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Wednesday, June 17

Bloomingdale’s NYC: Get your Hanky Panky Customized

Topaz and Fashiona have had many memorable shopping trips to Bloomingdale's at 59th St. Granted they were shopping for make-up or gowns or men(just kidding... kinda). As close as they are, they have not ever nor will every shop for underwear together; it would violate their friendship pact. Every pair of gal pals should have one.

However since Topaz is in New York by her lonesome, she just might stopover to Bloomies tomorrow. Why...because Thursday June 18,
Hanky Panky is having an exclusive customization event from 12 noon to 8pm.

If you are in NYC on Thursday drop on by. You can choose from an array of neutral colors or much bolder ones.

Fashiona does urge you to attend this event but warns to you to customize wisely..."hanky panky" is good...unnecessary drama not so much.


1 comment:

Day said...

Lady's when every at Bloomie's this summer go downstairs to Flip and order one of the best milkshakes in the City.

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