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Friday, July 3

Fashiona meets Terrance Terry: Celebrity Nail Artist

Last week Fashiona had the distinct pleasure of meeting Terrance Terry, a freelance nail artist thanks to Urban Suite Entertainment. Truth be told Fashiona's interview started a bit late... due her less than stellar parallel parking skills, she is taking lessons on Sunday.

After finally parking, she met Terrance at the posh Purple Door Salon in the Edgewood section of Atlanta.

After settling into a comfy chair with her glass of water and pen in hand, she and Terrance had a lovely conversation about all sorts of things on and off the record. Here is what was on the r

Terrance: Welcome!

Fashiona: Thanks for having me. So why nails?

Every artist has their canvas and mine is nails. I actually started out in make-up but found I was really good at doing nails.

Fashiona:: Where did you receive your training?

Terrance: I went to the International School of Design and Technology in Detroit and Sally Esser School of Beauty in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. More recently, I attended a workshop by Crystal Wright.

Fashiona: So you are from Detroit, what brought you to Atlanta?

Terrance: Atlanta has the distinction of being the "Black Mecca". I knew that if I came here, I could practice my craft and also do some entrepreneurial things. By freelancing rather than exclusively working for a salon, I have much more flexibility to have some broader experiences.

Fashiona: As a freelance style writer, I can fully appreciate the freedom that you referenced. Freelancing is great but very competitive. How do you gain an edge?

Terrance: Although I am currently in Atlanta, I brought my Detroit hustle spirit with me. I am always networking and looking for ways to maximize my nail artistry. For example, I am of the few nail artists that are certified in the Minx Nails technique.

Fashiona: Minx Nails?

You have seen them. Rihanna has recently been photographed wearing gold nails. They look like actually paint rather than nail polish.

Fashiona: Yes, I do remember seeing them in the glossies.

While there is a lot of skill in applying the color, it is very fast for the client and perfect for the "text message" generation that craves instant gratification.

Fashiona: What celebrities have you worked with and how is working with the stars different from working with us mere mortals?

They are human too but still crave their privacy. Discretion is the key. The biggest difference is that I go to them. Recently, I have worked with Fantasia, Keisha Cole and Chilli.

Fashiona: Every successful artist has a motto or something of the like. What is yours?

"Your look isn't complete without a manicure." In fact you need a top coat right now.

Fashiona: Tis true!! What is your advice for aspiring nail technicians?


  • Go to a reputable beauty school.
  • Perfect your craft.
  • Aspire to be a nail artist rather a manicurist.
  • Create a professional portfolio...emphasis on professional.
  • Know your work speaks for itself and good work results in word of mouth marketing
  • Finally...invest in ongoing training. There is always something new to learn.

Experience Terrance's work by appointment only:
(404) 808-9931

Also see his latest work at http://www.myspace.com/terranceterry





Day said...

Awesome interview and he is right "Your look isn't complete without a manicure."

I am starting to paint my nails more, I just wish they did not chip as much.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Thanks Day...Terrance is very talented and has a good head for business. He is doing some big things so look out!!

RAEANA New York said...

wow...I'm on the hunt for a good minx artists on my side of town but I have very stubby nails that he would no doubt chastise I need to let them grow out first!! Minx is great I love the look

RE Ausetkmt said...

Girlllllllll I can't believe you interviewed T. He's from Detroit.
I know him.

he is bad on a face.. girlll he can make a pencil talk.

let him do your brows and you may beg him the next time. the boy is bad. oh yeah he is.

tell him Kim and Lil Ray Ray said hey.

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