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Monday, June 8

Fashiona's Atlanta plans

Fashiona has always been very goal oriented. At each critical stage of her life thus far, she makes 3-5 year plans of what she wants to accomplish. It keeps her focused and driven. When Fashiona moved to New York at 22, she had a plethora (SAT word, Mom would be proud) of activities she wanted to do and places to see. She is happy to report that she completed the entire list and...several big things that never even made it to paper.

Fashiona has only been in Atlanta for a little over a month she is slowly getting out and about. Last week, she met Janelle from Urban Suite Entertainment and her new sparring partner, Mr. Daniel Dickey from The Garner Circle. Between the two of them and Fashiona's natural curiosity, Fashiona's Summer is filling up quickly and she will be crisscrossing Atlanta's social scene. Thanks to Col. Dad, who lovingly drove her car down and her trusty new navigation system...Miss Fashiona will be all over Atlanta.

Later this week she is attending a film screening for Eddie Murphy's "Imagine That" hosted by a surprise celebrity couple
...yes the couple is still a surprise for nosy Fashiona too.



Kelly B said...

Good for you! I think Atlanta makes it impossible not to be social...between all the things to do and the super friendly people, who can resist?

(PS: that's one of my favorite SAT words)


Dori said...

I'm so glad that you are enjoying Atlanta. Like I said before, reading your blog is like little visits home. Have a fun first summer in Atlanta :)

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