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Sunday, April 12

Fashiona's Easter and Welcome to Bo~the First Dog

Easter...this year in New York was absolutely beautiful...a bit on the chilly side but sunny and bright. Fashiona went to church today, braving the crowds and the windy conditions and was blessed by her efforts. Fashiona, the Southern girl that she is, has been wearing hats on Easter... well since her beginning.

Noted she usually opts for brighter colors on Easter as she JUST explained to Sis...but Mr. Numbers has Miss Fashiona on a basics only budget. The "new" dress was purchased prior to her credit cards being put on ice....literally.

The First Lady went for florals this year for Easter...no hat in sight.

Traditionally, Easter gifts include rosaries, crosses, colorfully dyed eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs and other ditties in artfully arranged Easter baskets. What did the Obamas get?...a new doggie courtesy of Senator and Mrs. Kennedy.

Meet Bo, a six -month old Portuguese water
dog. What a cutie he is?

Photo Credit:Pete Souza~ White House photos

While Mrs. Obama dazzled the world on her recent European tour, as the host of this year's Easter Egg roll on the White House lawn...she has adopted a "come as you are policy." We will see tomorrow just how that pans out... until then Fashiona wanted to share this photo from 1898's Easter Roll.

Photo Credit: White House Easter Egg Roll 1898
Photo © Library of Congress



ummSanaa said...

you should've made something for easter. i know time is tight, but you can do it. and i know you've got some fabric laying around that is dying for you to do something with it.

Dori said...

Southern girl here too, and I always had hats at Easter too since I was a toddler I guess. Since I've been here in England these past three years though, I haven't gone for the head gear like I used to. I guess I'll have to dust off the tradition for next year :-) Love the Obamas little doggie!

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

I know... but I packed my sewing machine and my fabric already.

Kelly said...

Sounds like we had the same weather here in Chicago.

Thanks for posting the photo of the dog. I have been wondering what kind of dog that is because I had never heard of it before. It's cute, kind of like a maltese.


d said...

Where every you go you will still be a 'city girl' at heart. Why I say this? Because you are wearing predominantly dark colors (all black) on a sunny Easter Sunday.

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