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Saturday, April 4

Fashiona on Hats

Like every proper Southern Belle, Fashiona loves her hats. Admittedly as a teen, she was not as enthusiastic about wearing them even in frost bite conditions. Now she has amassed a collection of hats ranging from a Elmer Fudd (one complete with ear flaps) for bone-chilling days to a super huge floppy hat that she wears during her summer vacations.

In her packing, she came across this picture of her in 2005 on her way to church.
This is one of Fashiona's very favorite hats and absolutely must be worn cocked to side. Yes Fashiona still has the hat. It is in pristine condition and resides properly in a hat box.

Since dear Mr. Numbers(her accountant) does not see a new Easter hat as an emergency, she will wear a hat from her closet. Thankfully she has a photograph record of the last 10 years so she will not repeat a hat too soon...appearances, appearances.

Tomorrow Fashiona will watch the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music awards and have a look at their hat game and boots and dresses and listen to the music...of course.


1 comment:

Day said...

Mr. Numbers will not like me telling you this. I found a great article on a hat store in Harlem, called Harlem's Heaven Hat Boutique. Field trip to Harlem!

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