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Friday, April 3

Fashiona's Big Move

As Fashiona is documenting her last few weeks as a New York City tax paying resident...she decided to take the plunge and blog on her very own after some chiding from her bloggy friends. Her first blog Fashiona~Musings of Stylish Girl is still with Today.com and is still intact but all future Fashiona shenanigans will be here.

Fashiona is busy these days packing her last 10+ years into boxes. She is a neat-noid but also
very sentimental. She has magazines(ok just one) from 1999 with Halle Berry on the cover; it was around the time that Introducing Dorothy Dandridge debuted on HBO.

Fashiona's vast collection of ticket stubs, books and fashion mags is a time capsule to her mind at that very moment. A few things will fall off the truck as they say but for the most part all those memories and the new ones that she is anticipating in Atlanta will be lovely material for her upcoming hopefully bestselling novel.

Fashiona, always double-tasking, has been very tuned to the Obamas' first official trip across the pond. Yes the first lady actually touched the
Queen and Fashiona just had to chuckle at the uproar. What really got Fashiona's attention was the JCrew sweater that sold out after Michelle Obama was pictured wearing it.

(AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

LOVES that the First Lady has worn American designers as of late: Tracey Reese(a black designer), Michael Kors, Jason Wu, Isabel Toledo, Thankoon and of course her favorite designer Maria Pinto.

Seventh Ave wants Michelle to "step it up" and wear some Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Sounds like THEY should be asking rather than judging since Michelle knows her own mind.

Will she or won't she change her style as First Lady?...either way, Fashiona will continue her running commentary.

So here is to new beginnings,


Shemah said...

To new beginnings and happily ever afters.. or as close as it can get! :) :) Great move to blogger! It definitely is more flexible.. :)


The Accidental Fashionista
My Sweet Escape

ummSanaa said...

like this one better. less stuff/ads/distractions. success!

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Fashiona !
listen, Tracey Reese and I are childhood friends; and her mom taught me modern dance.

her style is bold, fresh and timeless.
I love myself some Tracey Reese.
I'll have to dig out our pic from the day we were ushers at the Mandela Day Celebration here in the D; yes we were both ushers.

see, I know TWO Fashion Icons !

oh did I forget to mention that I also know Mrs. Maxine Powell - the lady who gave Motown Class. at 50+ I am still a Proud Powell Girl. I'm even getting goose bumps as I type it.

Miss Tique said...

To new beginning!

And happy moving, so to say! I finally can comment (couldn't in the today.com blog as I was always asked for id/pass and had been too lazy to create one)

Kelly B said...

It's nice to have you as a blog neighbor again!

Next time I visit my best friend in Georgia, we should get together for a drink.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Thanks everyone. I do like this format much better. I feel so free.

RE- I haven't met Tracey Reese but I love her hustle.

Kelly- Please let me know when you come down. I can actually afford to drink in ATL.

Thanks for reading and come again.

Dori said...

Congratulations on your move to Atlanta and to your new blog home. It's a season of new beginnings. Bravo Fashiona! :)

Dina Yassin said...

This is awesome.....welcome to the world of blogspot:)

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