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Thursday, April 29

Fashiona visits The Enchanted Closet

Remember your prom...whether it was a positive or not so stellar experience...memories that surround the evening stay with you forever.  Fashiona's whole family remembers hers...

Atlanta native media personality  Elle Duncan of V103, Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Falcons Pre-Game show and  CBS fame, thinks that prom is an experience that all young girls should have and that thought prompted her to work with The Enchanted Closet, four years ago.

Photo Credit: Curt Chauncey Photography

Elle Duncan was presented with a "magic wand" from Bonita Johnson the CEO of The Enchanted Closet

The Enchanted Closet began in 2003 with the objective to provide prom dresses to young girls who would not otherwise be able to attend what is often the highlight of her high school experience.

On Tuesday, April 27, 2010 Atlanta's Studio 1 Five 0, Ms. Duncan launched her first "Cause and  Effect" quarterly series, where she will spotlight a different local non-profit each quarter, with an organization very close to her heart, The Enchanted Closet.

Fashiona, who loves all "fashion with a purpose" events  was very happy to be in attendance, meet the lovely Ms. Duncan, interview Bonita Johnson, the Enchanted Closet's CEO and see all the lovely gowns that were donated just that evening.

Photo Credit: R Brian Gibson

Alicia "aka" Fashiona

Photo Credit: Curt Chauncey Photography

Elle Duncan posing with donated gowns

The young Bailey sisters, Chloe and Halle moved the stylish crowd with their singing.

Photo Credit: Curt Chauncey Photography
 The Bailey Sisters

It was truly a lovely evening all around.

*Courtesy of The Garner Circle*

Tuesday, April 27

Chelsea shows off her impressive engagement ring

Camera shy former first daughter Chelsea Clinton has been engaged since November but only recently as in yesterday has the world gotten a glimpse. 

Even on crutches...according to the Huffington Post...she broke her heel...she is glowing. Awww!!

Photo Credit: AP

Her longtime beau, Marc Mezvinsky is an investment banker at now beleaguered Goldman Sachs.  Good thing he already got the ring...

The picture is a bit blurry but Miss Fashiona thinks Chelsea's diamond stunner is an emerald cut...nice choice Marc!

Thursday, April 22

Tipster Thursday: Uncovering your best brow shape

Last week's Fashiona top mission was doing her taxes...completed April 14 mid afternoon. That is one whole day before the deadline...she will have you know.

THIS week she was on the hunt for  her "perfect"  brow shape and a great red lipstick.  Brows perfectly groomed as of yesterday and red lipstick found just this afternoon. Truth be told Fashiona is more of a lip gloss wearer but she does  like a bolder lip color especially at night.

Photo Credit:Sal Photography
Alicia "aka" Fashiona in her new red lipstick at the 2010 Macks Miracle's All-Star Weekend kick-off event: Sky Grey Luxury Lounge.

Brows first...Fashiona showed you how to get Janelle Monae's full brow but that IS an unique look and not for everybody.  Many women prefer a more shapely brow. Fashiona happens to like the look of a classic arched brow but LOOKS better in a  rounder shape.  

Now Fashiona has been known over-pluck (in the past) so to prevent any mishaps this time,  she went with Ardell stencils.  There are 4 in the pack, available at most drugstores and the best part is they are super easy to clean and of course  reusable.  Fashiona's shape  "Delicate"...result best brow shape to date.  

Fashiona's Bonus Tip:

Once you chose a brow shape, actually take the time to draw the shape out with eyeliner...on both sides before you pluck.  Just like when you cut your hair...you can always pluck or cut more but you can't glue it back on.

Read her Examiner.com column to discover how she found her perfect shade of RED lipstick.

Sunday, April 18

Social Sunday: Fashiona explains Mistress vs...

A word that is being tossed around without regard to its real meaning and is sending Fashiona into a tizzy is ...Mistress.  For some reason (in the media)...the term mistress has been used to "politely" describe affairs or in some of Tiger Woods' shenanigans...liaisons.

Tiger (L) and Alleged Mistress of 3 years Joslyn James (R)

For the record... a mistress is a woman who is knowingly sexually involved with a married man for some type of monetary, political or social gain. 

A kept woman is another term for this ummm type of arrangement.

Examples of such:

  • Cleopatra and Julius Ceasar
  • Cleopatra and Marc Anthony
  • Eva Duarte (Eva Perón) and Juan Perón whom she married a year later after
  • Anna Nicole Smith and one foot in the grave Howard Marshall II whom she later married
According to Fashiona:

...women that are unknowingly involved with married men are not asking enough damn questions.

Women that are chasing married men for notoriety, designer bags, shoes...appearances on bootleg reality shows are order of politeness:
  • High class Escorts
  • Sporting women
  • Fancy women
  • Ladies of the evening
  • Call Girls
  • Prostitutes
  • or Gold-digging wh***s.

Any questions...

Saturday, April 17

BChic comes to Atlanta

What is BChic you ask?...the sister store to New York's Harlem store Bourgeoisie Shoetique and located in Atlanta's upscale neighborhood.

Even Fashiona's Sis carved out time from her busy schedule and broke out her Giusuppe Zanottis' to come out to the BChic private opening on April 14. 

All photo credits: Alicia "aka" Fashiona

New York Entrepreneur Rashidah Ali  delighted native Atlantans and transplants alike with her handpicked shoe selections from across the world.  BChic boosts labels from Prada, Miu Mui and YSL just to name a few.

True the hors d'oeuvres were scrumptious  but not nearly as irresistible as the shoe offerings...making Fashiona or least her budget very grateful her tax refund had yet to reach her bank account. 

But hey...at least she has her lone pair of Christian Louboutins to console her...

Visit Alicia's Urban Style Column to see what Rashidah Ali had to say about BChic.

B Chic Shoetique is located at 2770 Lenox Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30324.

*Courtesy of The Garner Circle*

Monday, April 12

Bell Bottoms are back via Rachel Zoe and Piperlime

Skinny and slim leg jeans have dominated the style scene for a few years now but Fashiona personally favors bootcuts and bellbottoms. WHY you ask?  Well Miss Fashiona has Beyoncé like curves and  a tiny waist so proportionally...they look better on her.

Feeling the need to revamp your denim gear...score the very same Bell Bottoms that  Rachel Zoe...the stylist turned designer rocked  on her show The Rachel Zoe Project. 

Photo Credit: BravoTV.com

 Lucky for womankind...Seven for All Mankind is re-leasing them exclusively on Piperlime.com.  Hurry it is  limited collection available until supplies last...

*Courtesy of Alison Brod PR*

 Can't get enough Rachel Zoe see her must have  10 favorite trends!

Saturday, April 10

Style Tips: Get singer Janelle Monáe's Look

Earlier this week, Monday to be exact, Fashiona went to see the dynamic singer Janelle Monáe at "The ArchAndroid" Listening Lounge in Atlanta (Courtesy of The Garner Circle)...and  Janelle is as Vogue describes her "Tiny and Mighty."  Standing just 5 feet tall in her riding boots, Ms. Monáe fills up any room with her stage presence.

Photo Credit: Steven Klein/Vogue.com

Singer Janelle Monáe may be five feet tall, but everything else—the look, the hair, the talent—is larger than life.

Janelle, a budding style icon without being a slave to fashion is featured in Vogue...again.  She favors pant suits, particular black tuxedos, tall riding boots, full brows, and an Afro updo. 

Adore her look... Fashiona has the following tips for you.

Photo Credit: Sal Photography


 1. Full brows:  As petite as Janelle is...she wears a full brow...well groomed but full.  Conventional wisdom says that if  you have a long or a square shaped face...a full brow is most flattering but Fashiona says that brow shape like most beauty decisions are personal. This look can take patience,at least a few weeks, depending on how "tweezer happy" you have been in the past.  Fashiona swears by Anastasia Brow Enhancer to repair her over plucking moments. 

2. Crisp White Shirts:  Janelle loves them and buys them in bulk.  White shirts are at every price point from Ralph Lauren to JCrew. Fit is essential...aim for close-fitting rather than tight.  T-shirts and jeans should be tight...most other things should hug the body.

 Photo: John Springer Collection/CORBIS

Never a slave to fashion, movie star Marlene Dietrich paves the way for androgynous style at a Paris nightclub in the 1950s.

3. Tuxedos: Women have been wearing tuxedos since Marlene Dietrich and they are still as classic on Janelle Monáe. A full tuxedo can be hard to pull off  everyday but a tuxedo jacket can certainly take you a long way...to the office, to dinner, with jeans or over a dress.  Definitely an investment piece to add to your closet.

Janelle's great voice and dancing ability...umm great genes and lots of hard work.

Sunday, April 4

Social Sunday: Erykah Badu's Window Seat

Erykah Badu, known for speaking or singing her mind, has truly exceeded her reputation with her recently released Window Seat video.  Legal issues aside and they are mounting by the day...the visual does match the message that she was trying to covey.  Her nudity in the video, in Fashiona's opinion, was to show her ultimate vulnerability...literally and figuratively.

Consider the first part of the song's lyrics:

"So, presently i’m standing

Here right now

You’re so demanding

Tell me what u want from me


Concentrating on my music , lover , and my babies

Makes me wanna ask the lady for a ticket outta town…

So can I get a window seat

Don’t want nobody next to me

I just want a ticket outta town

A look around

And a safe touch down

Window seat"

Ms. Badu through all her transformations generally appears covered so much so that her "ample" shape was a surprise to many. Only Erykah knows actually why as she said through her twitter account "shot (the video) guerilla style" without the proper permits. She is from Dallas, so it isn't a stretch, for her to have shot the video in the same location as JFK's assassiation.  Yes he was a president but a man first and clearly vulnerable.  Erykah chose to appear to naked to the world to share her message but all of us have felt completely "exposed" at one point in time. 

In Fashiona's view....no attire no matter how elaborate or amount of make-up, change of location, or witty banter can "hide" our true feelings or mask our true selves to those that really know us... that is what BEING NAKED truly feels like and should be reserved for those deserve it.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Saturday, April 3

Fashiona's 1st Blogoversary

Fashiona has been blogging for two years now(on Blogspot for one) and she has enjoyed sharing her views on fashion, beauty, style and social commentary and reading your comments.  She is truly looking forward to another banner year.

Tomorrow she is resuming Social Sunday...analyzing Erykah Badu's controversial "Window Seat" video.  Also next week, at the suggestion of her friend Mr. Travels, she is starting a new series called Tipster Thursday, where she will share style, beauty and shopping tips.

So Fashiona says MWAH MWAH (air kisses on  both cheeks) to all  her readers and here's to another year.

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