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Wednesday, December 2

Mariella Sheree brings fashion to the Midwest with FiveatSeven.com

Few things bring as much joy to Fashiona as shopping for (and shoes and jewelry) as well wearing her new found treasures. She does realize that many women like wearing new clothes but don’t actually relish "the search and find" otherwise known as shopping.

For these mythical women, Mariella Sheree, fashion designer and creative director/CEO of Five at Seven, LLC offers an online showroom at www.fiveatseven.com. The Web site offers affordable high-end luxury styles and womenswear for contemporary, fashion-forward yet busy women.

Fashiona: Who is your customer? What is her age range and occupation?

Mariella from Five At Seven: Five At Seven caters to women's needs, age ranging from 21-45 years old. These fashionable professionals are socially aware, avoid mass merchandisers, prefer shopping boutiques rather than shopping at the mall, subscribes to fashion magazines, and adopts to new fashion early.

Fashiona: The Midwest has a reputation of being conservative fashion wise. Yet the clothing that you have featured seem rather trendy. Is the Midwest ready for your fashion sense?

Mariella: The Midwest has a wide range of style. Depending on your status and culture, usually has a big influence on your fashion choices. The Midwest always been contemporary and trendy but you mainly had to travel outside the Midwest or shop online to obtain the fashion in that genre. Over the past 5-7 years, more and more contemporary and trendy stores are opening up in the local market, local Universities and Colleges offer fashion degree programs, and fashion is expressed through fashion week each season.

Fashiona: How is your on-line showroom different from the much talked about Bluefly.com?

Mariella: Five At Seven showcases all designers but most importantly we have our clothing brand. Our secret weapon is the ability to provide custom-made designs for our customers. As the owner and designer, I will showcase our next Fall/ Winter collection in 2010.

Fashiona: You have your hand in all aspects of design from conception to execution. What is your favorite part of the design process?

Mariella: As a visionary, I would say all of it. Honestly, I enjoy planting the seed and watching it grow into a work of art. I love seeing my vision come to light, finding my muse and constructing the garments. I smile knowing I created that.

Purchases can be made through the Web site or by email at orders@fiveatseven.com. For updates, special offers and events please sign up at http://www.fiveatseven.com/

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