shape.  Once you have upgraded your bras...please donate what you can't wear anymore.

Today through August 14, 2011, Soma's everywhere are collecting bras in any state.  If they are wearable they will be passed on to a women in need and if they are in ill-repair, they will be recycled (even the ones with holes  and escaping underwires).


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