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Thursday, April 16

Fashiona on the French Elle sans Make-up Issue


Fashiona loves her clothes and jewelry both real and faux equally. She rocks super flattery false eyelashes at night for dramatic effect. But for the most part, she is ambivalent about make-up. She wears it when necessary and can design a proper make-up palette to complete her outfit. In all honesty she isn't
into make-up like her friend Topaz....a make-up artist in a former life who still does wedding make-up for friends and family.

Fashiona completely understands that well-groomed brows frame the face so whenever
her cashflow allows, she goes to the Polish Bar, owned by her friend Tricia Lee, to get her eyebrows done.
Topaz and Fashiona's sister took away her personal tweezers after a teeny tiny over plucking incident. So it is safe to say that Fashiona has the utmost respect for professional make-up artists and that technological wonder...Abobe Photoshop.

Now leave it to the French to convince famous European women to appear on April's French Elle without ANY make-up or ANY photo retouching at all. See the brave and naturally beautiful Italian beauty Monica Bellucci.

Fashiona has always been a wee bit partial to Europe. After all, she was born there and spent part of her most impressionable years there traveling the region with her family; learning to ski, dabble in different languages and devour bratwurst. She was ecstatic to learn about Italian Vogue's All Black issue published last year. Yes Fashiona has 2 copies...one is still unopened. She applauds Europe's open mindedness truly she does.

...but Fashiona just wanted to say for the record that she sings the praises of tastefully done make-up and her American half absolutely forbids her from posting any make-up free pics of herself. After all she is as honest as she is vain.



kelly said...

I think if we all looked THAT good without make-up, we'd all go without it more often.

Hmmm, I'm seeing a post jump off from this....prepare to be linked...


RE Ausetkmt said...

Fashiona, did they manage to get the fresh faced french first lady ? or how bout ms. hyde park hot chocolate - Naomi ?

now those are two unmade faces I'd love to see. how bout that caramel cutie Sophie Okanado from London ?

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Kelly: I hear you. I don't wear a lot of make-up but I do feel naked without it.

Re: You are always bringing the heat. No Naomi in this mag but Eva Herzigova, Sophie Marceau and Charlotte Rampling are amoung the other brave souls.

Thanks for reading.

jai said...

I do like the idea of no photoshop and makeup. I feel like we all strive for this idea of perfection or to look like our favorite celebrities. It would be great if everyone took one picture like this! (Says the girl who won't go to the corner without makeup on! lol!)

Dori said...

I have that Italian Vogue from last year too and I adored it. I try not to take it out too much, but sometimes I need a beauty pick-me-up ;-)

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