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Thursday, September 17

Tommy Hilfiger opens Fifth Avenue flagship

Fashiona has finally caught  up on the hit show Mad Men and while she LOVES the costumes...she is very grateful that she is not of that era...too many double standards and not enough tranquilizers.     Just as advertising firms  have been coveting space on Madison Avenue since the 1950's, designers have been flocking  to Fifth Avenue and  Tommy Hilfiger is the latest to open a store on Fifth.

Photo Credits: Lauren Fleishman and Kyle Ericksen
Vintage plates from 50 states decorate the ready-to-wear area. 

As most things are on Fifth Ave...bigger seems to be better.  681 Fifth Avenue is 22,000 square feet and is part retail store and  vintage archive.  Each floor has a separate theme.
  • The ground floor has an American Indian theme with hand wrapped arrows
  • The second floor continues the American Indian theme and houses the menswear
  • The third floor has vintage plates from every corner of America and houses womens wear.
  • The top floor has penthouse feel and has the most posh pieces.

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