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Wednesday, July 1

Fashiona on the 2009 BET Awards dedicated to Michael Jackson

The BET awards...it was on Sunday night and in BET fashion the show will repeat... tomorrow July 2 if you missed it. The award show was the first after the death of King of Pop Michael Jackson.

MTV and CNN were there and ALL spotlights were on BET. Did they stand up to the pressure?...in Fashiona's opinion...kinda sorta.

Red Carpet Favorites:

Amber Rose looked stunning as always. Kanye... has thankfully given up that afro-mohawk.

Photo Credit:

Alicia Keys looked absolutely gorgeous in jeweled mini-dress by Jenny Packham. Hair...beautiful.

Photo Credit: PictureGroup/BET.com

Beyoncé rocked the 80's look to the hilt. Fashiona loved the Studio 54ish heels.

Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Image/MTV.com

Shaun Robinson...work it girl!!

Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images/MTV

Atlanta's own Keri Hilson is making her mark in a big way...watch out Rihanna!!

Photo Credit: PictureGroup/BET.com

The Award Show itself:

  • Jamie Fox's overall energy and his moonwalking across stage
  • Ne-Yo's selfless performance of "Lady in my Life". Notice his signature black hat on the floor.
  • Keri Hilson's performance wearing Michael-esqe fashion.
  • Jamie Fox and Ne-Yo's duet of "I'll be there".
  • Jamie Fox overplugging his tour...twice is enough.
  • Anything that comes out of Joe Jackson's mouth.
  • T-pain wearing that ghetto chain...BET you were so wrong for letting him on the stage with that nonsense.
  • Beyoncé ...singing Ava Maria while half naked and then wearing a white veil...please sit down somewhere. Fashiona is not even remotely Catholic but wants to go to confession for even watching that mockery... she only posted the picture under duress.

Parting Words:

A lovely and resilient Janet Jackson gave a brief and moving tribute to her brother and the world's pop legend.



Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Eww, I was not feeling Keri Hilson's performance at all!

The whole program was whack to me. I understand they only had 3 days, but dayumm, they could have done better. I was looking for a dance tribute to MJ. Why was Ciara singing? She can't sang! She should have been dancing! Oh well, rest in peace MJ!

Dori said...

I haven't seen it yet. They are going to show it here tomorrow. I've heard a lot about it though.

Rest in peace MJ!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I haven't seen it though I thank you for the details. Alicia Keys always looks and sound fantabulous!!!

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