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Tuesday, September 1

Fashiona's new gig

So Fashiona works at a gym by day...aka the testosterone factory.  Fashiona  loves the boys, especially those with zero body fat and 8 packs. 
But being the professional shopper that she is...she is adding a  gig.   Starting next week,  Fashiona will be a stylist for a well known women's store...to pad her purse and balance her testosterone heavy world.  Fashiona will be dressing mannequins and styling people and averting fashion disasters whenever possible. 

Photo Credit: www.divazdesigns.com

Don't worry...Fashiona can only take so much estrogen so she will still work with the boys (Ice, Lil Brotha, EZ and M. Tyson) during the week.


Dori said...

Congrats on your new gig :)

Kelly B said...

sounds exciting!

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