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Tuesday, April 21

Harlem Heights: Fashiona's Final Review

Fashiona has been a busy girl with her big move and winding up major projects...but before she left wanted to give the season finale of Harlem Heights her undivided attention.

Over the last few episodes:

Brooke and Christian
fell into each other mouths and that forced Ashlie and Brooke to finally hash it out. Brooke and Christian, the bonefide playette and player of the cast, are attempting a relationship of sorts. Ashlie is getting serious about her acting game. Jason is finally launching his non-profit. Landon is running for office. Pierre and Bridget are dancing around their feelings. Bridget is doing it all and well. By show's end....Briana has launched her handbag line in a big way.

Fashiona concedes that Briana was a bit fierce with her reaction to the Ashlie/Christan/Brooke drama but she agrees...dating is murky and full of twists and turns. She likes Pierre and Bridget together providing that Pierre can ever get over his old girl. Christian and Brooke are perfect for each other. Fashiona gives Briana mad props for getting her line of the ground...despite all the obstacles and fears she had.

What Fashiona really likes about Pierre is his commitment to principles. He and Christian were able to squash their beef about Brooke but not before he let Christian know where he was coming from in terms of principles. Fashiona spoke to a panel to of high school students recently and amoung the many things she told them was "There is a price to intergrity". Pierre is really to trying to stay true to himself and still help his family.

Fashiona gets that Brooke comes across as a harda** sometimes but underneath it all she is soft and pink like the rest of us with Cinderella dreams. Fashiona is proud of Brooke for letting her guard down and taking a chance with Christian.

Finally to Miss Briana...as a fashionista herself...Fashiona is so HAPPY that Briana made her handbag line happen: www.bmariestyle.com (just launched yesterday). Briana's handmade custom handbags range from $350-$2,000.

So from a soon to be former Brooklynite to the cast of Harlem Heights and her friend Randolph...

Job well done and looking forward to season 2?


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Poetic Shutterbug said...

Just wanted to say I like the new look. It's great to be able to have complete control over your blog.

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