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Sunday, November 29

Social Sunday: The White House crashers

Fashiona is a daring soul and unapologetically opportunistic but crash the White House for any event let alone a major one like an official State Dinner...she frankly has too much respect for the Obamas and herself.

Photo Credit: AP   Michaele (L) and Tareq Salahi

At first glance, this story seemed innocent enough.  The couple dressed up, she in a beautiful red sari, and crashed the best party in  the DC Metro area.  The Mrs. is an aspiring reality star...sound familiar....Balloon boy's  parents were on a similar quest. We all know how that ended...certainly not in a TV series.  

Fashiona has two main thoughts on the matter.  Her first is the motive...aspiring reality star.  Isn't that an oxymoron?  Isn't the whole premise of  "Reality TV"...uhh reality?  To invent reality is to create fiction...certainly a notable genre but fiction is fictional none the less.  Fiction, unlike real life, can be more dramatic, or more tragic or more perfect  and wrapped up in  a 2 hour movie or a novel. This is one of the reasons that Alicia writes as "Fashiona"...it allows her to  embellish or delete details at will for greater dramatic value.

Photo Credit: Reuters

Fashiona does understand the curiosity aspect, she kept up her " All things Obama watch" by following the night's action on Twitter and the Huffington Post. Who wouldn't want to meet the Obamas at such a swanky affair; even staunt Republicans whose politics  vastly differ from theirs, do like them as people.  Aside from the obvious security risk, there is the notion of privacy.  The State Dinner was still a private affair with Desirée Rogers, the fashionable White House Social Secretary carefully screening and reviewing the invitations with the final sanction by the President and his lovely wife. 

Point number two... now the deed is done and the Salahis are reportedly shopping around their interview.  Seriously...they want money now...for breaking all sorts of laws, bragging about it on Facebook of all places and getting caught?  

There isn't any story left and certainly not anything worth  paying a dollar for...this is it...the end...right?

*UPDATE December 1*

Apparently no such luck...and their 15 minutes of fame resets.

Saturday, November 28

Fashiona's Black Friday experience

Fashiona has shopped Black Friday (named for the period of the time that retailers start showing a profit) for years...but this year marked her first year working the busiest shopping day of the year.  When she reached the  boutique, she was a bit nervous but within a few minutes she was caught up in the festive spirit of the season.  Of course it helped that she dressed in red and cream and accessorized her outfit with gold jewelry.

Fashiona is most happy to report that the shoppers seemed very excited to get their shopping started  and liked the merchandise...yay!! Happy customers mean more job security for Fashiona.

Best story of the day...a lady came in at her husband's urging.  Among other items, this lady  really wanted black  pants.  Fashiona was able to supply the perfect pair for her. Her husband commented on each and everything she tried on and actually went to get additional sizes and styles for her.  They were there for almost 2 hours and she left happy... with the husband toting the bags of clothes.  He was patient and supportive of her shopping efforts and didn't  whine once about being hungry or wanting to go home or watch the game and thus  he wins Fashiona's Model Husband award.

Let's see if Fashiona is as cheery tomorrow morning when she helps open  the store....ummm before 8 am!!

Tuesday, November 24

Isn't Mrs. Obama lovely at the First State Dinner?

The Obamas  are hosting their first State Dinner for India and the virtual world is literally atwitter.  If you go to the Huffingpost site, you can follow the tweeter of your choice that can be your eyes for the evening.

So Fashiona isn't on the White House short list just yet but she is still keeping up her All things Obama vigil...not quite on the level of  Michelle voyeur Mary Tomer, creator of Mrs-O.org, but Fashiona is dedicated nonetheless.

Photo  Credit: The arrival ceremony/Getty

Mrs. Obama looked beautiful in her orange Isaac Mizrahi dress earlier today as she greeted India's First Lady Mrs. Gursharan Kaur.  The Huffington Post says that her outfit  was:

Inspired by India

Official White House Photo by Samantha Appleton

Hmm...with Mrs. Obama seated next to Ms. Kaur who  is wearing a traditional Indian sari, the  supposed influence is a bit of a stretch but whatever the influence, the bright color looks lovely against her rich skin tone.

Now Michelle's gown that she is wearing for the formal dinner...that does indeed look Indian inspired...as it should since it was designed by Indian born designer Naeem Khan.  

Photo Credit: Nicolas Kamm / Getty Images

Monday, November 23

2009 AMAs Red Carpet Fashion Hits and Duds

Fashiona thoroughly enjoyed the 2009 American Music Awards last night.  Alicia Keys' and Jay-Z's performance of Empire State of Mind made her want to hightail it back to New York...well in a New York Minute.

Native New Yorker Alicia Keys wins the Modern Mermaid award wearing Giorgio Armani.

Alicia Keys
Photo Credit: Getty Images

While most gals adopted for short and slinky gowns, Fergie looked absolutely stunning in Giorgio Armani Privé and wins the Va Va Voom award for the evening...proving in her case more is more!
Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

Leona wins the What CatWoman Would Wear  award in Vivienne Westwood.

Leona Lewis

Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

Country Crooner Carrie Underwood win the Sweet as Peach Pie award in her one-shoulder dress by Thia.

Carrie Underwood
Photo Credit: Getty Images


Now looking back through her posts as she does from time to time, she noticed that she tends to be harder on the ladies than she is with the gents so today she bestows the Double Hot Mess Award to two well deserving gents.
Adam Lambert...only Johnny Depp and Prince can wear eyeliner in Fashiona's book.

Photo Credit: AP Photo / Chris Pizzello

Perez Hilton wins the other one...no explanation necessary.

Photo Credit: AP Photo / Chris Pizzello

Fashiona did miss seeing Taylor Swift on the Red Carpet...she always looks so lovely.  But Fashiona understands she is on her tour and congratulates on her big win last night.

Sunday, November 22

Social Sunday: Demi, Oprah and Sarah Palin, Jay-Z

Fashiona took a 24 break from writing yesterday to clear her head to make room for new ideas. One idea she came up with was Social Sunday.  In this weekly series, she will focus on the week's hot topics as relates to social issues.

First up Oprah...she has announced that this next season is her last and 25 is a good number for her to end on.   Fashiona wishes her well and hopes that 35 is a good number for her, being that she will be 35 next year.

When Sarah Palin quit her office as governor earlier this year...Fashiona resisted the urge to comment prematurely.  Now it appears that she resigned her office to better peddle her book, Going Rogue.  Note to  Ms. Palin, many people have kept their current jobs and written and sold books at the same time...including our current Commander in Chief, Barack Obama.  Having that said her book is on Fashiona's Must Miss list.

Demi Moore's infamous photoshopped cover...

Fashiona is no stranger to Photoshop, she uses it all the time. Demi swears she is on the thin side and wasn't altered on the cover.  Fashiona does agree that Demi is a beautiful woman, albeit a bit on the thin side, who is well preserved for her age but  unless, Demi's hips are concave...she has  been altered with Photoshop somewhere between her picture being taken and the final cover hitting newstands.

Finally, if Fashiona were to get a ringtone for her new toy otherwise known as her BlackBerry, it would be be Jay-Z's Empire Stare of Mind. Wherever she lives...Fashiona is a New Yorker at heart.

Wednesday, November 18

Black Tie worthy watches

For Fashiona's 100th post, she decided to write about black tie worthy watches.  One  fashion faux pas that  drives Fashiona into a tizzy (other than people wear  run-over shoes with a great outfit) is wearing an everyday watch to a formal event. Before you start calling Fashiona snobby, you upgrade your dress, hopefully your shoes and the rest of your jewelry so why not your watch?

Fashiona prefers watches with metal bands because they are more dressy, her danity Bulova takes her from the gym to the ballroom. Now her watch connoisseur friend Mr. DC  who collects watches and the original boxes that they come in...swears by leather band watches. To each his own but formal worthy  watches can be found with an either a metal or a leather strap.

Of ...some can cost a small fortune like this lovely Piaget.

Photos By: WWD Staff

A jeweled women's watch by Piaget.

Or this one from Zenith.

*UPDATE* Fashiona saw this beauty while flipping through Vogue the other day.  If she did wear leather band watches...this would be the one.

Photo Credit: Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren Stirrup Watch

Monday, November 16

Fashiona on Atlanta's 40 $40 weddings in 40 hours

Over  a rare leisurely breakfast, Fashiona was watching CNN and the story 40-40-40 caught her attention. Veteran wedding planner Sylvia Wyfer Clark  was describing her concept of 40,$40 per person weddings  in 40 hours at the rate of one per hour to help cash strapped couples and to raise funds for Atlanta's homeless.

Photo Credit: 40-40-40.com

What was included in the $40 per person fee? 

  • A choice of  a religious or civil ceremony

  • Bouquet

  • Cake

  • Reception

CNN's Heidi Collins  asked (that Fashiona was thinking)...where there any Bridezillas?  Ms. Clark actually said there was one...seriously at $80 a wedding...umm no hissy fits should have been allowed.  In her place, Fashiona would have sent the unruly bride... straight to the Justice of the Peace.

All jokes aside, Fashiona applauds Sylvia's ingenious idea of "marrying"  weddings and fundraising together and would love to volunteer at next year's event.

Founded in 1986, the Atlanta Children's Shelter provides free, quality day care, emotional support, an educational curriculum for homeless children, and focused social services for their families.

Saturday, November 14

Fashiona in Vera Wang's Lavender Label & Vaseline Sheer Infusion

Fashiona enjoyed her first black tie of the season last night held in Buckhead wearing Lavender Label Vera Wang.  The dress she intended to wear, lovely grey and black tea length dress was no match for her new svelte figure supplied by her infamous stress and worry diet and her two cardio intensive jobs.

Embellishments are very in this holiday season  from sequins to crystals on everything from heels to dresses to handbags.  Fashiona's  silver grey dress featured a  black belt with several large crystals attached.  No necklace was needed but she did accent her look with a chunky blinged out bracelet.  Her silver shoes  also had very fine sparkling stones across the straps.

The relatively mild Atlanta evening, remember she is used to New York Autumns,  was great for showing a bit of skin...okay a lot since she wound up wearing a strapless dress.   Showing skin means lots of lotion and lately she had been using Vaseline Sheer Infusion...Botanical Blend is her favorite.  The scent is light and doesn't compete with her perfume collection...something was she grateful when she met her "Mr. Big" for a drink after the event.

When it was all over....she took off the trappings of the long day with Pond's Wet Cleaning Towelettes...leaving her sensitive,  temperamental complexion  in tip top shape for her next evening out.

Wednesday, November 11

Fashiona on the Beauty Tip of the Day

Fashiona is reviewing several  Unilever products...in fact the very same ones that are featured in the icon above.  She just received her box of goodies last night  and will try them all out and let you know what she likes.  All except for the hairspray...Fashiona has NEVER  been a fan.  She prefers her curls to be soft and touchable.

However, she is anticipating lots of hairspray and the reduction in the ozone layer after tonight's CMA awards...

Monday, November 9

Fashiona on Tiffany's Celebration Rings ®

Remember the big marketing push for right hand rings?  It was circa 2003 and Debeers came up with the term.

The fact is that men still typically buy the rings that we wear on the left ring finger: the hopefully pricey engagement ring and the even more elusive wedding ring.  

The right hand ring was marketed as a gift that women got for themselves to symbolize a major milestone.  Fashiona was actually ahead of this trend, she bought her first right hand ring in college and wore it until she bought herself another one for her 30th birthday.

The new trend now: Celebration Rings®  According to Tiffany  who has trademarked the term, celebration rings  are to celebrate an epic occasion or Fashiona's personal favorite reason: just because!!

Visit Tiffany.com to create your own unique stack of rings.  Here is Fashiona's Celebration Ring stack...if she had a fanasty budget or if she was expecting  Prince Charming on his noble steed.

...here is to hoping and her ring size is 6 1/2.

Sunday, November 8

Precious: the movie and the message


There is nothing light about the themes in the movie Precious.  In fact they are still taboo even in  this tell-all age:  covering incest, obesity and illiteracy.  Precious has every disadvantage in life imaginable but what she also has is a thread of hope in spite of it all.  With all the pain and neglect in her life, she has every reason to be as bitter and as morally corrupt as her mother but she overcomes it all and prevails.  Her mere survival allows her to claim victory over her circumstances.

Monique, Mariah Carey, Gabourey Sidibe as Precious and Paula Patton all give emotionally gripping performances.  Pretty women in their own right,  they give up notions of vanity and pour themselves into the roles. Director Lee Daniels deserves accolades for tackling such controversial material in such a honest unfiltered manner. Precious is based on the gripping novel "Push" by Sapphire a New York based author and poet.

Everyone feels a sense of  hopelessness at one time of or another and in this economy even the most optimistic of people are being tested to their limits. The meaning of faith in any religion or spiritual belief is  to somehow see past the present and believe in the hope of better times ahead.   It is the willingness is to believe that there is light at the end of even the deepest and darkest tunnel.

Alicia "aka"

Friday, November 6

Fashiona on Lady Gaga

Photo Credit:Steve Eichner/WWD.com

Lady Gaga, like Madonna, created her brand the old-fashioned way through hard work and constant self promotion.  Born  Stefani Germanotta, she constantly reinvents herself and thrives on being eccentric.  Even Madonna who isn't one to dish out compliments says that Lady Gaga reminds her of a early verison of herself (pre yoga, children and reigning Queen of Cougardom.)

Lady Gaga  could certainly  futher cash in on her celebrity by creating a clothing line but she has gone on the record by saying:

The House of Gaga is not an economy.

Fashiona loves her quote as a sound bite but does think that Lady Gaga will soon change her mind  especially since she just accepted the Style Maker Award from the Accessories Council of Excellence. 

Now Fashiona DOES hope that "House of Lindsay Lohan" is short lived... 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Tuesday, November 3

Fashiona on the Hearts of Gold Neckwear Collection

Fashiona likes to celebrate her holidays in proper succession: first Halloween, then Thanksgiving then Christmas.  In these days  of commercialism meets poor economy, the Holiday displays were already in place before the leaves starting turning. While Fashiona does not celebrate "pre-holiday holidays"...she is all about giving back to the community and "Fashion with a purpose."  RVR Neckwear does both and features mens wear...something that Fashiona does not focus on enough. 

Hearts of Gold, a not-for-profit organization that improves the lives of homeless mothers and their children in New York, announced a new partnership with men’s luxury neckwear company RVR Neckwear. After meeting its Founder and Executive Director, Deborah KoenigsbergerRobert Valdes-Rodriguez, founder of RVR Neckwear, was inspired to design a collection for Hearts of Gold.  

I said, let’s provide something fashionable for men and raise money for Hearts of Gold.

To support the cause, Robert designed   two ties and a pocket square exclusive to Hearts of Gold.  The “Hearts of Gold” designs, like the rest of the  RVR Neckwear, collection. are woven in Italy by one of the most exclusive silk mills in the world.

The ties will sell for $185 and the pocket square will cost $75. A preview of the items, as well as ordering information, is available at http://www.heartsofgold.org.

RVR’s silk masterpieces will debut at Hearts of Gold’s 13th Annual Fall Fundraising Gala, “It’s A Love Thing,” on Thursday, November 12 at Metropolitan Pavilion.  The event will feature co-Mistresses of Ceremonies Soledad O’Brien (Fashiona's idol) and Tamara Tunie and Honorary Chair Rhonda Ross and will include a cocktail reception, dinner, live auction, fashion show, and after-party. Male supermodel Miguel Perdomo (Sean John, Moet Hennessy) will debut the collection on the gala’s “Gold Carpet.”

Proceeds from the sales of the ties, pocket squares, and the gala event will be used to support approximately 900 mothers and children in residence annually at three Manhattan shelters. 

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