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Wednesday, July 15

Never be seen in the same outfit twice

A woman's worst nightmare: getting dressed to the nines and arriving at her destination only to see some other woman wearing the same outfit. A-listers' worst nightmare...being photographed in the same ensemble and having John and Jane Q Public deciding who looks best.

Photo Credit: PeopleStyleWatch.com

Eva(L) and Padma (R) both wearing Halston

Although the one who looks "better" in the outfit always feels better about the situation...yes women are that catty. Fashiona votes for Padma in this case.

For the rest of the world that does not operate on the "wear only-once philosophy" they would rather not wear the same ensemble around the same crowd too often. There is where MyClothingCalendar.com comes in.

A New Jersey based husband and wife team developed an ingenious website, allowing you to:

  1. Upload pictures of your outfits.
  2. Record WHERE you wore them.
  3. and most importantly WHO saw you in them.
Photo Credit: MyClothingCalendar.com

How fantablous is that? Absolutely perfect for dressing for wedding season, office parties, interviews....umm dates. Best of all it is free...woohoo... good times.

To check out how it works, please see the website at www.myclothingcalendar.com



AIR said...

This is really no contest. They could be wearing brown paper sacks and Padma would still wear it better.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Although I think Eva is gorgeous, she looks frumpy in this outfit. I agree with you.

Dori said...

I like Padma in it better too.

ummSanaa said...

the clothing calendar is a bit obsessive compulsive to me.

but for you...(LoL)

i remember visiting my friend...um...i'll call her lisa (LoL) a while back. on her closet door was a calendar and scribbled in her horrible handwriting was what she'd worn the previous days. i couldn't believe she kept track of what she wore. she didn't want to wear the same ensemble more than once a month. can you say "O.C.D."?

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