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Wednesday, June 3

Fashiona on the Old Fashion Guard vs. the Upstarts

Since Fashiona has moved to Atlanta, she is determined to keep up with all of New York's happenings. She does this by stalking CNN, chatting with Topaz and company and reading the New York Magazine.

In the June 8th issue, there is an excellent editorial about Condé Nast's: S.I. Newhouse Jr., chairman of Condé Nast, written by Steve Fishman.

The premise of the article is the rise and apparent downturn of the "luxury industries". Newhouse's father bought Vogue for his wife as a present. He believed that magazines in general were for "ladies who lunch". Of course the Internet and rise of the upwardly mobile middle class has leveled the fashion playing field..much to the chagrin to the old guard. They would prefer to cling to the days of yesteryear where the fashion game was a elite, members only club.

Fashiona has been breaking down doors since her youth and getting into the true fashion game was no exception. She is of the mindset if that you have the talent and drive, you deserve a chance to pay to play. Fashion bloggers and twitterers pop up by the day see fashion as fair game and are a thorn in the old guard's cashmere.

Speaking of old guard, Fashiona thinks this the best picture of Anna Wintour ever...looking younger and fresher than in 1995....do tell!!

Anna Wintour, 2008.
(Photo: SGP Italia/Getty Images)

Tonight Fashiona is off to the Thrive Lounge to see fashion photographer Skylar Reeves.


1 comment:

RE Ausetkmt said...

Sweets, anna's legs look like sticks, that will break with the slightest bump.

very unattractive; but then again you can never be too rich, too thin; or too white; in her case.

The Shoes and Suit are Killer.
she is purely a clothes horse.

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