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Sunday, December 6

Social Sunday: Tiger joins the list of powerful men that cheat

First Tiger Woods had a mysterious accident in the middle of night and then his wife "saves" him with golf clubs of all things...way too good to be true.  The skeptics  and comedians were out with a vengeance across the world and the Internet.  Fashiona initially felt that there was a domestic issue at the root of it all...but wanted to make sure that she had the facts to  comment fairly.

So here is Fashiona's  recap:
  • Tiger has a thing for young blondes
  • He dates a few, marries  Elin Nordegrenand  and has cute little ones.
  • He maintains his dominance on the golf circuit and keeps his private life as private as possible
  • A relatively minor accident opens the Pandora's box of Tiger's many, many...um felines!

Is Fashiona disappointed that Tiger was unfaithful to his wife?  Well of course she is just as she was when other men that she admired proved just as scandalous:


  • JFK

  • Bill Clinton

  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Elliot Spitzer
  • John Edwards
  • Dave Letterman

The list goes on and one and for every one of those men...there are PLENTY of women that knowingly got involved with each of them.

So was Fashiona surprised at Tiger's "true nature"...no because his actions are consistent with what sex experts  call 

a vulnerability to aggressive admirers.

What galls Fashiona besides the obvious breach of martial vows and the endless lies is... the cover up!! Tiger's voicemail was in a word pathetic and right up there with Bill Clinton's "That woman" comment". Fashiona just expects more from smarter men.  At least unpopular NY Governor David Patterson aired all his and his wife's dirty laundry before the press had a field day...and you have to respect him for that.

So here are Fashion's views on the matter:

  1.  Fashiona does not claim sainthood by any stretch of the imagination but she does respect the institution of marriage and will not marry unless she can find someone that takes it as seriously.  
  2. Powerful people both men and women are people first and we all make mistakes
  3. As Granny says what do you in the dark literally and figuratively WILL come to the light...sooner or later at in this age of instant information, better to bet on sooner.

Men...marriage is not an extended play date...if you can't take it seriously don't bother. 

Women... browbeating men into marriage is the quickest way to divorce...and lining divorce lawyers' pockets.  To the women that chase married men... just QUIT.  MEN are weak enough so don't push them off the ledge.  They really don't want you for more than a diversion.  Men that really care about wouldn't ask you to sneak around and lie for any reason.

Women's liberation was about the freedom to have and make choices. No one is asking us to be perfect but we as women need to respect ourselves enough to be as watchful and diligent in our personal relationships as we are in our career  ambitions. 

And yes the numbers of eligible men especially men of color are stacked against us... but the right one will come along at the right time and we can only hope that  he will resist temptation.

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