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Friday, February 26

Nicole Richie's latest fashion venture: Winter Kate

Remember last week when the media was abuzz about Nicole Richie's engagement.  Fashiona thought (and apparently her fiance Joel Madden thought so too) Nicole had long been engaged to her long-time beau.  Well regardless of when the event actually happened,  Nicole revealed the ring on David Letterman's show Feb 15...yes the day after Valentine's Day. 

Nicole Richie debuts her engagement ring outside of The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday.
   Photo Credit: www.bauergriffin.com

What IS undisputed is that Hollywood's favorite wild child turned regining bohemian queen, has long been a trend setter and is really taking her fashion love to an ever increasing new level.  Her latest clothing line Winter Kate launched this month and is available on a pre-order basis on http://www.singer22.com/winterkate.html.

Fashiona's favorite looks thus far:

Winter Kate by Nicole Richie Lola Cardy in Hickory and Napolean
Color Shown: Napolean

 Winter Kate by Nicole Richie Opy Jacket

Sunday, February 21

Social Sunday: Deon Grant, Football Star and Philanthropist

Today, following  Friday's media debacle otherwise known as "TigerGate", Fashiona was fortunate enough to meet NFL safety Deon, #24 with the  Seattle Seahawks, who is as dedicated to the NFL as he is to philanthropy.

Fashiona was able to chat with Deon at  the  Moët and  Chandon Nectar Impèrial Rosè "Seal it with Rose' " Sunday Brunch.   Deon admittedly tired after a long season was very gracious with his time with the press including Alicia "aka" Fashiona.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me.  You look very handsome in your baby blue shirt, great contrast with your dark skin.  Why a blue shirt and who are you wearing?

Deon: Thanks, honestly the blue shirt was a last minute decision. I get my clothes custom made in Paris. The shoes are Louis Vuitton. (He actually shows her the label with his name on it in his jacket).


Photo Credit: Rick Diamond/WireImages:

Photo Credit:  Sal

Alicia "aka" loving this interview

Alicia "aka" Fashiona:  What brings you to the Moet event today?

Deon: I don't drink and never have because it is a personal choice of mine based some bad experiences I witnessed growing up in Augusta GA.  The brand is supportive of my foundation the Grant D Knowledge Foundation.

The Grant D Knowledge Foundation aims to teach youth in the Augusta and Atlanta Metro areas the importance of education. It provides philanthropic support and grants to nonprofit organizations that provide community based support services that address the educational needs of inner city children.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona:   Why is charity work and philanthropy so important to you?

Deon: Family is very important to me and  I feel it is my responsibility to give back to my community.  Kids need to see the possibilities in life outside whatever circumstances they are in.  During my off season, I make it a priority.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona: Again thanks for your time and enjoy the event.

*Courtesy of The Garner Circle PR*

Friday, February 19

Narciso Rodriguez Ready to Wear Fall 2010

Fashiona has been in Atlanta coming up on a year and she does not wear nearly as much black as she used to in her New York days. Color is much more expected south of the Mason Dixon Line. However she will always love the sophistication of black clothing  and of course that fact it is slimming  guarantees  her life long love fest.

Narciso Rodriguez Ready to Wear Fall Collection  was full of black from the lone black model to the Russian style hats to lots of black dresses. His use of fabric mixing and architectural details was absolutely incredible. 

Fashiona's top three looks from his show this week.

Photos by Robert Mitras/WWD.com

Tuesday, February 16

Naomi Campell leads Fashion in helping Haiti

Generally, Fashion Week is when the latest creations of the famed designers take center stage.  The designers are backstage making sure the magic happens. Friday, it was the designers and celebs themselves who braved the runway for a good cause...help for Haiti.

Naomi Campell, seemingly benefitting  from Anger Management Therapy, the ring leader of such a noble cause, also showed the world that she is still the queen the catwalk.

Photo By Todd Matarazzo

Donna Karan looked lovely...

Photo By Todd Matarazzo

Photo by Patrick McMullan

Right before she infamously went down

Yes Agyness Deyn fell...twice but afterward she removed her gorgerous Burberry heels and proudly marched on, shoes in hand.  

You go girl!!

Fashiona certainly approves and applauds their efforts.  Aid for Haiti was rasied in 3 ways.  The first was through the ticket prices for the show and it was sold out in  three days, raising $100,000.  The second was the American Express  $250,000 donation. And lastly  the clothes that were modeled on the catwalk are for STILL for sale at Net-a-porter.com.

Get to shopping folks...its is fashion and shopping with  a purpose.

Monday, February 15

Bloggers getting more love and access to New York Fashion Week

Fashiona is very sad that she has missed two New York Fashion Weeks, in a row...but she is very happy that fashion bloggers are getting good invites, good seats and finally positive recognition.

Designers Tory Burch and Nicole Miller have been some of the most supportive of bloggers.  Tory's Wednesday show guest list's will include 15% bloggers.

 “Bloggers are key influencers. They fuel the immediacy of information during fashion week.”

~Tory Burch

Nicole Miller's show was one of the first of  Fashion Week  and included 35+ bloggers, which  equaled out  to 10% of the invited guests.

“Bloggers are increasingly important to us and we invite a select group of 35 to 40 to the show. Moving more bloggers into seats and putting some as far up as the first and second row was a priority.” 
~Eric Delph, vice president of public relations and marketing at Nicole Miller.

Fashiona's  favorite look from Nicole Miller RTW show, in part because of the novel fabric mixing and in part because of the urban chic sophistication...so New York!!

Photo Credits: John Aquino

Thursday, February 11

Fashiona pays tribute to Alexander McQueen

Fashiona had planned on starting her coverage of New York Fashion Week today and she will... but sadly with a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen that was found dead this morning.

Most of the time McQueen designs were bit outlandish for Fashiona's tastes but she absolutely admired his impeccable tailoring and flair for theatrics.

Alexander McQueen's early runway collections developed his reputation for controversy and shock and awe antics, earning the title "l'enfant terrible" and "the hooligan of English fashion."  McQueen was known for his lavish, unconventional runway shows.

McQueen always on the cutting edge became the first designer to participate in MAC's novel promotion: cosmetic collections created by fashion designers. The collection, McQueen, was released on 11 October 2007. The inspiration for the collection was the Elizabeth Taylor movie Cleopatra; McQueen handpicked the makeup.

McQueen was loved by celebs and fashionistas alike.   Both SJP and Cameron Diaz wearing two of  Fashiona's fav McQueen ensembles.

 Photo Credit: MJ Kim/Getty

Sex and the City premiere, London, May 2008

Photo  Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

67th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Los Angeles, January 2010


Monday, February 8

Fashiona meets the 2 Stews

By now everyone knows that New Orleans won their first Superbowl appearance last night in an exciting game.  Fashiona not only watched almost every minute of the game, she actually went to a viewing party held at Downtown Atlanta's Opera Club.   She was admittingly out of her normal element but one of her goals of 2010 is to try new things.

Now Fashiona expected lots of men and there were. But  where there men....especially considering the shortage of men Atlanta, women are sure to be as well.   Between the Crown Royal cheerleaders, the Nuvo girls and painted Coors Light ladies...men indeed had plenty of eye candy to gander at when there was a lull in the game.

The real reason that Fashiona attended the viewing party was to meet the Stewart brothers who have hosted their self named  Stewper Ball for two years running.  Former NFL player Ryan Stewart and his brother Doug have  share their own brand of "hip hop sports talk" on their show 2LiveStews.

When these good looking gents aren't cutting it up on the radio, they are mentoring  urban youth from the fourth grade through high school and raising awareness of  their  2 Live Stews' Stewart Education Foundation. In fact a portion of the proceeds from last night's festivities were donated to their foundation.

      Ryan is the left and Doug on the right.

Ryan is the dresser of the two.   While he praises his designer friend David Washington, he doesn't ever use a stylist. 

Fashiona for one doesn't think he needs one!

All Photo Credits: Matt Alexander

*Courtesy of: The Garner Circle PR*

Saturday, February 6

Fashiona at the Hawks game

Fashiona has been in hustle mode for the past few months, juggling her jobs and freelance writing and meticulously sticking to her super lean budget. Last night she was all settled in to an evening of writing and TV movies, when the incomparable Mr. Daniel Dickey called  her  tempting her to come out rain and all to watch  the Hawks. Good company, tall sweaty men in shorts....of course she went.

Now Fashiona does not write about sports often, although she is aware of the hightlights in the sportsworld.  Unlike for the NBA draft,  the crowd, including Fashiona wore jeans.  Mr. Dickey had on a relaxed fit while Fashion had a pair of skinny jeans and her favorite boots as of late.

The game was pretty good but the crowd's antics were ever funnier.  The family sitting in front of them had three kids that were tickled pink to be there.  All three had as much fun eating their ice cream with sprinkles and as with trying to catch all the freebies...one caught a T-shirt!

Fashiona thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience from  cheering good plays from both teams much to the chagrin of die-hard Hawks fan Mr. Dickey  to being dismayed by the cheesy Hawk cheerleaders' outfits.

Lose the Star Trek boots ladies!!

Oh yes the Hawks won against the Chicago Bulls, no Fashiona doesn't remember what the score was.

Next upon on Fashiona...she is attending The Stewper Bowl, a Superbowl viewing party where partial proceeds will go to the Stewart Education Foundation.

Wednesday, February 3

Parsons and LVMH put on The Art of Craftmanship Revisited

Fashiona's alma mater Parsons is in the news...not just for the newest season of  Project Runway but for a joint project that the school has with LVMH: LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, INC.

In a nutshell the project's goal to both promote teamwork across different disciplines AND to help the students develop a greater appreciation of  craftsmanship... a start to finish approach rather than a mass production approach where you only get to touch a small portion of the finished product.

The example that was given in the January 28th WWD article was a fashion designer, video maker and an editor in a team.  The contest started with 23 teams and the finalists will showcase their finery on February 17 at Milk Studios. 

A VIP panel...no names disclosed (what a tease) will choose the top three panels that will be honored in June.

Fashiona wishes all the teams good luck.

Monday, February 1

Here is to you Lady Gaga: 52nd Grammys Red Carpet

As elated as Fashiona was with the Golden Globes...she was somewhat disappointed with the 52nd Grammys.   Not the awards portion, mind you,  but the Red Carpet. 

Fashiona's friend Ms. M. said it best:

"Thank goodness for Lady Gaga on the Grammy's red carpet...I was afraid everyone would be dull and safe."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Lady Gaga was anything but safe as she walked the Red Carpet in a purple couture Giorgio Armani Prive dress encrusted in Swarovski crystals .  Gaga increased her wow factor with sky high platforms, platinum blonde and techo color yellow hair and  a star in her hand. 

Here is to you Lady Gaga for making the 52nd Grammy Red Carpet worth watching!

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