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Tuesday, June 9

Fashiona vs. the personal trainers

So Fashiona's day job is working with personal trainers. These gents are very super serious about their training but silly the bulk of the time. Between complaining about being hungry and the Magic's lack of game during the NBA playoffs, they talk about women. Because Fashiona was an athlete in high school, she is accustomed to locker room conversation. Although she admits that if one hears the running commentary mid-conversation it is hard to determine whether they are discussing women or chicken parts...

Today's topic: the crew (Ice, Dreads, Big Common, EZ and Lil Brotha) wanted to understand why Fashiona doesn't wear shorts in public...anymore. Now Ms. Splitz , one of two other ladies working there, understood exactly why not even before Fashiona had to address the firing squad...God bless her. Almond Joy, the only lady trainer wasn't there to witness the spectacle.

Long story short: Fashiona's curves are too much for shorts. They work well in dresses, skirts, jeans and even capris. But shorts for her... ummm ride up and are uncomfortable. Unfortunately too many women in Atlanta pack themselves into shorts anyway... despite the "bootydo"...a technical term for a woman's tummy poking out more than her behind does.

This picture from massiveunderstatement.com
sums it up best:

After two rounds of discussion, the men seemed satisfied to go back to discussing the playoffs again...until tomorrow.



Paul 'The Smart Stylist' said...

She needs a makeover! Calling 'What not to wear!'

Chaotically Calm said...

I to avoid shorts because I know what flatters my body and shorts just don't do it. Sometimes I wish others would just take a short peek in the mirror before leaving the house and assualting the eyes of passersby. I am a true believer there are clothes available to compliment every body type. The final rule of thumb is just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Amen to that Ms. Calm! Everything is not for everybody...pun intended.

Day said...

When a stomach is bulging, I call it a'DON-LOP'. Meaning; Done Lope Over your Pants.

Joy said...

You seem very sharp. So I am sure it is only a matter of time and you will love your new legs and be able to wear any clothing item.:)

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