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Thursday, July 30

Fashiona on Michelle's New Do

So Sis sent Fashiona a picture of the First Lady's new "haircut" sometime last week and Fashiona had other stories to finish so she didn't write about it right away. Good thing she was a bit busy because it has been confirmed that Michelle is actually sporting a new hairstyle rather than a new cut.

Verdict~ Fashiona likes it and will continue her "all things Obama" vigil.

Speaking of which... Danbury Mint produced a visually stunning porcelain version of Michelle Obama on Inauguration night. The artisans did a beautiful job immortalizing everything about her that night from her glowing complexion to the now über-designer Jason Wu's dress that he created for her. Snag yours at www.danburymint.com/collectibles.

Photo Credit: Danburymint.com


Monday, July 27

Rachel Roy debuting pop up store during September 2009's NY Fashion Week

Fashiona likes to keep up with the happenings of designer Rachel Roy because she is beautiful, talented and business savvy: all attributes that Fashiona admires.

Photo Credit: WireImage

Rachel in her own design at the 2009 CFDA awards.

So Fashiona was excited to learn that (according to Women's Wear Daily), Rachel Roy is debuting a pop-up store in trendy Soho during September's New York Fashion Week. The pop
-up store will feature Rachel's Rachel Rachel Roy collection and stay up for about 10 days.

Fashiona has every intention of visiting the store and many of her favorite stores during her September Fashion Week visit...her very first visit since she moved to Hotlanta.


Sunday, July 26

Thimbler: Jeans made to order

A few years ago, Fashiona was describing her measurements to her friends and she said she was little, little, big. It is her tongue and cheek way of saying she has small bust,waistline and sizeable hips... and that A line skirts, unlike pencil skirts, are her best friend. Thimbler, a company that embraces women's hard to fit curves, makes clothing to exact measurements... in particular jeans. Thimbler invited Fashiona to try them out and she did.
  1. Fashiona first picked out wash and the silhouette that she wanted- Women's Flare Jeans in Stone-washed Blue

  2. Next Thimbler has pictures help describe your shape in the thigh, seat, and tummy areas. Ladies the more honest you are, the better your jeans will fit. So ask your best friend... not your significant other.
  3. Accurate measurements are the next step. Again, a girlfriend's assistance is very helpful here.

  4. Finally complete the sign in process and add any other customized features that you want. Fashiona asked for the waistband to be cut on the bias and Thimbler honored her request.

Almond Joy, kindly took her picture... and yes Fashiona is in the boxing ring and no she does not work as the "ring girl".

Now to be totally honest Fashiona lost a few pounds since she sent her measurements in and the fabric had a bit more stretch than she expected. Her advice take an 1/2" off the waist, seat and thigh measurements.

The male trainers otherwise known as the peanut gallery, already voiced their opinion and umm those comments are not bloggable. Having that said Fashiona wants to know what you think about her customized jeans.

Have your own Thimbler experience at www.thimbler.com


Thursday, July 23

Cover Ups: Make a necessity fashionable

When Fashiona was little, she was amazed at the number of restaurants where she saw signs saying "Must wear shirts and shoes." Miss Fashiona had yet to know of a world where this was even optional... in public anyway.

Fast forward a few decades..Fashiona is living in Atlanta...where she learning that "Hotlanta" is a descriptive nickname on many levels. Yes the temperatures are high and when young women go out here...they are often as legally naked as possible. Fashiona has left her half naked days in her 20's...
and will of course deny they ever existed to her yet unborn children.

Ironically cover-ups are big business these days being that it is peak Summer vacation time. Check out these lovelies from TJ Maxx (Left or top)and Marshalls (Right or bottom). They can take you to the beach and to dinner afterward
...umm skip the heels for the beach part.


Monday, July 20

Fashiona on Brazzle

One of Fashiona's many pet peeves is undergarments that show. In her world they are called "undergarments" for a reason.

Jenny Salimi was so miffed by bra straps escaping, she created the Brazzle.

"The concept first came to me in college (about 10 years ago). I always thought it was so tacky when I saw bra strap peeking out of a girl's tank top or thin-strapped dress. However, we all know how uncomfortable strapless bras are and how they usually end up around your waist. A built in bra is even worse by giving the effect of a uni-boob...not flattering! About 2 years ago, I finally decided to go for it! After a long and arduous process to get here, the Brazzle is born!"

Photo Credit: Brazzle.com

Brazzles were designed to be added to either the front or back bra straps and looks like a sparkling accessory. Functional bling...Fashiona loves it. Get yours at www.thebrazzle.com


Saturday, July 18

Fashiona on Mobile Shopping

Fashiona is one with her cell phone and is very discombobulated without with it. Unfortunately, she is on her 5th phone in 2 years...no she has not dropped or lost any of them. She is still under warranty until September and then she will upgrade to Blackberry...still undecided as to which one.

According to WWD, companies from Polo Ralph Lauren to Net-a-porter to Victoria Secret to CVS are offering mobile shopping; iphone, Blackberry and other smartphone owners are flocking. Mobile stores, in theory, work in the same way as their original web stores, they are just specifically designed to be more user friendly to the mobile shopper. Fashiona ca
utions that only shoppers with secure access and a high budget venture forth.

Photo By Courtesy Photo

Ralph Lauren was one of the first designers to offer mobile shopping.

Even if Fashiona had a better performing cell phone, she still would not be ready to embrace mobile shopping... Mr. Numbers is rejoicing at this news flash. While she is a bit concerned about the safety of mobile transactions, she is more concerned about the impulsiveness of it all. At least when she is shopping via a web store, she has thought about her budget and purchases and ....the wrath of her overworked accountant the lovely Mr. Numbers.

Fashiona wants to know what her readers think about mobile shopping, please comment away!


Wednesday, July 15

Never be seen in the same outfit twice

A woman's worst nightmare: getting dressed to the nines and arriving at her destination only to see some other woman wearing the same outfit. A-listers' worst nightmare...being photographed in the same ensemble and having John and Jane Q Public deciding who looks best.

Photo Credit: PeopleStyleWatch.com

Eva(L) and Padma (R) both wearing Halston

Although the one who looks "better" in the outfit always feels better about the situation...yes women are that catty. Fashiona votes for Padma in this case.

For the rest of the world that does not operate on the "wear only-once philosophy" they would rather not wear the same ensemble around the same crowd too often. There is where MyClothingCalendar.com comes in.

A New Jersey based husband and wife team developed an ingenious website, allowing you to:

  1. Upload pictures of your outfits.
  2. Record WHERE you wore them.
  3. and most importantly WHO saw you in them.
Photo Credit: MyClothingCalendar.com

How fantablous is that? Absolutely perfect for dressing for wedding season, office parties, interviews....umm dates. Best of all it is free...woohoo... good times.

To check out how it works, please see the website at www.myclothingcalendar.com


Monday, July 13

Fashiona on the eyelash obsession

Fashiona fully admits that both the beauty and fashion industries thrive on women's vanity...the formula works every time. Highlight a need or a problem and then create a solution for a small fee: too much hair= laser hair removal, nothing to wear =the "it" bag and ____is the new black, dreaded cellulite...cure yet unknown.

While cellulite (the bane of even Tyra's existence) is still a hot topic in spas, gyms, beauty salons, book clubs or wherever women hold their gab fests, eyelashes are the latest craze. There are a zillion mascaras on the market, tons of false eyelash
brands and even the option of having professionally applied lash extensions.

Very recently, we have the lovely Brooke Shields as the spokemodel for Latisse, a prescription that stimulates eyelash production for the suggested price of $120 for a three month supply.

Photo by Courtesy Photo

A print ad for Latisse featuring Brooke Shields.

At $120 a pop...Mr. Numbers (Fashiona's accountant) will be pleased to hear that she is content to just comment on Latisse rather than actually try the novel product herself. Her natural lashes are pretty full although Col Dad has the best set of lashes in the entire family...a trait that Mom, Sis and Fashiona are quite envious of.

For dramatic flair, Fashiona loves, loves to wear false eyelashes for special occasions to better bat her eyes with ...but she is simply flabbergasted by the women that go the gym and supposedly work out in full make-up and lashes...her work peanut gallery of personal trainers (especially Ice) who love looking at women all day don't get it either.


Sunday, July 12

Life after Denim...true story

One of the reasons that Fashiona loves old black and white movies is the 1930s and 1940s fashion. Between the hats, the furs, men wearing suits and the Rolls Royces, Fashiona can lose herself in them every Sunday afternoon. So when she read about the new company Life/After/Denim in Womens Wear Daily, she was intrigued...especially since American culture went from dressing up ALL the time to three degrees of causal with the occasional formal attire thrown in.

Photo by Courtesy Photo

Looks from Life/After/Denim, launching this fall

Co-founders Alexis Fray and Michael Choi, both from fashion industry families have targeting the new LA based line toward young men post college. These military inspired classics offers young men a great middle ground between college gear and conservative suits. Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom are said to have picked up the new line set to launch this fall.

Of course as Fashiona celebrates the mere thought of young men dressing up more, she is eagerly awaiting her "free" custom made designer jeans from Thimbler.


Tuesday, July 7

Fashiona on D&G's Spring 2010 Collection

Coming to America starring Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and James Earl Jones has permeated our pop culture with sound bite after sound bite.

One of Fashiona's personal favorites: What is that ...velvet?
If you are looking at Dolce and Gabbana's D&G Spring 2010 line... then yes, yes it is.

Photo By Giovanni Giannoni/WWW.com

D&G Men's Spring 201

American cowboy meets British Gentry was the theme for their Spring 2010 collection as shown in Milan.

Photo By Giovanni Giannoni/WWW.com

D&G Men's Spring 2010

Fashiona sincerely hopes that this brings the demise of the detestable skinny jean for men.


Sunday, July 5

Celebrate America's Birthday with Hanky Panky

If you are in the New York area, looking for a dinner and a grown folks show...look no further than Cipriani Wall Street. Hanky Panky is having an exclusive fashion show during a prix fixe dinner Tuesday July 7th in honor of America's birthday.

While all merchandise sold with the Hanky Panky label is made in the USA...Fashiona doesn't have to remind you that "real" hanky panky takes place across the world.

Dinner is at 7pm and the show starts at 9.

Please e-mail hankypanky.rsvp@gmail.com for table reservations.
Cipriani Wall Street is located at 55 Wall Street between William and Hanover St.


Friday, July 3

Fashiona meets Terrance Terry: Celebrity Nail Artist

Last week Fashiona had the distinct pleasure of meeting Terrance Terry, a freelance nail artist thanks to Urban Suite Entertainment. Truth be told Fashiona's interview started a bit late... due her less than stellar parallel parking skills, she is taking lessons on Sunday.

After finally parking, she met Terrance at the posh Purple Door Salon in the Edgewood section of Atlanta.

After settling into a comfy chair with her glass of water and pen in hand, she and Terrance had a lovely conversation about all sorts of things on and off the record. Here is what was on the r

Terrance: Welcome!

Fashiona: Thanks for having me. So why nails?

Every artist has their canvas and mine is nails. I actually started out in make-up but found I was really good at doing nails.

Fashiona:: Where did you receive your training?

Terrance: I went to the International School of Design and Technology in Detroit and Sally Esser School of Beauty in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. More recently, I attended a workshop by Crystal Wright.

Fashiona: So you are from Detroit, what brought you to Atlanta?

Terrance: Atlanta has the distinction of being the "Black Mecca". I knew that if I came here, I could practice my craft and also do some entrepreneurial things. By freelancing rather than exclusively working for a salon, I have much more flexibility to have some broader experiences.

Fashiona: As a freelance style writer, I can fully appreciate the freedom that you referenced. Freelancing is great but very competitive. How do you gain an edge?

Terrance: Although I am currently in Atlanta, I brought my Detroit hustle spirit with me. I am always networking and looking for ways to maximize my nail artistry. For example, I am of the few nail artists that are certified in the Minx Nails technique.

Fashiona: Minx Nails?

You have seen them. Rihanna has recently been photographed wearing gold nails. They look like actually paint rather than nail polish.

Fashiona: Yes, I do remember seeing them in the glossies.

While there is a lot of skill in applying the color, it is very fast for the client and perfect for the "text message" generation that craves instant gratification.

Fashiona: What celebrities have you worked with and how is working with the stars different from working with us mere mortals?

They are human too but still crave their privacy. Discretion is the key. The biggest difference is that I go to them. Recently, I have worked with Fantasia, Keisha Cole and Chilli.

Fashiona: Every successful artist has a motto or something of the like. What is yours?

"Your look isn't complete without a manicure." In fact you need a top coat right now.

Fashiona: Tis true!! What is your advice for aspiring nail technicians?


  • Go to a reputable beauty school.
  • Perfect your craft.
  • Aspire to be a nail artist rather a manicurist.
  • Create a professional portfolio...emphasis on professional.
  • Know your work speaks for itself and good work results in word of mouth marketing
  • Finally...invest in ongoing training. There is always something new to learn.

Experience Terrance's work by appointment only:
(404) 808-9931

Also see his latest work at http://www.myspace.com/terranceterry




Wednesday, July 1

Fashiona on the 2009 BET Awards dedicated to Michael Jackson

The BET awards...it was on Sunday night and in BET fashion the show will repeat... tomorrow July 2 if you missed it. The award show was the first after the death of King of Pop Michael Jackson.

MTV and CNN were there and ALL spotlights were on BET. Did they stand up to the pressure?...in Fashiona's opinion...kinda sorta.

Red Carpet Favorites:

Amber Rose looked stunning as always. Kanye... has thankfully given up that afro-mohawk.

Photo Credit:

Alicia Keys looked absolutely gorgeous in jeweled mini-dress by Jenny Packham. Hair...beautiful.

Photo Credit: PictureGroup/BET.com

Beyoncé rocked the 80's look to the hilt. Fashiona loved the Studio 54ish heels.

Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Image/MTV.com

Shaun Robinson...work it girl!!

Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images/MTV

Atlanta's own Keri Hilson is making her mark in a big way...watch out Rihanna!!

Photo Credit: PictureGroup/BET.com

The Award Show itself:

  • Jamie Fox's overall energy and his moonwalking across stage
  • Ne-Yo's selfless performance of "Lady in my Life". Notice his signature black hat on the floor.
  • Keri Hilson's performance wearing Michael-esqe fashion.
  • Jamie Fox and Ne-Yo's duet of "I'll be there".
  • Jamie Fox overplugging his tour...twice is enough.
  • Anything that comes out of Joe Jackson's mouth.
  • T-pain wearing that ghetto chain...BET you were so wrong for letting him on the stage with that nonsense.
  • Beyoncé ...singing Ava Maria while half naked and then wearing a white veil...please sit down somewhere. Fashiona is not even remotely Catholic but wants to go to confession for even watching that mockery... she only posted the picture under duress.

Parting Words:

A lovely and resilient Janet Jackson gave a brief and moving tribute to her brother and the world's pop legend.


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