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Friday, April 10

Fashiona's new discovery~Indian Designer Kiran Rai

One of Fashiona's very favorite things in life is shopping. Another favorite past time of her's...discovering new things to buy. Of course due to the economic meltdown she has spent more time in the doing latter than the former.

Her latest find is Kiran Rai. She is a designer of Indian he
ritage, born in England and schooled in Switzerland. Kiran spent 10 years in fashion as a buyer and then 2006 she launched her line Sir Alistair Rai; the slogan "Wear your truth" .Kiran began the line with T-shirts and expanded to line include scarves in 2007. Drew Barrymore became an early fan of the scarves and helped introduce Hollywood to Kiran and Sir Alistair Rai. Starting last year to Fashiona's delight, Kiran has added clutches, dresses, caftans and bangles.

Speaking of clutches...aren't they just lovely?
Peep the Jackie O-esque print on the green one and the intricate beading both the aqua and rose one.

Kiran has plans to introduce shoes, hats and jewelry to Sir Alistair Rai later this year.

And with that bit of info, Fashiona wishes everyone a Happy Easter and Peaceful Passover season to all those celebrate.



Ikat said...

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Webbielady said...

Oh.. that first clutch is a must! That is very beautiful. My favorite color is red but green is always a consideration. The item looks very stylish and intricate designs.

Great discovery.

Anonymous said...

I agree the first clutch is a must. The colors are beautiful and I love the print.

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