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Monday, February 8

Fashiona meets the 2 Stews

By now everyone knows that New Orleans won their first Superbowl appearance last night in an exciting game.  Fashiona not only watched almost every minute of the game, she actually went to a viewing party held at Downtown Atlanta's Opera Club.   She was admittingly out of her normal element but one of her goals of 2010 is to try new things.

Now Fashiona expected lots of men and there were. But  where there men....especially considering the shortage of men Atlanta, women are sure to be as well.   Between the Crown Royal cheerleaders, the Nuvo girls and painted Coors Light ladies...men indeed had plenty of eye candy to gander at when there was a lull in the game.

The real reason that Fashiona attended the viewing party was to meet the Stewart brothers who have hosted their self named  Stewper Ball for two years running.  Former NFL player Ryan Stewart and his brother Doug have  share their own brand of "hip hop sports talk" on their show 2LiveStews.

When these good looking gents aren't cutting it up on the radio, they are mentoring  urban youth from the fourth grade through high school and raising awareness of  their  2 Live Stews' Stewart Education Foundation. In fact a portion of the proceeds from last night's festivities were donated to their foundation.

      Ryan is the left and Doug on the right.

Ryan is the dresser of the two.   While he praises his designer friend David Washington, he doesn't ever use a stylist. 

Fashiona for one doesn't think he needs one!

All Photo Credits: Matt Alexander

*Courtesy of: The Garner Circle PR*

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