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Tuesday, April 7

Fashiona on the Michelle Obama Media Tidal Wave

If you have been keeping up with Fashiona, then you know that she is an ardent Obama family fan, even of their dog that they have yet to acquire. So it was to her delight that the Obama chia pet was pulled from shelves. To Fashiona that stunt was as tacky as the now panned Malea and Sasha dolls.

Michelle's and her daughters' fondness for JCrew have singlehandedly stimulated
their bottom line. She strategically wore American and European designers during this week's trip overseas and again her choices lit up the media from the Huffington Post to WWD's weighing in creating a fictional fashion showdown between the French first lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

Photo Credit: Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Honestly, the comparison is like trying to compare
cr?pes to pancakes...cr?pes are quintessentially French and pancakes American. N´est-ce pas!

Fashiona's absolute favorite Michelle sighting this week is the cover of May's Essence.

Special May Cover Story Features First Lady Michelle Obama and Her Mother. (PRNewsFoto/ESSENCE Magazine, Timothy White)

Fashiona actually teared up a bit at the warmth and closeness of the two women and reminded of the Mommy and daughter dresses that her own Mom used make for Easter....sniffle.

Fashiona gives kudos to ESSENCE's editor in chief Angela Burt-Murray for spearheaded such a well styled cover. As a tribute to the recessionista era, both women are wearing clothes from Talbots. Fashiona met Angela once at Megdar Evers College at a workshop for teens shortly after she was named to her position at ESSENCE. Fashiona was struck by her candor and dedication to editing for the audience as Michaela angela Davis whom Fashiona met a few weeks ago says.

Fashion is still pondering the Obamas' wax exhibit at Madame Tussauds and wonders what her readers think about it. Feel free to weigh in.



Dori said...

I love the Essence cover with the Michelle Obama and her mom on it. I can't wait to get that issue. As for the fashions while Michelle was on this side of the pond....she just worked it like only she can :)

Kelly B said...

When I saw the Obama chia pet, I nearly wet my pants. I could not believe it wasn't a joke. I didn't think it was possible that anyone would really do a chia pet for any president! too funny. wrong, but funny.


ummSanaa said...

that chia pet obama doesn't even look like him (thankfully) besides being a ridiculous excuse to get $20 outta someone's pocket. the sasha and malia dolls are inappropriate especially because they are obviously based on the first-girls while they didn't get permission. like many, i haven't been interested in presidential and first-lady goings-on since i helped in a political campaign in high school for extra credit. ;-)

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

There is flattery and exploitation and common sense apparently not so common divides the too.

Thanks for reading ~ fashionistas and non ones alike.

WebbieLady said...

Hmmm... that is a juciy issue about Michelle O's competing with Carla Bruni. ANyway, you are correct about the pancake and creme, both has its own characteristic and unique in their respective ways.

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