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Saturday, June 27

Fashiona on the NBA draft...fashion wise of course

Fashiona is not a sports fan; however she is into watching athletes. Yes there is a difference.

Here in Atlanta, professional athletes are everywhere and just love to be seen. Fashiona was out last night at the Buckhead W covering the Fairways and Hig
hways' Red Carpet and of course some athletes were there. Sis ,who knows all things sports related, kindly informed her that NFL training camp is starting soon and the players were enjoying their last moment of freedom before the season...like Fashiona was supposed to know that.

Now Fashiona was already aware of the recent NBA draft and then her friend Mr. Air who is really 6'5" sent her ESPN's video of the top 10 worst fashion faux pas of past years. Umm... thankfully their sense of fashion has vastly improved since they were drafted.

This year, the draftees seem to have got it right with no fire engine red zoot suits in sight.

Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Fashiona fully agrees with Fern Mallis, James Harden takes the best dressed award of the night by far. Harden's Summer suit choice is great from the color to the cut to the whimsical bow tie. Commissioner David Stern isn't too shabby himself.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Now can someone please send a memo to Magic's Headcoach Stan Van Gundy...that rumpled jacket with a polo look is NOT working...on any level.

Perhaps her peanut gallery full of personal trainers at work will send him a petition for repeated fashion violations!


Thursday, June 25

Fashiona remembers Michael Jackson

Who over 30 doesn't have a Michael Jackson memory? Fashiona has quite a few. She was in second or third grade when Thriller was released and his record setting, Grammy winning album was the very first record she bought with her own money. It is still at her parents house till this day; Mom is sending it to her shortly.

Photo Credit: Epic Records

Although Fashiona never ever
got a Jheri Curl or donned the red jacket or a rhinestone glove, but she remembers seeing those jackets in pint sized versions everywhere...even in Europe where her family moved shortly after Thriller was released.

Photo Credit: Reuters

Michael Jackson’s signature style still influences performers today. His sequined white glove and fedora hat are just two of the many accessories that made him a fashion icon for the ages.
And yes the Prince vs. Michael battles of the 1980's. Fashiona grew up loving Michael and then Prince and then both. She was in high school when Remember the Time was released. Fashiona and her sis came in her parents' room to watch the world premiere of the video...still one of the best videos of ALL time. Fashiona's fascination with all things Egypt tripled at that very moment.

Smooth Criminal is Fashiona's very close
second favorite MJ video but her absolute favorite fashion wise...and seriously who could forget that famous lean!!

Photo Credit:
Epic Records

Fashiona wants to know what your favorite Michael memory is?

Rest in peace Michael.


Monday, June 22

Fashiona on Rompers vs. Jumpsuits

Fashiona enjoys keeping up with fashion trends but some she just fails to comprehend. For instance: Rompers. Yes on toddlers, they are cute and adorable but on grown women...why?

Johnson Agnes Silk Jumper numbers are just...well freakin' teeny and have the gall to retail for over $300! Someone PLEASE explain why any woman besides Paris Hilton would wear these in public...anyone??

To Miss Fashiona they are just too infantile...but if someone could send her a detailed memo, she will at least read it...before she laughs out loud.

Now jumpers Fashiona like...since to be able to walk and sit without flashing any unnecessary information is a basic requirement in any clothing purchase she makes.

Photo Credit: FreePeople.com

Photo Credit: ShopBop.com

Sunner Florent Jumpsuit


Saturday, June 20

Fashiona at The Glam Bar Grand Opening


Wednesday night, Fashiona
and her navigation system found the historic Castleberry Hills District. Her ultimate destination: The Glam Bar for their grand opening... thanks to her invite from The Garner Circle.

The color story of the night was pink, pink and more pink.

The dress code of the night was black, white and pink...shocker Fashiona chose black as did the caterer for the night, Tatyana Benton from CakesbyTatyana.

Left Fashiona, Right Tatyana Benton

Sabrina Peterson ~ The Glam Bar owner.

Sabrina, the owner of The Glam Bar was decked out in a studded cleavage bearing white bustier with a black patent leather belt and platinum blonde hair. Glamor is her game but drama is not; she has a no gossip policy in her salon. The Glam Bar, a full service hair salon is a nod to old Hollywood and resembles a dressing room.

All Photos by Catherine Tolbert.


Wednesday, June 17

Bloomingdale’s NYC: Get your Hanky Panky Customized

Topaz and Fashiona have had many memorable shopping trips to Bloomingdale's at 59th St. Granted they were shopping for make-up or gowns or men(just kidding... kinda). As close as they are, they have not ever nor will every shop for underwear together; it would violate their friendship pact. Every pair of gal pals should have one.

However since Topaz is in New York by her lonesome, she just might stopover to Bloomies tomorrow. Why...because Thursday June 18,
Hanky Panky is having an exclusive customization event from 12 noon to 8pm.

If you are in NYC on Thursday drop on by. You can choose from an array of neutral colors or much bolder ones.

Fashiona does urge you to attend this event but warns to you to customize wisely..."hanky panky" is good...unnecessary drama not so much.


Tuesday, June 16

Polo Ralph Lauren's Pink Pony Platform Celebrates 9 years

Polo Ralph Lauren is arguably the most recognizable American lifestyle brand. The company is also a milestone for ready to wear designers...they all aspire to work at Polo at some point in time...Fashiona was there in 2002.

Ralph Lauren, himself often leverages his megabrand to campaign good causes. The Pink Pony program is one such program. The program highlights early diagnosis, education and treatment of cancer and is committed to improving cancer care to underserved communities. Ten percent of proceeds from all Pink Pony products benefits the Pink Pony Fund.

Photo Credit: Ralphlauren.com

Breast Cancer is not just a woman's issue-it affects all of us: the brothers, husbands, fathers, children, friends. Pink Pony is our effort in the fight against cancer. ~Ralph Lauren

David Lauren, Ralph Lauren's son, hosted a breakfast two weeks ago in part to celebrate 9 years of the Pink Pony program and unveil new Pink Pony looks that will be available this Fall.

Shop all Pink Pony Products at www.ralphlauren.com.


Monday, June 15

Shoshanna Sample Sale

Fashiona is a bit teary eyed as she writes this.... is having a sample this week from her showroom. Since Fashiona is unable to beam herself Star Trek style to New York for this event...she decided to tell her readers about it instead.

Wednesday June 17th

10:00 AM - 6:30 PM


Thursday June 18th

10:00 AM - 5:30 PM

231 West 39th Street

Suite 422

New York, NY 10018

Between 7th and 8th Avenues


Shoshanna Wallpaper Floral Double Strap Cami Top

Was $275.00 - Now $75.00

Shoshanna Bone Waistband Detail Short

Was $198.00 - Now $75.00

Shoshanna Marrakesh Embroidery Strapless Dress

Was $375.00 - Now $150.00

Topaz, Day and Dina... Fashiona expects text updates and pictures of your finds.


Friday, June 12

Fashiona attends the Atlanta screening of "Imagine That"

Fashiona and her workerbee Sis, attended the Atlanta screening of Imagine That, featuring Eddie Murphy and scene stealer Yara Shahidi last night. Upscale Magazine hosted the evening and did a great job of balancing the star power with the Upscale readers also attending last night's event.

All Photos by: Catherine Tolbert

Alicia aka "Fashiona"...prior to her Slushee mishap.

Who's who of Atlanta's Entertainment scene descended on Atlantic Station for this Father/Daughter night. The dress code was "family friendly" and for the most part everyone complied. The kids were really the stars. The little girls seemed to relish dressing up, wearing their hair "down" and spending quality time with their Dads.

Fashiona was able to snag a few words with Roger Bobb, Producer of Tyler Perry's movies and his cutie pie daughter Renée:

Alicia aka "Fashiona": Thanks for talking with me.

Roger: My Pleasure.

Renée: Hiiii!!

Alicia aka "Fashiona": You obviously have a close relationship with your daughter. How do feel President Obama's relationship with his family is impacting the state of fatherhood in America?

Roger: President Obama has "raised the bar" for black fathers. He has shown us a modern hip example of a man who is intelligent, a faithful husband and a great father who has time for his daughters... all while leading the nation. He has eliminated excuses for absentee fathers.

Alicia aka "Fashiona": I fully agree with you. Turning to Renée: What is your favorite thing you like to do with your Dad?

(Giggling)... Swimming.

Alicia aka "Fashiona": I like to swim too. Can you do the crawl stroke?

Looks to her Dad for help...she says Yes!!!

Alicia aka "Fashiona": Wow...with no floatees?

Blushing: Yes!!

Alicia aka "Fashiona": How old are you?

Six (Fashiona gives her a high five).

Alicia aka "Fashiona": Thanks so much Roger and enjoy the movie.

Roger Bobb and six year old Renée Bobb.

The surprise celebrity host.....Q (Quinnes) Parker from R&B group 112. Just prior the film starting, Q wished all the fathers in attendance Happy Father's Day and talked about the virtues of being raised in a two parent household and called all brothers to step up and be fathers to their children.

Q (Quinnes) Parker and family.

Fashiona, for one can't wait, until the retirement of the obnoxious phrase "Baby's Daddy".


All photos by the fabulous Catherine Tolbert. See more of her work on her website at

To see stills from Imagine That, click here.

Wednesday, June 10

Fashiona on L'Oréal Professionnel for Men

Television for Fashiona is for company. She turns it on when she is writing and when something interests her, she will pause for a second to completely focus. The muppet commercials featuring Kobe and Lebron crack her up every time she hears or sees them.

On the style front, the new Axe commercials are like a train wreck in slow motion from which she can't turn away.

During her media roundup today, she discovered that L'Oréal Professionnel is launching a new line for the men who have graduated from the mayhem of their teens and early 20's. Unlike the Axe products, these upscale products are used by professionals in men-friendly places called Homme (French for Men) Centers.

Actually the "man place" is a section in selected unisex salons. This is certainly a departure from the typically macho barber shop experience.

Photo by Robert Mitra/WWD

L’Oréal Professionnel Homme items

Fashiona wonders what the peanut gallery at work will have to say about this one....


Tuesday, June 9

Fashiona vs. the personal trainers

So Fashiona's day job is working with personal trainers. These gents are very super serious about their training but silly the bulk of the time. Between complaining about being hungry and the Magic's lack of game during the NBA playoffs, they talk about women. Because Fashiona was an athlete in high school, she is accustomed to locker room conversation. Although she admits that if one hears the running commentary mid-conversation it is hard to determine whether they are discussing women or chicken parts...

Today's topic: the crew (Ice, Dreads, Big Common, EZ and Lil Brotha) wanted to understand why Fashiona doesn't wear shorts in public...anymore. Now Ms. Splitz , one of two other ladies working there, understood exactly why not even before Fashiona had to address the firing squad...God bless her. Almond Joy, the only lady trainer wasn't there to witness the spectacle.

Long story short: Fashiona's curves are too much for shorts. They work well in dresses, skirts, jeans and even capris. But shorts for her... ummm ride up and are uncomfortable. Unfortunately too many women in Atlanta pack themselves into shorts anyway... despite the "bootydo"...a technical term for a woman's tummy poking out more than her behind does.

This picture from massiveunderstatement.com
sums it up best:

After two rounds of discussion, the men seemed satisfied to go back to discussing the playoffs again...until tomorrow.


Monday, June 8

Fashiona's Atlanta plans

Fashiona has always been very goal oriented. At each critical stage of her life thus far, she makes 3-5 year plans of what she wants to accomplish. It keeps her focused and driven. When Fashiona moved to New York at 22, she had a plethora (SAT word, Mom would be proud) of activities she wanted to do and places to see. She is happy to report that she completed the entire list and...several big things that never even made it to paper.

Fashiona has only been in Atlanta for a little over a month she is slowly getting out and about. Last week, she met Janelle from Urban Suite Entertainment and her new sparring partner, Mr. Daniel Dickey from The Garner Circle. Between the two of them and Fashiona's natural curiosity, Fashiona's Summer is filling up quickly and she will be crisscrossing Atlanta's social scene. Thanks to Col. Dad, who lovingly drove her car down and her trusty new navigation system...Miss Fashiona will be all over Atlanta.

Later this week she is attending a film screening for Eddie Murphy's "Imagine That" hosted by a surprise celebrity couple
...yes the couple is still a surprise for nosy Fashiona too.


Friday, June 5

Fashiona interviews photographer Skylar Reeves

Fashiona is still getting acclimated to Atlanta's fashion scene. The lovely Janelle from Urban Suite Entertainment has been sending Fashiona invites to events around the city. So Wednesday night, Fashiona made her way downtown to the Thrive Lounge to see the work of budding photographer Skylar Reeves.

One drink in and only one, Fashiona was sparring with the charming Mr. Dickey, Janelle pulled her aside to interview Ms. Reeves

Fashiona: So thanks for talking with me tonight.

Skylar: Thanks for coming to my event.

Fashiona: What got you interested in photography?

Skylar: I grew up in a boarding school in Maryland and was bored to death. My roommate was into photography and she used to sneak me into the dark room to keep her company. I was hooked easily on photography, but I was kicked out of boarding school shortly after that.

Fashiona: It happens. What happened after you got the photography bug?

Skylar: I went to Brooks Institute and then Portfolio Center here in Atlanta.

Fashiona: How would you describe your approach to photography?

Skylar: I am very visual. I love fashion but not labels. If it appeals to me and I shoot it. I like to infuse satire and humor in my pictures. I don't shy away from controversy.

Photo Credit: Skylar Reeves

Fashiona:Which photographers do you admire?

Skylar: I like Michael Thompson and Annie Leibovitz and photojournalists in general.

Fashiona: What are your future plans?

Skylar: I am looking forward to branching out to California and New York.

Fashiona: I certainly wish you luck. Although I'll warn you from one Southern girl to another who lived in NYC for 10+ years, your Southern charm will be shock to some jaded New Yorkers.

Skylar: I have to be myself (laughing).

Fashiona: I certainly respect that. As we close and you get back to your guests, can you share some words of wisdom to younger photographers?

Skylar: First learn the traditional art of photography. Spend as much time in the darkroom as possible and learn the mechanics of film and then learn digital.

Fashiona: Great advice and thanks again for your time.

To see more of Skylar's work go to her website at skylarreeves.com


Wednesday, June 3

Fashiona on the Old Fashion Guard vs. the Upstarts

Since Fashiona has moved to Atlanta, she is determined to keep up with all of New York's happenings. She does this by stalking CNN, chatting with Topaz and company and reading the New York Magazine.

In the June 8th issue, there is an excellent editorial about Condé Nast's: S.I. Newhouse Jr., chairman of Condé Nast, written by Steve Fishman.

The premise of the article is the rise and apparent downturn of the "luxury industries". Newhouse's father bought Vogue for his wife as a present. He believed that magazines in general were for "ladies who lunch". Of course the Internet and rise of the upwardly mobile middle class has leveled the fashion playing field..much to the chagrin to the old guard. They would prefer to cling to the days of yesteryear where the fashion game was a elite, members only club.

Fashiona has been breaking down doors since her youth and getting into the true fashion game was no exception. She is of the mindset if that you have the talent and drive, you deserve a chance to pay to play. Fashion bloggers and twitterers pop up by the day see fashion as fair game and are a thorn in the old guard's cashmere.

Speaking of old guard, Fashiona thinks this the best picture of Anna Wintour ever...looking younger and fresher than in 1995....do tell!!

Anna Wintour, 2008.
(Photo: SGP Italia/Getty Images)

Tonight Fashiona is off to the Thrive Lounge to see fashion photographer Skylar Reeves.


Monday, June 1

Fashiona embraces the Mall Culture

Fashiona has started her day job...she is working with mostly MEN....yippee. Zero cattiness and abs of steel and eye candy at every turn...whoohoo she loves it!!

Now Miss Fashiona is off on Fridays and Sundays so yesterday she went the Mall. After her last Lenox Square experience in March, she gave Cumberland Mall a chance.
Fashion was really there to window shop. Let's set the scene:
  • The church folk were there with their church lady hats and kids in tow.
  • Several women of all ages had "their girls" as their shopping partners.
  • Men were there..watching the women...and some cases getting elbowed by their watchful wives.
  • Droves of teenagers finally out of school were happy to be free to wonder aimlessly.
Since Mr. Numbers (Fashiona's accountant) STILL has a death grip on her budget. Fashiona took pictures of what she loved:

High Heels Galore:

Grown and Sexy Dresses:

Denim is back:


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