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Monday, September 28

Boots, boots and more boots


Fashiona has always loved warm weather and after living in New York for almost 11 years, she learned to deal whine through the cold weather.    Her fabulous boot  collection helped her plod through many a chilly day.

Now that she is here in Atlanta...her need for her heavy winter clothes is diminished but  the boot season is perfect from late September until early March .   Having that said, there are three styles of boots that are "missing"  from her closet. 




Photo Credit: www.bootbarn.com

...of course these cowboy boots would go very well with her leather jacket that has disappeared in Sis's apartment...hint hint!!

Sunday, September 27

Fashiona on the FAME remake


The current affair with all things 80's continues with Friday's release with FAME. Usually remakes tend to be more "sexy" than the original but the 2009 is decidedly more "tame" than the gritty 1980 version about gifted teenagers matriculating through what is now Laguardia.

The 2009 update that debuted on Friday September 25, is set in the present but still  nods to 1980' iconic fashion with leg warmers, over sized sweatshirts...and  80's size egos... Kanye certainly isn't the first!!

Fashion gets in on the action  with the Italian activewear  company Freddy.  Freddy, which supplies dancewear to London's Royal Ballet and Milan's Teatro alla Scala is ALSO  selling FAME branded wear at Capezio.  So even if you can't dance, sing or act... you can at least dress the part.

 Photo By: Courtesy Photo 
Freddy looks for “Fame.”

Fashiona  (and many movie  critics) still favor the 1980 version and the catchy theme song as Irene Cara belted it out...Fashiona STILL  remembers the lyrics.

"I'm gonna make it to heaven
Light up the sky like a flame

I'm gonna live forever
Baby remember my name

Remember Remember Remember Remember Remember Remember Remember Remember "

Wednesday, September 23

Rachel Zoe's Fashion Editor Contest

Fashiona's birthday was yesterday and she was blessed with beautiful weather after the torrential downpours that Atlanta area experienced on Monday. Col Dad came to visit and suprised her at the "testerone factory"...Ice, Dreads and EZ are still talking about it.

Her stylist job is going well.  Fashiona's favorite part, other than dressing the windows, is well dressing people.  Unleash YOUR inner stylist by entering  Rachel Zoe's Fall Look contest.  From now until October 11, choose from Rachel's top Fall looks to create a look of your own. 

The lucky winner gets a $250 gift certificate from Piperlime.com and a featured spot on their Facebook page.

Start styling...of course Fashiona is entering the contest too...umm free clothes!!!  

Play Fashion Editor at http://piperlime.gap.com/.

Sunday, September 20

Fashiona on the 61st Primetime Emmys

Last year, the Primetime Emmys were poorly rated  so this year, the powers that be, decided to enter the land of overexposure: complete with  360  cameras, super twitterers and  live control room shots.  Fashiona will leave the ratings to the experts and focus on what SHE  holds dear ..."the red carpet".

Photo Credit: WireImage.com/Steve Granitz

Miss Hotness Kim Kardashian wins the Jessica Rabbit award for the evening. Yes...the big hoops and her vavavoom curves completely accessorize the look.

These ladies  make 40 look fab... 
Vanessa Williams  looked heavenly devilish  in her turquoise dress.

Photo Credit: Reuters

Photo Credit: WireImages

Marsika Hargitay's look says why shouldn't women over 40  grow out their hair!  She is  a vision from head to toe in Carolina Herrera and jewerly by Fred Heighton. 

Photo Credit: WireImage.com/Mathew Imaging

3o something, Sandra Oh looked oh so divine in Marchesa...the fit and the detailing are a visual treat.

Fashiona loved Lindsey Price in the now canceled Lipstick Jungle...no she is not over  the loss just yet.  Fashiona bestows on Lindsey...the Risk Taker award. Lindsey is wearing J. Mendel.

Photo Credit: WireImage.com

And folks.... the WHERE IS YOUR MAMA/FRIENDS AND MIRROR award goes hands down to Shar Jackson:

Photo Credit: WireImages

Thursday, September 17

Tommy Hilfiger opens Fifth Avenue flagship

Fashiona has finally caught  up on the hit show Mad Men and while she LOVES the costumes...she is very grateful that she is not of that era...too many double standards and not enough tranquilizers.     Just as advertising firms  have been coveting space on Madison Avenue since the 1950's, designers have been flocking  to Fifth Avenue and  Tommy Hilfiger is the latest to open a store on Fifth.

Photo Credits: Lauren Fleishman and Kyle Ericksen
Vintage plates from 50 states decorate the ready-to-wear area. 

As most things are on Fifth Ave...bigger seems to be better.  681 Fifth Avenue is 22,000 square feet and is part retail store and  vintage archive.  Each floor has a separate theme.
  • The ground floor has an American Indian theme with hand wrapped arrows
  • The second floor continues the American Indian theme and houses the menswear
  • The third floor has vintage plates from every corner of America and houses womens wear.
  • The top floor has penthouse feel and has the most posh pieces.

Tuesday, September 15

Fashiona on Kanye, Taylor, Beyonce and President Obama

So everybody has seen the infamous VMAs...Fashiona has been logging in mucho hours at both the boutique and the testorone factory but  is now able to weigh in.

First things first...Kanye...

Photo Credit: Kanye and Amber Rose/Getty Images
Fashiona banishes you to a corner until you get some common sense or a muzzle. Prince is so much more legendary and  WOULD NEVER show out  like that.  Taylor Swift , god bless her, is beautiful, talented and CLASSY!

Photo Credit: Taylor Swift/ Getty Images

...Kanye take notes. In the unscripted words of President Obama... stop being a:
Ok  moving on...Lady Gaga...sweetums...Halloween is NEXT month.
Photo Credit: Lady Gaga/ Getty Images
Beyonce...looked stunning and wins Fashiona's Double Gold Star award-one for looking lovely in red and the other for sharing your spotlight with Miss jilted Taylor Swift.
Photo Credit: Beyonce/ Getty Images

Saturday, September 12

Fashion Night Out 2009

New York Fashion Week started this past week with Fashion Night Out with Vogue's Anna Wintour and fashion great Diane von Furstenberg leading the way. Unlike eight years ago on 9/11 when New York Fashion was canceled out of respect; this year the troubled fashion industry made the events of  New York Fashion Week more accessible to John and Jane Public.

Fashionistas worldwide did their part to shop as much as their budget  or husbands/ signifcant others would allow. 

Photo Credit: Tim Jenkins/WWD.com

VV Brown performs at GAP in London

Customers waiting outside Versace store in Milan

Photo Credit: Matti Helig/WWD.com


Fashiona couldn't make it back to New York this year as she started her stylist gig yesterday...so far so good!! She WILL be covering Haute.lanta Fashion week next week...in her mandatory black of course.

Sahling at Galeries Lafayette in Berlin

Thursday, September 10

Fashiona at the Atlanta " I can do bad all by myself" premier


Fashiona has been a busy girl as of late but she and her friend Mr. Baller ventured out to Atlantic Station to Tyler Perry's "I can do bad all myself."

Last night's crowd was pretty mellow but Fashiona did see some sights.  Eva Pigford was there looking lovely in a denim shirt dress, with fiance Lance Gross by her side.  Producer Roger Bobb  was  looking dapper as ususal.

Photo Credit: http://www.talkingwithtami.com/

From left to right: Roger Bobb, Eva Pigford, Lance Gross

And finally  ladies and gentlemen... presenting Little Richard's clone.  Fashiona thinks that it took 10 cans of aquanet, gel and maybe a foam form to achieve this...uhhh look!!

The movie itself  was pretty good.  Taraji Henson gives a great performance as a self-indulging songtress, April.  Mary J. Blige plays the tough love giving friend.  Adam Rodriguez's character teaches Miss April  about life, love and family.

Like all of Tyler Perry movies: You will laugh A LOT, tear up a little and leave feeling good.  "I can do bad by myself" opens on September 11.

Sunday, September 6

Fashiona on stylish hands-free bags

Fashiona is against all things frumpy: holiday theme sweaters, sandals with socks and the very scary  fanny packs.  Now she is not against hands-free bags, especially stylish ones like these:
Who is the brainchild behind these? Genevieve Libron, President of Jupiter Freedoms.

"I had the idea for the armbag six years ago when I went dancing with my friends and didn't know where to my essentials: cell phone, keys, money, cards and lipstick."

These little numbers are great for exercising, sightseeing and any  other time  you need  your hands free.  All the bags  come with a lovely pouch and a wallet...great for gift giving.


Tuesday, September 1

Fashiona's new gig

So Fashiona works at a gym by day...aka the testosterone factory.  Fashiona  loves the boys, especially those with zero body fat and 8 packs. 
But being the professional shopper that she is...she is adding a  gig.   Starting next week,  Fashiona will be a stylist for a well known women's store...to pad her purse and balance her testosterone heavy world.  Fashiona will be dressing mannequins and styling people and averting fashion disasters whenever possible. 

Photo Credit: www.divazdesigns.com

Don't worry...Fashiona can only take so much estrogen so she will still work with the boys (Ice, Lil Brotha, EZ and M. Tyson) during the week.

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