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Monday, July 13

Fashiona on the eyelash obsession

Fashiona fully admits that both the beauty and fashion industries thrive on women's vanity...the formula works every time. Highlight a need or a problem and then create a solution for a small fee: too much hair= laser hair removal, nothing to wear =the "it" bag and ____is the new black, dreaded cellulite...cure yet unknown.

While cellulite (the bane of even Tyra's existence) is still a hot topic in spas, gyms, beauty salons, book clubs or wherever women hold their gab fests, eyelashes are the latest craze. There are a zillion mascaras on the market, tons of false eyelash
brands and even the option of having professionally applied lash extensions.

Very recently, we have the lovely Brooke Shields as the spokemodel for Latisse, a prescription that stimulates eyelash production for the suggested price of $120 for a three month supply.

Photo by Courtesy Photo

A print ad for Latisse featuring Brooke Shields.

At $120 a pop...Mr. Numbers (Fashiona's accountant) will be pleased to hear that she is content to just comment on Latisse rather than actually try the novel product herself. Her natural lashes are pretty full although Col Dad has the best set of lashes in the entire family...a trait that Mom, Sis and Fashiona are quite envious of.

For dramatic flair, Fashiona loves, loves to wear false eyelashes for special occasions to better bat her eyes with ...but she is simply flabbergasted by the women that go the gym and supposedly work out in full make-up and lashes...her work peanut gallery of personal trainers (especially Ice) who love looking at women all day don't get it either.



Kelly B said...

I laugh every time I see this commercial. I know some women that would do just about anything for longer or thicker lashes. In fact my BFF tattooed eye liner on her eyes to make her lashes look fuller...

But this is nuts! I would not risk some of the side effects for better lashes...but mine are pretty good, so I guess I'm not the best test audience...

And I have laughed my rear off at those women in the gym too. Quite amusing.


AC_Laura said...

You are so right--lash growth products are the next Botox. And while I believe that they work while you're using it, you have to keep using that $120 product forever in order to keep those lashes long and pretty. Not to mention the chemical content of these products.

Who looks pretty at the gym, anyway?

MsSvelteNY said...

I just bought the cheaper version, "RapidLash" @ drugstore.com. The results aren't quite as dramatic but I'm starting it tonight. After seeing my dad @ 73 yrs old with no eyebrows and practically no lashes I figured an early intervention was necessary. I'll be documenting it daily and i'll keep you posted.

ummSanaa said...

"a prescription that stimulates eyelash production"...so grateful i'm a tomboy rigth now.

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