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Wednesday, December 30

Fashiona on Caress Evenly Gorgeous

If these last two years have taught us anything; it is to  enhance what you already possess and in the words of Tim Gunn from Parsons School of Design and Project Runway fame,

"Make it work"

~Tim Gunn

The night before the biggest going out night of the year, New Years Eve, get your skin in  better  shape.    More than sequins, bling and champagne shoes, skin will be the accessory of choice.  Fashiona wants to know if YOU and your skin is ready for the spotlight. 

Her tip for getting New Years Eve worthy skin: Caress Evenly Gorgeous Bar Soap and Body Wash.

Both the soap and the body wash  smell divine, very much like a product you would find in a posh spa and performs just as well.  The burnt brown sugar  is a gentle exfoliate and the karite butter leaves  your skin clean, balanced and ready for your favorite moisturizer, dress, heels, jewelry...

Fashiona's experience with Caress Evenly Gorgeous reminded her of the old Caress tag line:

Before you dress...Caress.

Monday, December 28

Fashiona's First Appearance on BlogTalkRadio

Thanks to Ms. M. who is  part Designer Extraordinaire/Gourmet Cook/Social Media guru, sent Miss Fashiona a media query;  just one week later, she is scheduled to be on a panel of fellow Examiner.com writers tomorrow Tuesday at 6:30.

Just in time for the New Year's Special Episode of The Best of 2009 on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 sponsored by Onixlink.com: The Who, What, Where Guide For The African-American Community.

Photo Credit: Onixlink.com

Fashiona is joining a panel of other Examiners.com to share the best of the best of 2009 in 15 categories, including the following:

Best R and B Artist

Best Movie

Best Actress

Best Event

Best Moment


To hear the show, please scroll up to the  top of  the right column.

The show  was  live Tuesday December 29 at 5:30 Pm. CST/6:30 Pm. EST to listen click on http://blogtalkradio.com/your15minutes

Sunday, December 27

Social Sunday: Set and manage your expectations for 2010

While the holidays are supposed be happy and joyous times, rates of depression actually go up between Thanksgiving and New Year's.  Dr. Barton Goldsmith's  number one tip  for beating the holiday blues is:

Keep your expectations balanced. You won't get everything you want, things will go wrong, and you won't feel like Bing Crosby singing White Christmas. Remember that everything doesn't have to be perfect and don't worry about things that are out of your control.

Sage advice and good for setting your goals for the year ahead. 

Now, I am an optimistic person  and I thrive on challenges so of course I  feel let down if I can't conquer them. I notice that my  frustration level peaks when I focus too much on what I haven't accomplished rather than what I have done well.  Sounds simple and it is, just a spin on the old adage "Look at your glass half full rather then half empty."

My goals (that I am willing to share with blogword) for 2010:
  • Become twice as proficient in  Spanish.  I understand a lot and am fluent in "Spanglish" but  I can count the time that I have actually used my Rosetta Stone CDS. So if I can manage to pop them in a few times a week, I should get there.
  • Finish the first draft of my novel.  I could create an editorial calendar and attempt to commit to finishing a chapter a week or a month. But I do realize that this is an anxiety attack waiting to happen since my free time and my creativity comes in doses and can't really be scheduled. Now a few weeks ago I did finish the first chapter already and if I am blessed with a few creative spurts a week then I will get close to my goal.
  • Focus on quality rather than quanity...somewhat of an oxymoron for self proclaimed fashionista.   Although I have been working on this for the past few years, the recession helped "jumpstart" my efforts.  I currently have more closets that I have ever had,and will probably ever have again in life, including a shoe closet and I am actually emptying them rather than filing them.  Okay I haven't quite made it to the consignment shops yet but one step at a time.
Of course if I somehow secure a pair of Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutins's

...that would just fabulous. I do promise to give a current pair of shoes away.

Brian, a designer friend of mine in NY sent me an e-mail today and he signed it "May the Best of 09, be the worst of 2010"... here's to hoping.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona

Thursday, December 24

Celebrate Christmas in the spirit of The Three Kings

Christmas is upon us once again after a very tough year for many people.   And while economists worldwide have declared that the recession is behind us,  most of us feel like we deserve a gold star just for making it through somewhat intact.

One positive lesson that the recession has told us that while living life to the limit is good... living life to your credit card(s) limit is bad. We have learned the hard way to appreciate people and relationships more and "just things" less...even beautiful designer things on sale.

Consider The Three Kings, they were very learned men, strangers to each other that embarked on a long journey with only a star to guide them.  Their reward for such a quest of faith was  be able to witness a miracle and then present symbolic gifts (not designer layettes) to baby Jesus.

As you gather around the tree opening gifts, please take a moment to cherish your friends and family.  It is a blessing just to be together. Hug the loved ones that are near you and call ones are far away.

Having that said, I wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona  

Monday, December 21

Vivica Fox hosts A Gift of Love opening night starring Ruby Dee

Friday night,  still recovering from bronchitis, Fashiona made her way to Rilato Center of the Arts to see the legendary Ruby Dee in The Gift of Love.  The play written by James Cockerman, stars Ruby Dee as Ya Ya, a African story teller, who narrates the Nativity in chronological order from Joseph first meeting Mary to the birth of Jesus.

The opening act of the show was so fun and energetic, it reminded Fashiona of an Alvin Ailey performance.  The dancers leaped, shimmied and strutted across the stage in African-inspired garb.  The ladies had head wraps and scarves expertly tied to stay put during their acrobatic moves.   Ruby Dee was absolutely regal as Ya Ya and kept the story moving between the elaborate musical numbers.

Prior to the start of the show, Vivica A. Fox was the red carpet host.  She wore a purple dress,  a gorgeous statement necklace and fabulous cage stiletto shoes all courtesy of Berdorf  Goodman. 

After seeing Vivica at several events around Atlanta in the last few weeks, Fashiona finally had a chance to interview her, visit her Urban Examiner page to see what Ms. Viv had to say.

Nine NYC movie premiere: Penelope Cruz is the ultimate lady in red.

Fashiona believes that Nine is this years Chicago with the song and dance numbers and the star power. With the media buzz and the Golden Globes nominations...Fashiona is proven right already.

A-listers came out at this weeks New York's premiere sponsored by Chopard.

The ladies all looked lovely...

Fashiona votes Penelope Cruz, the vision in red as best dressed of the night.  She is wearing vintage Chanel.

Photo Credit: Wire Image

Fashiona's next favorite was Fergie in a white Marchesa gown, seen with Dame Judi Dench wearing Donna Karen.

Photo Credit: Wire Image

The always dressed to the nines designer Rachel Roy.

Photo Credit: Steve Eisher

The Donald is looking super serious standing next to his wife Melania.

Photo Credit: Steve Eisher

One of the biggest highlights of the evening was Madonna's daughter Lourdes; Mom and Daughter are  both wearing Dolce and Gabbona.  Lourdes looks the spitting of image of her megastar mom... pre-bleach of course.

Photo Credit: Steve Eincher

Wednesday, December 16

Fashiona's favorite trends for 2009

In planning out her week, Fashiona had an OMG moment...Christmas is next week and New Years the week after...she is sending out e-cards this weekend...no time for snail mail this year.

It also dawned on her that she only has 2 weeks to round out 2009. 

So first up, Fashiona's favorite fashion trends of the year:
  • Statement necklaces are everywhere AND as long as they make a great (and not tacky) statement, Fashiona loves them.

    Photo Credit: Steve Grantiz/Wire Images
  • Cuff bracelets, Fashiona typically wears bangles but she owns a few cuffs...her favorite is in her blog header. This year's cuffs are fabulous especially this one created by Gara Danielle featured in Halle Berry's perfume ad. 

Jumpsuits: Fashiona really does love them.  She is still searching for one that is flattering to her shape. Now rompers that is other little story,pun intended.
    Photo Credit: George Butler

  • Thigh-high boots, great when worn correctly and absolutely frightening when not.  Monica wears them well.

  • Sequins: Once regulated to costumes, prom and New Year's Eve celebration, this year sequins hit main street in a very tasteful way. Monica wears those well too.  

Photocredit: Arden.com

Of course Fashiona had to add one that she hated, strongly disliked.  Leggings...Fashiona isn't a fan mostly because women seem to think that leggings are pants...umm not so much!!

Photo Credit: People StyleWatch

Jean leggings or jeggings...worst industry term of all time...Fashiona prays that they won't make more appearances next year.

Sunday, December 13

Social Sunday: Why Disney's The Princess and the Frog movie is such a milestone

As Fashiona is typing this post, Disney's The Princess and the Frog is number one at the box office.  Mothers of all races are taking their daughters to see this ancient fairy tale with a modern twist.  The very talented Anika Noni Rose is the voice of the beautifully drawn Tiana...the first black Disney princess.

The media build up for movie has been considerable and now with the  movie release, the critics are weighing in. Some loved it but wonder why it took so long for Disney to feature a black princess.  Yet others think Disney missed an opportunity by pairing Tiana with a non Black prince.  Some out there just don't get why in the age of Obama in the White House, a Disney movie is such a big deal.

Fashiona remembers a Christmas in the early 1980's when she and Sis found their very first Cabbage Patch Kids under the tree. Mom, Col Dad and her adoptive Grandfather went through great lengths find black dolls for them, a major feat in the 80's. At the time, a little Fashiona and even smaller Sis were just happy to have new dolls to play with. As they have gotten older they treasure those dolls even more.

Fashiona says Disney's Tiana IS a big deal and here is why. 

Little girls are cute, talkative, impressionable creatures that soak up EVERYTHING around them...good, bad or the ugly truth.  They become very aware early in life of different skin colors and hair textures and how they look affects how they are treated.  These girls play dress up and play with dolls and they are playacting what they see around them. For years it was only blond Barbies and girls that didn't look like them felt both ugly and left out.

Just as Tiger Woods' fall from grace has had several negative rippling effects, the first Black Disney princess debut has rippling positive effects.  Little Black girls have another vision of beauty and as Time writer Bonnie Rochman pointed out, little girls with curly hair have now found their idol and a reason to treasure their curls.  It took Fashiona until she was 22 to finally stopping straightening her hair and embrace big hair that has a life of its own.

Fashiona has not seen the movie yet BUT  this last Friday she did get to attend  Princess Dreams a Mother/Daughter night at The Glam Bar.  The girls had on their Tiana costumes and tiaras and couldn't wait to get their hair and  nails done just like the "big girls". 

Photo Credit:  Felicia  Atwell http://www.atwellphotography.com/

Tatyana from Cakes by Tatyana made a beautiful cake for the occasion.

Mothers, tired from a long day at work and Christmas preparations braved the cold and crowd to spend this precious time with their daughters.  

Looking at the glee in these girls faces...you can see why it really does matter.

**Event Sponsors included Carol's Daughter, Liquid Soul Media, Red Bull USA, SunkissedMommy.com, Kimberville(c) Barbies of Color Exhibit, Peachytreats.com, Cakes by Tatyana, CocktailCupcakes.net, The Warm and Fuzzy Project-Atlanta .

**Courtesy of The Garner Circle PR**  

Fashionista Barbies...true story

During some down time  at the testerone factory,  Fashiona was reading Town and Country's January Issue.  Editor in chief,  Pamela Fiori's editor letter... umm describing the six, Fashionista Barbies was so witty that Fashiona actually sent her an e-mail. Ms. Fiori promptly responded fondly recalling simpler times and less  "frou frou" dolls.

Barbie, otherwise known as Barbara Millicent Roberts, turned 50 this year  without a wrinkle in sight and has been celebrating in top form all year.  Her latest present to the younger set:  Fashionista Barbies.

As showcase dolls, these are lovely: the detailing, the clothing, make-up and the shoes rival Fashiona's own vast shoe collection.  And yet it is these very same details that would make Fashiona a bit uneasy to give any of these as a gift to a little girl.

According to Mattel, the suggested age for any Barbie (even Sassy with her micro-mini) is 3 and up...seriously??

Fashiona is thinking maybe they just forgot the 1 in front of the 3.  In Fashiona's future family the 3 year old would get a Cabbage Patch Kid.

... Yes thankfully they  still make them!!

Thursday, December 10

Gillette honors Atlanta Men of Style

Monday night Fashiona raced from the testerone factory to another one...this one at the Geisha House where Gillette concluded their 5 city Men of Style tour.  Even Sis came out and made an appearance to the delight of the camera men...Fashiona is still chasing down THOSE pictures.

This little dress is why is she suffering with the worst case of laryngitis...all for a worthy cause.

Gillette honored local barbers and men of style in Chicago, New York , Philadelphia, Washington DC and concluded Monday December 7 in Atlanta.

 Atlanta's Men of Style:

  • Bernard Bronner (Publisher, Upscale Magazine)
  • Mark Hayes (Good Day Atlanta)
  • Frank SKi (V103 Frank & Wanda Morning Show)
  • Doug & Ryan Stewart “the 2 Live Stews” (790 the Zone/ ESPN)
  • Will Packer (Rainforest Films)
  • Ryan Cameron (V103 and Atlanta Hawks announcer)
  • Big Boi (Outkast)
  • Lance Gross (House of Payne)
  • Munson Steed (Publisher of Rolling Out Urban Style Weekly)
  • Sean “The Pen” Garrett (Singer/Producer)
  • Shondrae “Bangladesh” Crawford (Music Producer).
Congrats gents

The last few times that she has seen Will Packer out on the town, he has been wearing a hat.  Monday night he was rocking a Henschel...very dapper indeed.

Gillette, a leader in mens shaving products, consulted with barbers, clients and dermatologists to tackle leading problem in men's grooming: razor bumps. As a result of this new found knowledge, Gillette created an amazing 5 blade battery operated razor the Gillette Fusion Power MVP, a great gift for the men in your life available at drugstores.

The final day of the tour was actually last night...where Gillette offered complimentary shaves. Fashiona couldn't make it last night but Mr. Daniel Dickey from the Garner Circle did save a gift bag for her.

One lucky gent will get it...only if he agrees to tell Fashiona what they think of Gillette's new products so she can in turn tell all of you.

Monday, December 7

Winter Ball Honorees, Nicole Ari Parker, Will Packer and Rob Hardy

Saturday night, Fashiona ventured out to her second holiday affair of the season. The event~ The Make Believe Winter Ball  at the Persian Gallery in Atlanta's Buckhead. 

Photo Credit:  Bernadette Truell

True story Fashiona bought this vintage dress in Vermont when she was 15 but she couldn't actually fit into until she was 25...fashion first.

The night was frigid but Fashiona's temperature rose as soon as she walked in because she was standing next Nicole Ari Parker and her stunning husband Boris Kodjoe.  They made a   picture perfect couple; she in head to toe black and he in pinstripes.

Photo Credit: George Butler

Photo Credit: Quinten Davis

From left to right: Rob Hardy, Atlanta Mayor Elect Kasim Reed, Nicole Ari Parker and Will Packer

Nicole, Will  and Rob were honored by the year old Collective Renaissance Guild for their contributions to Atlanta's booming film industry.


Photo Credit: Quinton Davis

Photo Credit: George Butler

From left to right: Tiffany, Terrinee Briggs, Mayor Elect Kasim Reed, Christine, Angela Watts, Ericka

The evening was hosted by former radio host Rashan Ali, a fellow FAMU alumni.  In fact FAMU was deep Saturday evening.  Honorees Will Packer and Rob  Hardy are both alum as well as Miss Fashiona herself.

In addition being honored by the CRG: Nicole, Will and Rob received recognition by the sitting Atlanta City Council.

Between all the photo opps and the award  presentations, Fashiona was able to talk to Will for a few minutes. She asked him what the biggest challenge he and his partner Rob faced in the film industry. 

~ Will Packer
Keeping a high level of excellence from project to project. Hollywood is a fickle town and you are only as good as your last project.

True story and Will and Rob and their film production company RainForest Productions keep turning out Class A projects.

Sunday, December 6

Social Sunday: Tiger joins the list of powerful men that cheat

First Tiger Woods had a mysterious accident in the middle of night and then his wife "saves" him with golf clubs of all things...way too good to be true.  The skeptics  and comedians were out with a vengeance across the world and the Internet.  Fashiona initially felt that there was a domestic issue at the root of it all...but wanted to make sure that she had the facts to  comment fairly.

So here is Fashiona's  recap:
  • Tiger has a thing for young blondes
  • He dates a few, marries  Elin Nordegrenand  and has cute little ones.
  • He maintains his dominance on the golf circuit and keeps his private life as private as possible
  • A relatively minor accident opens the Pandora's box of Tiger's many, many...um felines!

Is Fashiona disappointed that Tiger was unfaithful to his wife?  Well of course she is just as she was when other men that she admired proved just as scandalous:


  • JFK

  • Bill Clinton

  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Elliot Spitzer
  • John Edwards
  • Dave Letterman

The list goes on and one and for every one of those men...there are PLENTY of women that knowingly got involved with each of them.

So was Fashiona surprised at Tiger's "true nature"...no because his actions are consistent with what sex experts  call 

a vulnerability to aggressive admirers.

What galls Fashiona besides the obvious breach of martial vows and the endless lies is... the cover up!! Tiger's voicemail was in a word pathetic and right up there with Bill Clinton's "That woman" comment". Fashiona just expects more from smarter men.  At least unpopular NY Governor David Patterson aired all his and his wife's dirty laundry before the press had a field day...and you have to respect him for that.

So here are Fashion's views on the matter:

  1.  Fashiona does not claim sainthood by any stretch of the imagination but she does respect the institution of marriage and will not marry unless she can find someone that takes it as seriously.  
  2. Powerful people both men and women are people first and we all make mistakes
  3. As Granny says what do you in the dark literally and figuratively WILL come to the light...sooner or later at in this age of instant information, better to bet on sooner.

Men...marriage is not an extended play date...if you can't take it seriously don't bother. 

Women... browbeating men into marriage is the quickest way to divorce...and lining divorce lawyers' pockets.  To the women that chase married men... just QUIT.  MEN are weak enough so don't push them off the ledge.  They really don't want you for more than a diversion.  Men that really care about wouldn't ask you to sneak around and lie for any reason.

Women's liberation was about the freedom to have and make choices. No one is asking us to be perfect but we as women need to respect ourselves enough to be as watchful and diligent in our personal relationships as we are in our career  ambitions. 

And yes the numbers of eligible men especially men of color are stacked against us... but the right one will come along at the right time and we can only hope that  he will resist temptation.

Photo Credits: Getty Images

Thursday, December 3

Is plastic surgery risky business or worth the risk: Solange Magnano

The story is perfect for tabloid headlines...no not Tiger...Fashiona will deal with his shenanigans on Sunday. 

Today's topic is whether plastic surgery is worth the risk in light of another high profile plastic surgery death, Solange Magnano, a thirty something Miss Argentina 1994.

As the Associated Press reported, the 38 year old mother of twins  died from complications after undergoing cosmetic surgery on her buttocks.  The surgery was purely elective and seemingly relatively risk free but sadly went horribly wrong.

Photo Credit: from Solange's Facebook page

Her close friend Roberto Piazza said the procedure involved injections and the liquid "went to her lungs and brain."

A woman who had everything lost her life to have a slightly firmer behind.

Hmmm...this is from a friend of hers that clearly misses her and would have rather had his friend back, flabby behind and all.  So the question is elective surgery worth it?

Fashiona is a risk taker...she gave up a stable but dreadfully boring career in marketing to pursue the fickle and flighty world of fashion.  What she gave up in financial security...she gained in personal fulfillment, two passports full of stamps from across the world and plenty of material for her upcoming novel.  Fashiona does concede that the  industry certainly does thrive on unrealistic expectations of beauty and very well may contribute to women risking their lives in hopes of being more beautiful.

What truly puzzles Fashiona the most about   Solange's case is, as a beauty queen she was already validated as a great beauty  so why on earth would she go under the knife for any reason?  She was already married and supposedly happy and was the mother of two beautiful children.

Is Fashiona against plastic surgery...absolutely not! But she does hope that anyone who even considers it realizes that any surgery incurs risk and  the decision must be considered seriously. 

And most importantly weigh the pursuit of  immediate physical perfection against long term quite possibly imperfect happiness.

Wednesday, December 2

Victoria Secret Show Recap Fashiona Style

Fashiona enjoyed the Victoria Secret show last night.  With the high energy and the elaborate costumes, last night's rendition was by far her favorite the show first started.  

Post Preggers Heidi Klum who is changing her last name to her hubby Seal's sirname of Samuel, looked absolutely gorgeous...clearly motherhood and marriage is really agreeing with her.

The Black-Eyed Peas was a great choice for the opener. Fergie's gams look amazingly chiseled.  Fashiona wonders just how intense her workouts must be and who does more daily lunges Fergie or Beyoncé

Fashiona's top three looks of the night:

$3 million Harlequin Fantasy Bra designed by renowned Italian jeweler Damiani and worn by Supermodel Marisa Miller...a bra that pretty and blinged out practically BEGS  to be seen.

All Photos from  www.cbs.ccom

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