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Thursday, July 23

Cover Ups: Make a necessity fashionable

When Fashiona was little, she was amazed at the number of restaurants where she saw signs saying "Must wear shirts and shoes." Miss Fashiona had yet to know of a world where this was even optional... in public anyway.

Fast forward a few decades..Fashiona is living in Atlanta...where she learning that "Hotlanta" is a descriptive nickname on many levels. Yes the temperatures are high and when young women go out here...they are often as legally naked as possible. Fashiona has left her half naked days in her 20's...
and will of course deny they ever existed to her yet unborn children.

Ironically cover-ups are big business these days being that it is peak Summer vacation time. Check out these lovelies from TJ Maxx (Left or top)and Marshalls (Right or bottom). They can take you to the beach and to dinner afterward
...umm skip the heels for the beach part.


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