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Tuesday, September 15

Fashiona on Kanye, Taylor, Beyonce and President Obama

So everybody has seen the infamous VMAs...Fashiona has been logging in mucho hours at both the boutique and the testorone factory but  is now able to weigh in.

First things first...Kanye...

Photo Credit: Kanye and Amber Rose/Getty Images
Fashiona banishes you to a corner until you get some common sense or a muzzle. Prince is so much more legendary and  WOULD NEVER show out  like that.  Taylor Swift , god bless her, is beautiful, talented and CLASSY!

Photo Credit: Taylor Swift/ Getty Images

...Kanye take notes. In the unscripted words of President Obama... stop being a:
Ok  moving on...Lady Gaga...sweetums...Halloween is NEXT month.
Photo Credit: Lady Gaga/ Getty Images
Beyonce...looked stunning and wins Fashiona's Double Gold Star award-one for looking lovely in red and the other for sharing your spotlight with Miss jilted Taylor Swift.
Photo Credit: Beyonce/ Getty Images

1 comment:

Dori said...

Amen to everything you said. I totally agree.

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