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Wednesday, September 29

Atlanta Fashion Week Part 3: Haut.lanta 2010

Fashiona was in the "happy land of unplugged" for a few days while visiting Music Man's family so many apologies for the delay in this post...

Haut.lanta, the brainchild of the lovely Layla K. is in its fourth year and growing larger every year.

Layla K., a veteran of the high fashion industry has modeled Haut.lanta after New York Fashion Week. She runs a fashionable business operation...focusing more attention on the clothes and designers than the celebrities who attend the shows.

So here are the best looks of the week, thanks to Jae Walker III...

Thursday, September 23

Atlanta Fashion Week Part 2: Fashion GLAMATL

On Saturday at the end of Atlanta's Fashion Week, Fashiona was honored to be one of the Social Media Panel at Fashion GLAMATL  held at the Millennium Gate.

While Arkeedah and Miz D were live blogging on Facebook, Fashiona decided to tweet her experience.  Just like Fashion Night Out is about supporting the fashion community through shopping, Fashion GLAMATL was about highlightling the fashion talent in Atlanta...and shopping.

After  getting into her black wrap dress, Fashiona had her make-up done beautifully by  Melanie D. Kelly.

Fashiona then looked at all the vendors that were showcasing wares. 

There were so many beautiful things but a few things especially caught her eye.  P. Sherrod and Co. purses were showstopping and worth a little budget fudging...don't go tell Mr. Numbers that.  Their website is under works but do join their Facebook fan page to stay on top of their latest news.

Cartel Catering was tempting the fashionista and the fashionisto crowd with everything from strawberries to tiplia.  These men were gentlemen and of course great cooks.

Fashiona loved the Jersey Shore ( a delightful combination of shrimp and crab meat on a tasty cracker).

KingdomKlothes by Beth Borden-Goodman had their Swarovski® Austrian crystals shirts on display which are machine washable and tumble-dry safe. 

The highlight of Fashiona's night was actually meeting Nyssa Green with whom she had done a phone interview the week prior.

   The charity that received  the proceeds from the ticket sales was for  All Grown Up Inc...truly a Fashion with a Purpose event.  

See the slideshow from FashionGLAMATL here.

Tuesday, September 21

Atlanta Fashion Week Part 1: Kontrol Magazine Candy Shop Fashion Show

Last week Kontrol Magazine had their first fashion show ever.  The Candy Shop Show also dubbed the Black and Pink affair  was taken to another level with candy and sweets literally everywhere...Fashiona only had two  pieces and a few bites of cotton candy.

Talking with Tami, Tami Reed hosted the red carpet.

The seemingly ageless Chilli was on hand to lend support to the show and raise awareness to the Marcus Autism Center “For the Cure” Foundation.  The proceeds from the show went that worthy organization and  you know how much Fashiona loves "Fashion with a Purpose."

Bianca from America's Next Top Model proved to be an great hostess.  And yes...her legs are indeed a mile long.

Fashiona's favorite designer of the time was Felicia Dietrich.  Felicia has been crocheting for years and her work is exquisite. No granny shawls in sight.

Only thing...next time Fashiona needs the show to actually start at 8...folks have to work in the morning.

Sunday, September 12

Fashiona meets Mocha Moon's Lori L.

Tammie  Reed from Talking with Tami is a bubbly social butterfly who loves to bring varied groups of people together. Finally Fashiona was able to clear her hectic schedule enough to attend one of her gatherings...

Sunday September 12, 2010, Bloggers, PR mavens, journalists and met over brunch at Parker's on Ponce in downtown Decatur. Why...because Tammie invited us and to meet the lovely Lori L and see her  line of cosmetic bags.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona on the far left,  in the center Tammie is in pink holding a pink Lori L. tote, to Tammie's right Mocha Moon's CEO Lori L. wearing her signature brown and posing with a brown Lori L. tote

From left to right: Alicia "aka" Fashiona, Tammie Reed, Lori L. and guest

Lori's bags are fashionable and functional and eco friendly...a modern Blackberry/iphone carrying diva's dream. The tote bag is customizable, while the smaller bag, Perez  seen below is available in Mocha Brown.

Lori is as committed to eco friendly practices as she is to giving back to the community. Through Beauty & Books, Mocha Moon donates products, talents and time to help empower the Atlanta Metro area. She and her staff hand deliver cosmetic Couture bags filled with cosmetics and toiletries to women and teenage girls in battered women and homeless shelters.

These faux-crocodile bags are perfect for all your make-up needs from your vanity to your overnight bag with a mesh bag that meets TSA requirements.

Score yours at Mochamoon.com

Wednesday, September 8

Less is Modern according to Style Guru Lloyd Boston

Fashiona has always thought of  style guru Lloyd Boston as the original metrosexual...

On the heels of the release of his latest book The Style Checklist, Fashiona was very fortunate to score an interview  with  the man himself.....ok via e-mail but not bad.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona: Some stylists prefer to "pile on the accessories" but you seem to prefer the less is more approach. Why is that?

Lloyd Boston: I call it ‘less is modern’.  Adding accessories can be chic for magazine editorials on celebs, but real women with real bodies can sometimes get swallowed up in too many ‘add-ons’.Keeping it simple by choosing 1-3 amazing accessory accents allows for YOU to shine—not just The latest ‘it’ bag, bracelets, necklace, flower pin, shoes, etc., too much!

Read the rest of my interview with Lloyd and his picks for Best Dressed at the 2010 Emmy's on Examiner.com

Friday, September 3

Tipster Thursday: Nyssa Green, founder of The Green give make-up tips

FashionGLAMATL will be held on September 18 at The Gate Millennium in Atlantic Station:  Lucky Fashiona had a phone interview with the hostess, Nyssa Green, make-up artist and founder of The Green Agency.

Nyssa Green

Alicia "aka" Fashiona: Is the name Green Agency a play on the Green room that TV studios have?

Nyssa: Yes, my last name is Green and I couldn't resist the word play on "The Green Room" that is traditionally a waiting room for performers in theaters and studios.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona: Let's talk make-up. How is TV or movie make-up different from everyday glam?

Nyssa:  80% of TV and movies are shot in high def and it can show the good, the bad and the ugly.  Especially under those revealing cameras, the key is get the right color foundation.  With the right foundation, you can minimize the layers of make-up and avoid the claymation look.  Colors are more intense under those lights so you have to make those adjustments. 

Alicia "aka" Fashiona: Who gets it right in the make-up world in terms of having adequate shades for all complexions?

Nyssa:  It is remarkable to me that even in 2010  SOME major make-up brands are still ignoring brown and black complexions.  Bobbi Brown, Kevyn Aucoin and Iman  are doing a great job of advertising and providing quality make-products flattering from the most ivory to the most ebony of complexions.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona:  What is the biggest make-up mistake that women make?

Nyssa: I see it time and again across all ethnic groups...women choosing the wrong foundation.  To be fair, make-up counters at stores are under tough fluorescent lights and the sales people have quotes to fill.  I advise women when buying their make-up to also check their new shade under sunlight before purchasing.  Yes, it can take longer this way but your face  and your wallet will thank you later.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona:   We are recovering from a recession and most of my readers don't have a make-up artist on speed dial.  What are the top three products that all women should have?

Nyssa: That's easy:
  1. Mascara
  2. Lip gloss
  3. Bronzer

Bronzer can be used as a blush and eye color and provide an all over glow. 3 coats of mascara can really make you eyes pop. Just let each coat dry before applying another.  Lip gloss always give you that polished look.  You can really put on a face with those three products.

Alicia "aka"  Fashiona:  Well I have all three so I guess I am in good shape.  Can't to see you on September 18.

~Read the rest her interview on Nyssa on Examiner.com~

Fashiona is honored to be a featured blogger for FashionGLAMATL on September 18.  The shopping event is truly a "Fashion with a purpose event"  and the admission will be donated to AGC and The Millennium Gate.  Fashiona will be tweeting during the event and blogging later...

Get your tickets at http://www.fashionglamevents.com/.

Wednesday, September 1

Atlanta celebrates Natural Hair at the Glam Bar Salon

Last night, Fashiona went The Glam Bar Salon to celebrate natural hair in the ATL.  All the big and beautiful natural hair on display reminded her of her Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Brooklyn days and made Fashiona's heart soar to see so many women in Atlanta embracing the look.

All Photos by Paparazzi

Mae from Natural Chica

The ladies at Tress Talk shared great tips for making that tough transition from permed hair to a natural state as well as styling tips for maintaining a lasting look. 
  • Patience: Growing out your hair takes time and there is no substitute for that.
  • Moisturize: Natural curly/wavy/kinky hair tends to be drier than straight hair.  Shampoo with a moisturizing product and deep condition your hair often.  One way to sneak in a much needed treatment is to wash your hair at night and leave a rich condition in your hair overnight.  Rinse it out in the morning and then style.
  • Avoid towels and let your hair dry naturally as much as possible.
  • Embrace flat twists as a transitional styling technique.

Invited guests mingled and indulged in complimentary cocktails and appetizers provided by Seraphin Cognac.

Now Fashiona, natural  since 1999 would have LOVED to have known about flat twists when she was growing her hair out...

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