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Thursday, May 7

Fashiona's advice for a happier prom season

When Fashiona first started her blog career way back...okay a year ago, she went into detail about how she chose her dress and the all important accessory her date. Although her prom days are long gone, she can't help but to take a gander at the prom dresses on the market every year. Call it either nostalgia or blatant curiosity...she even chuckles when overhearing the mom and daughter spats that almost always happen before the final gown purchase.

Girls...here are a few tips to help curb the Prozac inducing breakdowns:
  • For mom, start with some pictures to show her first to gauge her reaction and test the budget waters.
  • To prevent seeing yourself in triplicate, maybe arrange a combo trip where you and your tight girls can all shop together.
  • Finally and most importantly... go shopping when Mommy is ready... if that means she likes to get up before the rooster starts crowing then turn off your cell phone and get your hinney in bed and set your alarm clock. Remember it is the capsule of your high school legacy...those pictures last forrrrrever.....

On a lighter note, merchants are actually taking into account the tough economic times and are offering some chic and budget friendly choices.

Fashiona's fav is JCPenney's Blondie Nites Black and White Trumpet Prom Dress :

Photo by JCPenney.com

  • Features all-over high-contrast black and white floral print
  • Sweetheart neckline and SECURE spaghetti straps(MOMS like this)
  • Vibrant fuchsia sash accenting the waist
  • Floor length trumpet skirt

A prom look from J.C. Penney.
Photo by Courtesy Photo

Pretty huh...have fun but make curfew!!!



Kelly B said...

That's a really cute dress! I'd wear that! Even now! :D

I like to look at the prom dresses too. Partly just to see, I love formal wear, and partly to make fun of how ugly the ugly ones are!


Poetic Shutterbug said...

I really like this one. Cute and yet sexy as well.

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