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Monday, June 1

Fashiona embraces the Mall Culture

Fashiona has started her day job...she is working with mostly MEN....yippee. Zero cattiness and abs of steel and eye candy at every turn...whoohoo she loves it!!

Now Miss Fashiona is off on Fridays and Sundays so yesterday she went the Mall. After her last Lenox Square experience in March, she gave Cumberland Mall a chance.
Fashion was really there to window shop. Let's set the scene:
  • The church folk were there with their church lady hats and kids in tow.
  • Several women of all ages had "their girls" as their shopping partners.
  • Men were there..watching the women...and some cases getting elbowed by their watchful wives.
  • Droves of teenagers finally out of school were happy to be free to wonder aimlessly.
Since Mr. Numbers (Fashiona's accountant) STILL has a death grip on her budget. Fashiona took pictures of what she loved:

High Heels Galore:

Grown and Sexy Dresses:

Denim is back:



RE Ausetkmt said...

well well, we went to cumberland mall; that's where we are.

so next time you come out, stop by the Initiators Gift Shop.
there's a hug waiting for you.
ask for Aisha, she's my Sister and one of the co-owners.

I can see you are fitting in quite nicely already. good for you.

Dori said...

Thanks for the stroll through Cumberland Mall. Love these views from back home :) Glad you're settling into your new surroundings.

Kelly B said...

Congrats on the day job and all the men there! I need one of those! the job with the men, that is. :D


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