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Saturday, April 10

Style Tips: Get singer Janelle Monáe's Look

Earlier this week, Monday to be exact, Fashiona went to see the dynamic singer Janelle Monáe at "The ArchAndroid" Listening Lounge in Atlanta (Courtesy of The Garner Circle)...and  Janelle is as Vogue describes her "Tiny and Mighty."  Standing just 5 feet tall in her riding boots, Ms. Monáe fills up any room with her stage presence.

Photo Credit: Steven Klein/Vogue.com

Singer Janelle Monáe may be five feet tall, but everything else—the look, the hair, the talent—is larger than life.

Janelle, a budding style icon without being a slave to fashion is featured in Vogue...again.  She favors pant suits, particular black tuxedos, tall riding boots, full brows, and an Afro updo. 

Adore her look... Fashiona has the following tips for you.

Photo Credit: Sal Photography


 1. Full brows:  As petite as Janelle is...she wears a full brow...well groomed but full.  Conventional wisdom says that if  you have a long or a square shaped face...a full brow is most flattering but Fashiona says that brow shape like most beauty decisions are personal. This look can take patience,at least a few weeks, depending on how "tweezer happy" you have been in the past.  Fashiona swears by Anastasia Brow Enhancer to repair her over plucking moments. 

2. Crisp White Shirts:  Janelle loves them and buys them in bulk.  White shirts are at every price point from Ralph Lauren to JCrew. Fit is essential...aim for close-fitting rather than tight.  T-shirts and jeans should be tight...most other things should hug the body.

 Photo: John Springer Collection/CORBIS

Never a slave to fashion, movie star Marlene Dietrich paves the way for androgynous style at a Paris nightclub in the 1950s.

3. Tuxedos: Women have been wearing tuxedos since Marlene Dietrich and they are still as classic on Janelle Monáe. A full tuxedo can be hard to pull off  everyday but a tuxedo jacket can certainly take you a long way...to the office, to dinner, with jeans or over a dress.  Definitely an investment piece to add to your closet.

Janelle's great voice and dancing ability...umm great genes and lots of hard work.


Ndygo Sunshyne said...

absolutely adore this pint sized powerhouse. but i swear...if i have to see the tuxedo ONE MORE TIME i'ma lose my mind. how do you get to be a style maven, a fashion icon if you've only got ONE LOOK??

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Hey Ndygo, I do understand you wanted her to branch out. I do think it is matter of time before she will embrace fashion choices. With all the attention that Vogue is giving her...she has carte blanche access to any designer she wants including Ralph Lauren who she refers to as "That Guy."

msangie225 said...

Janelle may wear the same black and white combo because she doesn't want you to pay attention to what she's wearing or what she's not.--just listen to her music. It's an art and her "uniform" is iconic.

Anonymous said...

Black tuxedo have flexibility for men and women. As what i've saw in your post its pretty cool the ladies can wear black tuxedo in different occasions.

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