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Tuesday, May 5

Fashiona on Desirée Rogers and Brand Obama

Fashiona's friend Miss A. admitted to her a few weeks ago, that she wanted Desirée Rogers' job and... according to her research Miss A certainly has a point.

Rogers, the White House Social Secretary is a triple threat: with beauty, brains and that elusive but all important attribute...class.

o By Courtesy Photo

White House Social Secretary Desirée Rogers on the cover of WSJ. magazine.

Desirée's Pedigree:
  • Beauty ~ Fashiona attributes that to the man upstairs and her parents of course.
  • Brains ~ Desirée went to Wellesley for undergrad and is a Harvard MBA. Michelle and Barack are both Harvard Law Grads.
  • Class ~ Fashiona says Desirée was born with it and just fine tuned her brand of urban chic through her life experiences. Ms. Rogers hails from New Orleans and has been on the Chicago social scene for years. She was also noted in Vogue in 2004 as being an chic executive.
Desirée's White House Social Secretary Job Description:
  • Arranging events ranging from British Style Tea for the First Lady to the dinners with Heads of State
  • Produces official invitations from the White House to events
  • Coordinates non-political functions of the presidency
  • In general coordinates political events for the President, the First Lady, and senior political staff.
  • Creates a visual for the Obama brand and leaves no detail unturned.
Fashiona is wondering if Ms. Rogers needs an Social Networking Secretary...


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