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Thursday, April 30

Fashiona's Moving Drama

They always say that it is much HARDER to leave New York than to actually get there...and Fashiona and Col Dad can certainly attest to that. By the time her Dad had arrived in NY, Fashiona was 75% packed and had even color coded the boxes according to their final destination but apparently Fashiona's massive clothing, shoe and boot collection built over the past 10+ years was no match for the too small Uhaul truck that she rented.

Just prior to her having a complete meltdown
worthy of a two year old being denied her dolly, Dad agreed to rent another SUV so she could transport her wardrobe herself while he singlehandedly drove the Uhaul. As of Wednesday, they arrived in Atlanta and Fashiona moved in her new digs. After two lengthy calls to AT&T, she successfully installed her DSL and slept for the first time in years without ear plugs.

And for all her troubles....Fashiona now has enough closets for a dedicated shoe closet happy, happy, joy, joy!!

Fashiona is so looking forward to the Sex in the City sequel.

Credit: www.sexandthecitymovie.com/
© www.sexandthecitymovie.com/Press Kit


Sunday, April 26

Fashiona's Farewell to New York

By the time you are reading this Fashiona and Col Dad are hitting 95 South. While Fashiona is AWOL for a few days, she thought she would leave you with a list of things that she will miss and not miss from the Big Apple.

Will Miss:
  • $2.oo Beef Patties
  • Her favorite Indian restaurant on Spring St: Baluchi's
  • Walking through Brooklyn Heights
  • Summer in New York
  • The Shopping: sample sales, street vendors and exclusive events.
Will Not Miss:
  • Her tap dancing neighbor
  • Being awaken by the garbage men using the cans as bowling balls
  • Winter in New York
  • The Human Petridish otherwise known as the Subway
  • The Community laundry room complete with dog hair(we hope) in the washer
  • Her $$$$ rent
Fashiona also wants extend a very special thank you to her most beloved friend who she will miss the most. He was completely faithful for past 11 years. He was reliable, dependable and willing despite the weather. He gave 100% all the time but was never clingy. He was never jealous or snobby. He was comfortable in any environment, posh...or less than. He was most willing to lend my friends a hand...but only if they promised him and bring back unscathed.

So to you my faithful friend...all good things must come to an end...may you find a new friend who loves and cherished you dearly....adieu and happy smooth trails....

...Senor Pushcart


Thursday, April 23

Fashion Fights Cancer ~ Archives Launch


Seventh Ave in Manhattan is known worldwide for fashion but on Tuesday April 21st, the Audi Forum on Park Ave was the most posh spot in town. The 5th Annual Fashion Fights Cancer event was a stunner from start to finish.

As Fashiona entered Park Ave, she saw several models were artfully posed yet
mannequin still in the showroom windows.

Tyree(R) and O'Neal(L) had ingeniously launched their brainchild Archives.

Every few minutes the models would descend from their perch, work the room and change into another look from the collection. Fashiona had just interviewed the business partners, Tyree and O'Neal two weeks ago and was granted a sneak peak...but she was awed by the collection as a whole. The combination of vivid colors and expert workmanship was incredible.

Shay Baker(second from left) played double duty as stylist and designer of the hot shoe stockings showcased in several jaw dropping colors. Fashiona is second from the right.

O'Neal's passion and experience in costume design was evident in well draped garments that gracefully hugged the models curves.

Tyree, the right brain of the duo worked the room in part like a well respected diplomat shaking hands and making connections. Amid the fashion happenings, Nuvo was flowing, women were preening and the men were gazing appreciatively.

Surprise of the night....both Pierre and Briana from
Harlem Heights came through separately and nodded their approval of the night's events.

Models also showcased designs from Falls Design, Lotus Grace, Byron Lars Beauty Mark and Whistle and Flute. All the clothes that were showcased Tuesday evening were available for purchase and the proceeds went to St. Judes Hospital.

Fashiona and her shoe collection are already looking forward to next year's event.

Tuesday, April 21

Harlem Heights: Fashiona's Final Review

Fashiona has been a busy girl with her big move and winding up major projects...but before she left wanted to give the season finale of Harlem Heights her undivided attention.

Over the last few episodes:

Brooke and Christian
fell into each other mouths and that forced Ashlie and Brooke to finally hash it out. Brooke and Christian, the bonefide playette and player of the cast, are attempting a relationship of sorts. Ashlie is getting serious about her acting game. Jason is finally launching his non-profit. Landon is running for office. Pierre and Bridget are dancing around their feelings. Bridget is doing it all and well. By show's end....Briana has launched her handbag line in a big way.

Fashiona concedes that Briana was a bit fierce with her reaction to the Ashlie/Christan/Brooke drama but she agrees...dating is murky and full of twists and turns. She likes Pierre and Bridget together providing that Pierre can ever get over his old girl. Christian and Brooke are perfect for each other. Fashiona gives Briana mad props for getting her line of the ground...despite all the obstacles and fears she had.

What Fashiona really likes about Pierre is his commitment to principles. He and Christian were able to squash their beef about Brooke but not before he let Christian know where he was coming from in terms of principles. Fashiona spoke to a panel to of high school students recently and amoung the many things she told them was "There is a price to intergrity". Pierre is really to trying to stay true to himself and still help his family.

Fashiona gets that Brooke comes across as a harda** sometimes but underneath it all she is soft and pink like the rest of us with Cinderella dreams. Fashiona is proud of Brooke for letting her guard down and taking a chance with Christian.

Finally to Miss Briana...as a fashionista herself...Fashiona is so HAPPY that Briana made her handbag line happen: www.bmariestyle.com (just launched yesterday). Briana's handmade custom handbags range from $350-$2,000.

So from a soon to be former Brooklynite to the cast of Harlem Heights and her friend Randolph...

Job well done and looking forward to season 2?


Sunday, April 19

Rachel Roy~Rachel Rachel Roy an exclusive Macy's Line

The lovely and uber talented, Rachel Roy has been making waves on the fashion circuit for a few years now with her publicized high end line sold at the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue and Berdorf Goodman.

Photo Credit: Expose.Com

Blood Diamond New York Movie Premiere - Arrivals
November 30, 2006 - New York, NY

While the ink is not quite dry from her divorce from Damon Dash, she is making major business moves. Her namesake line Rachel Roy is doing so well in an otherwise lackluster retail market that she is launching a recessionista worthy line exclusively at Macy's.

This new line is billed as a contemporary lifestyle line called Rachel Rachel Roy has Fashiona jumping in anticipation for the August debut.
By then Fashiona will have memorized the layout of Atlanta's Lenox Square and armed with 10 years of NYC sample sales behind her, getting a first look will not be a problem.

But for now Fashiona, the kind soul that she is, found this little teaser for you:

Photo Credit: Talaya Centeno


Thursday, April 16

Fashiona on the French Elle sans Make-up Issue


Fashiona loves her clothes and jewelry both real and faux equally. She rocks super flattery false eyelashes at night for dramatic effect. But for the most part, she is ambivalent about make-up. She wears it when necessary and can design a proper make-up palette to complete her outfit. In all honesty she isn't
into make-up like her friend Topaz....a make-up artist in a former life who still does wedding make-up for friends and family.

Fashiona completely understands that well-groomed brows frame the face so whenever
her cashflow allows, she goes to the Polish Bar, owned by her friend Tricia Lee, to get her eyebrows done.
Topaz and Fashiona's sister took away her personal tweezers after a teeny tiny over plucking incident. So it is safe to say that Fashiona has the utmost respect for professional make-up artists and that technological wonder...Abobe Photoshop.

Now leave it to the French to convince famous European women to appear on April's French Elle without ANY make-up or ANY photo retouching at all. See the brave and naturally beautiful Italian beauty Monica Bellucci.

Fashiona has always been a wee bit partial to Europe. After all, she was born there and spent part of her most impressionable years there traveling the region with her family; learning to ski, dabble in different languages and devour bratwurst. She was ecstatic to learn about Italian Vogue's All Black issue published last year. Yes Fashiona has 2 copies...one is still unopened. She applauds Europe's open mindedness truly she does.

...but Fashiona just wanted to say for the record that she sings the praises of tastefully done make-up and her American half absolutely forbids her from posting any make-up free pics of herself. After all she is as honest as she is vain.


Monday, April 13

Fashiona interviews Archives from Fashion Fights Cancer

Fashiona loves fashion and she love loves what she calls " fashion with a purpose." The concept of fashion with a purpose is an event that highlights a greater need than the need of being always well dressed. Fashion Fights Cancer is one such cause; the 5th annual event includes a trunk show and will be on April 21, 2009. Fashiona sat down with one of founders, Tyree Canty and his business partner, O'Neal Wyche last week to find out more about the event.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona: Thanks guys for meeting with me. Please tell me more about how you got involved with Fashion Fights Cancer.

Tyree: Hope Meredith Nam (read her story here) and I have both had personal experiences with cancer and we wanted to do more to highlight both the disease and charities that help patients and their families. The proceeds from the event go to St. Jude Hospital.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona: I am looking forward to next week's event. So how did you and O'Neal meet and start working together? Did you go to school together or work in a company previously?

Tyree: Actually that is an interesting story. Kimberly Ward, an interior decorator knew both of us and thought we should meet. My degree is in Art History from University of San Francisco. I approach fashion from a merchandising and business angle.

O'Neal: We met and vibed and our heads were in the same place. We work differently but our styles compliment each other. I am from Atlanta and went Bauder College. My first love happens to be theater and I worked heavily in womens wear and costume design. Later I worked with Betsy Johnson. She was great to work for. She is a mom and nurturing but she also does cartwheels in the design area and has a contagious youthful energy.

Alicia aka "Fashiona": So in addition to launching a clothing line and hosting the annual Fashion Fights Cancer, what other business plans are you working on?

Tyree: Both of us are based in Atlanta and are committed to having a presence there and in New York. We really like working with kids both in middle school and high school and helping them find their voice in the arts. Since a lot of art and music programs are being cut in school, we wanted to fill that void.

Alicia aka "Fashiona": I agree with you. It is so important especially during tough times for kids to have a constructive outlet. Both of you have been in the industry for a while so what would be your "reality" check to upcoming designers?

O'Neal: Staying focused in violate industry. It is challenging being a black man in fashion and the "red" carpet isn't rolled out despite your level of talent. When I wasn't finding the staff jobs I wanted I freelanced and found my opportunities that way. Regardless of your entry, you have to crawl before you walk and pay your dues.

Tyree: It is also very important for aspiring designers to develop a business sense.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona: It is refreshingly obvious that you two have a great working relationship and respect each other's strengths. So O'Neal tell me about Archives, the line that you guys are debuting next week?

O'Neal: It is a womans line geared to women from 25-40. She can be a corporate or a creative type and doesn't mind making a statement. She cares more about being unique than wearing "labels". She is very detail oriented and chooses quality over quantity.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona: Can't wait to see the line in total! How long are tickets on sale for the Fashion Fights Cancer event?

Tyree: Tickets are on sale until April 20. They are available on the website: www.fashionfightscancer.com. Again the proceeds go to St. Judes Hospital.

Alicia "aka"

Sunday, April 12

Fashiona's Easter and Welcome to Bo~the First Dog

Easter...this year in New York was absolutely beautiful...a bit on the chilly side but sunny and bright. Fashiona went to church today, braving the crowds and the windy conditions and was blessed by her efforts. Fashiona, the Southern girl that she is, has been wearing hats on Easter... well since her beginning.

Noted she usually opts for brighter colors on Easter as she JUST explained to Sis...but Mr. Numbers has Miss Fashiona on a basics only budget. The "new" dress was purchased prior to her credit cards being put on ice....literally.

The First Lady went for florals this year for Easter...no hat in sight.

Traditionally, Easter gifts include rosaries, crosses, colorfully dyed eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs and other ditties in artfully arranged Easter baskets. What did the Obamas get?...a new doggie courtesy of Senator and Mrs. Kennedy.

Meet Bo, a six -month old Portuguese water
dog. What a cutie he is?

Photo Credit:Pete Souza~ White House photos

While Mrs. Obama dazzled the world on her recent European tour, as the host of this year's Easter Egg roll on the White House lawn...she has adopted a "come as you are policy." We will see tomorrow just how that pans out... until then Fashiona wanted to share this photo from 1898's Easter Roll.

Photo Credit: White House Easter Egg Roll 1898
Photo © Library of Congress


Friday, April 10

Fashiona's new discovery~Indian Designer Kiran Rai

One of Fashiona's very favorite things in life is shopping. Another favorite past time of her's...discovering new things to buy. Of course due to the economic meltdown she has spent more time in the doing latter than the former.

Her latest find is Kiran Rai. She is a designer of Indian he
ritage, born in England and schooled in Switzerland. Kiran spent 10 years in fashion as a buyer and then 2006 she launched her line Sir Alistair Rai; the slogan "Wear your truth" .Kiran began the line with T-shirts and expanded to line include scarves in 2007. Drew Barrymore became an early fan of the scarves and helped introduce Hollywood to Kiran and Sir Alistair Rai. Starting last year to Fashiona's delight, Kiran has added clutches, dresses, caftans and bangles.

Speaking of clutches...aren't they just lovely?
Peep the Jackie O-esque print on the green one and the intricate beading both the aqua and rose one.

Kiran has plans to introduce shoes, hats and jewelry to Sir Alistair Rai later this year.

And with that bit of info, Fashiona wishes everyone a Happy Easter and Peaceful Passover season to all those celebrate.


Tuesday, April 7

Fashiona on the Michelle Obama Media Tidal Wave

If you have been keeping up with Fashiona, then you know that she is an ardent Obama family fan, even of their dog that they have yet to acquire. So it was to her delight that the Obama chia pet was pulled from shelves. To Fashiona that stunt was as tacky as the now panned Malea and Sasha dolls.

Michelle's and her daughters' fondness for JCrew have singlehandedly stimulated
their bottom line. She strategically wore American and European designers during this week's trip overseas and again her choices lit up the media from the Huffington Post to WWD's weighing in creating a fictional fashion showdown between the French first lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

Photo Credit: Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Honestly, the comparison is like trying to compare
cr?pes to pancakes...cr?pes are quintessentially French and pancakes American. N´est-ce pas!

Fashiona's absolute favorite Michelle sighting this week is the cover of May's Essence.

Special May Cover Story Features First Lady Michelle Obama and Her Mother. (PRNewsFoto/ESSENCE Magazine, Timothy White)

Fashiona actually teared up a bit at the warmth and closeness of the two women and reminded of the Mommy and daughter dresses that her own Mom used make for Easter....sniffle.

Fashiona gives kudos to ESSENCE's editor in chief Angela Burt-Murray for spearheaded such a well styled cover. As a tribute to the recessionista era, both women are wearing clothes from Talbots. Fashiona met Angela once at Megdar Evers College at a workshop for teens shortly after she was named to her position at ESSENCE. Fashiona was struck by her candor and dedication to editing for the audience as Michaela angela Davis whom Fashiona met a few weeks ago says.

Fashion is still pondering the Obamas' wax exhibit at Madame Tussauds and wonders what her readers think about it. Feel free to weigh in.


Monday, April 6

Fashiona on the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards

As far as award shows go according to Fashiona, the Oscars and Golden Globes are elegant, the AMAs and Grammy's are fashion forward...and the Academy of Country Music Awards are just fun....boot stomping and hand clapping fun.

Reba McEntire, the host with the most, worked the Red Carpet in a purple gown and technocolor signature red hair.

Singer and show host Reba McEntire arrives at the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 5, 2009. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Fashiona loves her some Reba and she thought she won the "Cougar Hottie" award in that black sparkle top and leather pants....Yee Haw!!
Singer Reba McEntire performs the song "Strange" at the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 5, 2009. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

It is only Fashiona's great fondness for Reba that allows her to almost forgive her wearing this biker babe meets prom dress with black leather studs. Seriously, Reba...say it ain't so!

Reba McEntire hosts the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 5, 2009. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Kellie Pickler wins the "Look Mama, I'm in Vegas but let don't Daddy see" award in this curve clingling Zuhair Murad mermaid gown.

Kellie Pickler arrives at the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 5, 2009. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Taylor Swift tends to glam up... as she did for Red Carpet...looking great in this hussy red one-shouldered Angel Sanchez gown...J. Jonas must be kicking himself for electing to remove his boots from her world.

Singer Taylor Swift arrives at the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 5, 2009. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

LeAnn Rimes...someone is clearly ringing her bell... the question is who? Are those dominatrix shoes!! Naughty, Naughty.

Singer LeAnn Rimes arrives at the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 5, 2009. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Not only did Carrie Underwood take home Entertainer of the Year...she had 5 wardrobe changes.

Fashiona loves how Carrie almost always goes for elegant even at such a tender age for th
e Red Carpet...she takes it seriously as Fashiona would. She looked as pretty as cotton candy in her Randi Rahm blush pink gown.

Carrie Underwood arrives at the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 5, 2009. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Fashion's favorite Carrie look of the night was this teeny white and silver Jean Fares Couture minidress... all those legs and sparkle going on....any man in the front row would vote her the clear winner of ....whatever she wanted.

Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty

And finally the secret hush hush dress of the night.... a blood red Rafael Cennamo gown that was well....voluminous.

Carrie Underwood performs "I Told You So" at the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 5, 2009. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

That's all folks....Fashiona needs to sweet talk Mr. Numbers into letting her get another pair of cowboy boots...she is moving down south after all.


Saturday, April 4

Fashiona on Hats

Like every proper Southern Belle, Fashiona loves her hats. Admittedly as a teen, she was not as enthusiastic about wearing them even in frost bite conditions. Now she has amassed a collection of hats ranging from a Elmer Fudd (one complete with ear flaps) for bone-chilling days to a super huge floppy hat that she wears during her summer vacations.

In her packing, she came across this picture of her in 2005 on her way to church.
This is one of Fashiona's very favorite hats and absolutely must be worn cocked to side. Yes Fashiona still has the hat. It is in pristine condition and resides properly in a hat box.

Since dear Mr. Numbers(her accountant) does not see a new Easter hat as an emergency, she will wear a hat from her closet. Thankfully she has a photograph record of the last 10 years so she will not repeat a hat too soon...appearances, appearances.

Tomorrow Fashiona will watch the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music awards and have a look at their hat game and boots and dresses and listen to the music...of course.


Friday, April 3

Fashiona's Big Move

As Fashiona is documenting her last few weeks as a New York City tax paying resident...she decided to take the plunge and blog on her very own after some chiding from her bloggy friends. Her first blog Fashiona~Musings of Stylish Girl is still with Today.com and is still intact but all future Fashiona shenanigans will be here.

Fashiona is busy these days packing her last 10+ years into boxes. She is a neat-noid but also
very sentimental. She has magazines(ok just one) from 1999 with Halle Berry on the cover; it was around the time that Introducing Dorothy Dandridge debuted on HBO.

Fashiona's vast collection of ticket stubs, books and fashion mags is a time capsule to her mind at that very moment. A few things will fall off the truck as they say but for the most part all those memories and the new ones that she is anticipating in Atlanta will be lovely material for her upcoming hopefully bestselling novel.

Fashiona, always double-tasking, has been very tuned to the Obamas' first official trip across the pond. Yes the first lady actually touched the
Queen and Fashiona just had to chuckle at the uproar. What really got Fashiona's attention was the JCrew sweater that sold out after Michelle Obama was pictured wearing it.

(AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

LOVES that the First Lady has worn American designers as of late: Tracey Reese(a black designer), Michael Kors, Jason Wu, Isabel Toledo, Thankoon and of course her favorite designer Maria Pinto.

Seventh Ave wants Michelle to "step it up" and wear some Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Sounds like THEY should be asking rather than judging since Michelle knows her own mind.

Will she or won't she change her style as First Lady?...either way, Fashiona will continue her running commentary.

So here is to new beginnings,

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